Today we are announcing TVFoodMaps Premium for our Android, iPhone and iPad apps.  Many of our users have expressed interest in helping to support TVFoodMaps so we’ve decided to create TVFoodMaps Premium.  The premium status is just an in application purchases of $2.99, no separate download required (as long as you are update to version 1.71).  Our goal is NOT to punish those who don’t want to pay but rather a little extra for those that do.  Premium membership gets you:

  • * No advertisements in your mobile application.
  • * Access to our new Mobile Alerts feature for your mobile application.
  • * The satisfaction of helping support TVFoodMaps.
  • * New features coming in the future.

All of our existing features will still work as-is for non-premium members.  We want to offer a great FREE experience with just a little extra for those who feel like supporting us.  Depending on how it goes we may do something similar for the website as well, but dont worry our focus will always be on providing ALL users a great application.

Learn More About TVFoodMaps Premium

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