We are excited to offer our users the ability to now connect your TripIt account with your TVFoodMaps account.  Once connected there are two distinct features that you can use:

View your upcoming trips directly on TVFoodMaps and search for places to eat on your next trip.

Get notified after you create a trip on TripIt.  TVFoodMaps will email you after you create a new trip on TripIt with places that are near your final destination.

It is quite simple to setup as well.  All you need to do is log in to TVFoodMaps and visit your account page.  From their click the My Connections link on the right.  You will see the TripIt logo and all you have to do is click the Connect Now link.

After you allow TVFoodMaps to link to your TripIt account you are all done.


The Connections page will now say you are connected and there will be a link to View TripIt Details and that’s it!

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