We recently announced a cool new feature called Location Based Notifications.  Here is how you set it up.

First, Register or Login to TVFoodMaps.com.  Then click the My Account link:

From there, select the Connections/Notifications link as seen below:


Now, you can connect your TVFoodMaps.com account to Facebook or Foursquare by clicking “Connect Now”.  Follow the instructions on the screen for connecting to each site.  Please note we currently do not use location information from Twitter, if you are interested in us adding that feature please contact us.

Finally set your location settings and click the submit button immediately under that section.  The settings are:

Enable Location Based Notifications - Determines if you want to be contacted based on your location.
Contact Preference – SMS or Email – you can choose to be contacted via an email or SMS.  If you select SMS you need to enter your mobile phone #.
How Frequent… -  This sets a limit to how often we will contact you.
How Far … – This determines how far from your current locations we will search.

Now you are all set up!  From here all you need to do is check-in with either Foursqare or Facebook, we will then run the search for you and send you the results.  How cool is that?


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