Restaurants near SXSW

March 8th, 2016

SXSW is one of the biggest conferences in the US. Austin is a great city food with many great restaurants seen on TV. We figured we’d make it easy for you to find them with this easy link:

Enjoy the food!

We are excited to launch our newest feature which allows you to create your own TVFoodMaps Destination page.  Whether you are hosting an upcoming event or conference, or if you manage a hotel or local business, we believe that a personalized TVFoodMaps page is a great way to keep your customers/audience happy.   We have create a few examples that we think really show the power of these personalized pages.

Creating your own personalized page is extremely simple.  All we require is the name of your page and an address.  You can also add a description, image and url that we will link to on our page.  To create a new TVFoodMaps destination you can go to the Add Destination Page (you will be required to log in first).

Add Destination

4-inch (iPhone 5) - Screenshot 1
With summer just getting started we’re really excited to announce TVFoodMaps 4.0 – our totally new mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  This new app is a total redesign of our old app and it contains lots of great new features and without a doubt looks a lot better than our old app and is easier to use.

Some Key New Features:

  • Better mobile road trip support.

  • Easier to plan your own trips.

  • Integrated TV Listing information.

  • Share trips across devices and desktop.

  • Location Notifications – Get notified when you are near restaurants.*

  • TV Listing Notifications – Get notified when restaurants are on TV.*

  • New Restaurant Notifications – Get notified when restaurants are added near your favorite cities.*

  • Faster and more reliable app.

  • Oh and did I mention it looks a lot better too!

* Require premium upgrade.


Helping Us Out:

We’re really excited to get you to try the new app and we plan on continuing to improve it.  If you’d like to help us get the word out here are a few things you can do:

  • Rate & Review the app in the app store.  Even if you’ve rated it before rating the new version helps us out.

  • Post about TVFoodMaps on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

  • Rate & Review us on Product Hunt  – just search for TVFoodMaps or find us on the upcoming listings.  (If you haven’t tried Product Hunt it’s a great way to learn about new apps and products).

  • Upgrade your app to premium!  Learn more about premium by clicking here.



We are excited to announce our new TV Listings which provides you with an easy way to see which shows are on TV now or coming up soon (within the next 5 days).  Now you can easily find the restaurants you are watching on TV or even better know when a restaurant you planning to visit is on TV.  While using TVFoodMaps you will see information on our show pages and our restaurant pages letting you know when you can catch your favorite places on TV.  We have added the TV Listings to a few places on our website to help you always keep track of when your favorite show or restaurant will be on TV.

  • Our TV Listings page has all the details you need to check out your favorite show or restaurant on TV.

TV Listing Page

  • The new feature is easily accessible from our home page or from the link at the top of each page (or menu on mobile devices).

TV Listings

  • Our show pages will also let you know when your favorite show is on TV next.

Show Page with TV Listing information

  • On our restaurant pages we will let you know if a place you are thinking of going to or love is on TV now or coming up soon.


Place Page

We really think that our TV Listing feature will bring a whole new experience to TVFoodMaps by bridging the gap from what you see on TV to what you are looking at on your computer, cell phone or tablet.


TVFoodMaps Launches New Features

February 21st, 2015

We love hearing feedback from our fans on how to improve TVFoodmaps and we have launched a few new features that we feel will really help our fans.

Printing Results/Trips

Now when you search or create a road trip you can either print these results to a PDF and save it.  Now you can print out offline your results or trip and bring it along with you when in a new city, on a trip or just roaming around for some good food.

Saving Results/Trips

We have also made it easier to save an entire set of places or a specific road trip to a list for future use.  These user lists are only for registered users of our site (don’t worry its super simple to register) and allows you to manage places and track where you want to visit.  And guess what each of your user lists can also be printed to bring along with you.

You will find the buttons to print and save right above the map (on desktop) and at the top of the search results (on mobile).



Look for more exciting changes to come soon!


Today we announced our integration with Concur, the leader in business traveler services. Our integration makes it easier for business travelers to find and even get notified when their travels take them to destinations near one of the over 4000 restaurants featured on TV and on

To enable this feature you must either connect to the app via the Concur App Center or you can login to your TVFoodMaps account and connect via the “Social” links on the left side of your home page.  Once connected you will be able to see all of your Concur itineraries from within your TVFoodMaps account for quick access to searches nearby.  You will also get an automatic notification (via email) when you create a new Concur itinerary.

If you’re not a Concur user your not out of luck.  We also have similar integration with Trip It!  (also owned by Concur) which is a great service for travelers as well!

TVFoodMaps Mobile App V3

August 28th, 2014

We are pleased to announce that we are releasing the 3rd generation of our mobile app. About a month ago we released a totally new version of that works much better on both desktops and mobile devices. However, some people still like an app on their phone and not just a website. Maintaining both a separate website and mobile app takes our time away from keeping the shows and restaurants up to date and providing useful content to our uses. So we decided to create a new mobile app that shares more of the same features of our website.

What this means for you!

As part of this change we are also changing how our Free and Premium tiers work on the mobile app.  We are NO LONGER limiting basic features on the mobile app’s Free Tier.  That means even free users can use the Road Trip  and other features that were only available to the premium users.  The primary difference between free and premium is that free app will have ads and a few messages that pop up here and there.  In the future we may still add premium only features.  We hope that you continue to support our app because it is useful to you.  Users who are currently premium will get automatically upgraded to premium upon starting the new app.

The new app will bring a lot more features that used to be available only on the website to the app, such as Guides, My Acct page and more content on restaurant listings.  We know a major change to an app like this will not be welcomed by everyone but we hope in the long run the new app works better, crashes less and provides us the opportunity to spend more time keeping our shows and restaurants up to date.

 Help Us Out: Each version of our app has new ratings, so even if you’ve rated the app before we’d REALLY APPRECIATE if you could rate it again!

TVFoodMaps for Android

Download Now

TVFoodMaps for iPhone

Download Now

Below are some screenshots of the new app:



Hello Friends of TVFoodMaps. Today we are really excited to release a totally new version of We’ve redesigned our site based on feedback by people like you. The biggest change is that the site should look GREAT on your mobile phone. No more zooming in and out to see content or trying to scroll through little tables. The new site should give you a great experience whether on your phone or computer.

We’ve also made it easier for you to search and filter through results and see places on a map AT THE SAME TIME. This should make searching for places much easier and more effective. We also focused on making it easier for users to manage the lists of places they’ve been, want to go and even create custom lists for their next trip. These customs lists should make planning your next vacation or road trip much simpler.

A new concept we added is “Suggestions” where you can suggest the restaurants you’d like to see on TV. Then others can vote up your suggestions and hopefully the top suggestions will be noticed by TV producers (no guarantees though).

For our registered user’s we’ve created a “My Feed” on your home page. This lets you set your favorite shows and cities and we’ll show you the latest restaurants from those shows and near the cities. We plan on continuing to improve the Feed in the near future. Remember you must be logged in to see this feature.

Another new concept we added is “crowdsourcing” of content. That basically means that our users can easily let us know when we have the wrong address for a place, or if a place closed down, or if we’re missing a restaurant. Now with just a few clicks you can let us know and we can fix it!

Last but not least we tried to make it easier for you to share your favorite places with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We really appreciate when you share a link from TVFoodMaps!

We really hope you like the new site and that it helps you find some great places to eat!


TVFoodMaps Facebook App

January 30th, 2014

We’ve recently released a Facebook app for TVFoodMaps. It’s a little different than our primary website in that the focus is not just helping you find the restaurants you see on TV but making a bit of a contest amongst you and your Facebook friends to see who is the ultimate TV Foodie!


We have 3 “games” you can play. The first is based on who has been to the most restaurants seen on TV. This game is easy, just use TVFoodMaps regularly and mark your ‘been list’ and we’ll automatically update the data. Then make sure your friends are doing the same and we’ll create a list of which friends have been to the most places.


The second game is the TVFoodMaps Challenge.  In this game we’ve taken 50 of the most popular restaurants from around the country and we’re looking to see who has been to the most of them.  Just click Take Challenge on the Facebook App and click the boxes of the places you’ve been to.


The third game is a TVFoodMaps Foodie Quiz.  This challenging 15 question quiz tests your knowledge of all things Food TV.  Compare your knowledge to your friends and everyone else who has tried the quiz.  Don’t worry it’s not cheating if you use for a little help!


As with most things on Facebook these games are only fun if your friends are playing so please use the share and invite buttons to help get more friends trying our new app.  If things go well we’ll look to add some more fun games in the future!


Try TVFoodMaps for Facebook!



Zane Lamprey on TVFoodMaps

December 20th, 2013

As part of us backing Zane Lamprey‘s Kickstarter for a new show Chug (which we are excited to add to TVFoodMaps) Zane said some nice things about us. To be honest, this is one of the coolest things that’s happened to TVFoodMaps! Thanks Zane and everyone keep an eye out for Chug.