Hello Friends of TVFoodMaps. Today we are really excited to release a totally new version of TVFoodMaps.com. We’ve redesigned our site based on feedback by people like you. The biggest change is that the site should look GREAT on your mobile phone. No more zooming in and out to see content or trying to scroll through little tables. The new site should give you a great experience whether on your phone or computer.

We’ve also made it easier for you to search and filter through results and see places on a map AT THE SAME TIME. This should make searching for places much easier and more effective. We also focused on making it easier for users to manage the lists of places they’ve been, want to go and even create custom lists for their next trip. These customs lists should make planning your next vacation or road trip much simpler.

A new concept we added is “Suggestions” where you can suggest the restaurants you’d like to see on TV. Then others can vote up your suggestions and hopefully the top suggestions will be noticed by TV producers (no guarantees though).

For our registered user’s we’ve created a “My Feed” on your home page. This lets you set your favorite shows and cities and we’ll show you the latest restaurants from those shows and near the cities. We plan on continuing to improve the Feed in the near future. Remember you must be logged in to see this feature.

Another new concept we added is “crowdsourcing” of content. That basically means that our users can easily let us know when we have the wrong address for a place, or if a place closed down, or if we’re missing a restaurant. Now with just a few clicks you can let us know and we can fix it!

Last but not least we tried to make it easier for you to share your favorite places with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We really appreciate when you share a link from TVFoodMaps!

We really hope you like the new site and that it helps you find some great places to eat!


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