TVFoodMaps Mobile App V3

August 28th, 2014

We are pleased to announce that we are releasing the 3rd generation of our mobile app. About a month ago we released a totally new version of that works much better on both desktops and mobile devices. However, some people still like an app on their phone and not just a website. Maintaining both a separate website and mobile app takes our time away from keeping the shows and restaurants up to date and providing useful content to our uses. So we decided to create a new mobile app that shares more of the same features of our website.

What this means for you!

As part of this change we are also changing how our Free and Premium tiers work on the mobile app.  We are NO LONGER limiting basic features on the mobile app’s Free Tier.  That means even free users can use the Road Trip  and other features that were only available to the premium users.  The primary difference between free and premium is that free app will have ads and a few messages that pop up here and there.  In the future we may still add premium only features.  We hope that you continue to support our app because it is useful to you.  Users who are currently premium will get automatically upgraded to premium upon starting the new app.

The new app will bring a lot more features that used to be available only on the website to the app, such as Guides, My Acct page and more content on restaurant listings.  We know a major change to an app like this will not be welcomed by everyone but we hope in the long run the new app works better, crashes less and provides us the opportunity to spend more time keeping our shows and restaurants up to date.

 Help Us Out: Each version of our app has new ratings, so even if you’ve rated the app before we’d REALLY APPRECIATE if you could rate it again!

TVFoodMaps for Android

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TVFoodMaps for iPhone

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Below are some screenshots of the new app:



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