This past Saturday I was lucky enough to attend my first Food Network Wine and Food Festival in NY. For those that don’t know the event is actually a number of separate events each with their own tickets. My wife and I attended two events, Best Thing I Ever Ate Between Bread and a Classic Cocktail Seminar.

We had know idea what to expect for the BTIEAT session, would it be a sit down thing, presentations of each food, etc. It turned out to be a big open space with booths of about 15-20 places serving amazing sandwiches. It was almost too much food to consume. Everything from Lobster Rolls to Kobe Burgers. Iron Chef Marc Forgione had a sandwich as did Jeff Mauro the “Sandwich King”. Both of their sandwiches were quite good, but the two places that stood out were the grilled cheese from Melt and the Kobe burger from Marble Lane. The event was really well run and the open bar didn’t hurt (beer and wine only).

After that session we headed to midtown to attend the cocktail seminar at Geoffrey Zakarian’s (@gzchef) Lambs Club. It was my first time at the Lambs Club and its quite the place. The session was hosted by Geoffrey and Sam Ross (of Milk & Honey). We learned a lot about cocktails and drank even more. The cocktails were phenomenal.

All in all it was a great event, we met some great people, got some pictures with Food Network personalities and had a blast.

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