Restaurant Owner Program

Our new owner program is designed to allow the owners of the places on our site to take some control and customize some of the content for their restaurant. We will work with you to help manage the content, links, etc. and also provide a way for you to update the page with specials, promotions and pretty much anything you can think of.

How It Works

Benefits for You

  • Customized content for your restaurant
  • Increased traffic and advertising for your place
  • Exposure on a site with over 1,400,000 monthly page views and 340,000 monthly visitors.

Package #1

$20.00Per Month (or a year for $200)

  • We will distinguish your restaurant in our search results on our site and mobile applications.
  • We will also place a "Sponsored Restaurant" badge on your TVFoodMap's page.

Package #2

$35.00Per Month (or a year for $350)

  • All of the features in package #1 plus
  • We will include your place on our home page and individual show pages as a "featured place of the day" (this will randomly display places in our program)
  • You will also be able to customize your TVFoodMap's page by adding an owner message, adding a logo, and maintain a tab dedicated to you, so you can update specials, events, etc..