TVFoodMaps Facebook App

January 30th, 2014

We’ve recently released a Facebook app for TVFoodMaps. It’s a little different than our primary website in that the focus is not just helping you find the restaurants you see on TV but making a bit of a contest amongst you and your Facebook friends to see who is the ultimate TV Foodie!


We have 3 “games” you can play. The first is based on who has been to the most restaurants seen on TV. This game is easy, just use TVFoodMaps regularly and mark your ‘been list’ and we’ll automatically update the data. Then make sure your friends are doing the same and we’ll create a list of which friends have been to the most places.


The second game is the TVFoodMaps Challenge.  In this game we’ve taken 50 of the most popular restaurants from around the country and we’re looking to see who has been to the most of them.  Just click Take Challenge on the Facebook App and click the boxes of the places you’ve been to.


The third game is a TVFoodMaps Foodie Quiz.  This challenging 15 question quiz tests your knowledge of all things Food TV.  Compare your knowledge to your friends and everyone else who has tried the quiz.  Don’t worry it’s not cheating if you use for a little help!


As with most things on Facebook these games are only fun if your friends are playing so please use the share and invite buttons to help get more friends trying our new app.  If things go well we’ll look to add some more fun games in the future!


Try TVFoodMaps for Facebook!



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