With over 3,300 restaurants now on TVFoodmaps.com, we realized it may become harder and harder to find that perfect place to visit on your next trip.  We are pleased to introduce our new Guides which are here to help you plan your next foodie adventure.  Our guides will provide a more filtered and limited list of the top places with an easy way to navigate through them and save them to your own personal Try List for your next vacation.  Our initial 5 guides have been launched and we will continue to release new guides as often as possible.

Our first 5 guides are:

Chicago Pizza Guide

On each guide page you will see the restaurants on the left and an interactive guide map on the right where you can click through the different places on the list.  You will also see at the bottom any related guides plus a Facebook discussion board so that you can debate on which places are the best or if a place deserves to be on the list (not displayed above).

We would love for you to provide us feedback or recommendations so that we can create new guides that span across the country!



“Explore” TVFoodMaps!

May 23rd, 2013

We are excited to introduce our new Explore page on TVFoodmaps.com.  The explore page will provide our users with a glance into some of the most important content on our site.  You can navigate to the explore page by clicking the new link that is on the top of the website next to TV Shows.


Explore TVFoodMaps

Here you will find details on our most popular and newest guides, the most popular cities and shows, the most popular restaurants and of course the most recent restaurants added to our site.  Instead of having to search multiple pages now you have a single place to get some of the most important information for finding the newest and best places on TV.

We recently announced the creation of TVFoodMaps Guides that will be live soon. We want to get some feedback on which places make each guide. Our first guide will be for Pizza Places in Chicago.  We know we’ll start with Lou Malnati’s and Pizzeria Uno, but after that which places, featured on TV, do you think make the cut?


Message us on Facebook or on Twitteror from our Contact Us list to give us your ideas.



TVFoodMaps Guides

May 9th, 2013

Now that we have well over 3000 restaurants from 30+ different shows finding the right restaurants and bars to try on a trip can be difficult, especially in the big cities. To make life easier we will soon introduce TVFoodMaps Guides – hand selected lists of restaurants that fit a given category or region. The feature isn’t ready just yet and when we first launch it the guides will only be created by us (we hope to make creating a guide available to everyone in the future). Even though we will be the final curator of the guides we want your input.

The first question is what guides do you want to see? Here are some examples we thought of:

* Best Steakhouses in
* Best Burger in
* I-95 Road Trip
* NYC in a Day

The list goes on and on, but we want your list! Message us on Facebook or on Twitter or from our Contact Us list to give us your ideas.  Once we figure out what our initial lists will be we will come back for your input in helping select what places are on the list.  Lists will have between 5 and 10 restaurants on them.  Thanks again for you help!

Chug with Zane Lamprey

May 6th, 2013

Here at TVFoodMaps we enjoy a good cocktail or beer as much as we like a good burger or steak. That’s why we added our favorite drinking related show, Drinking Made Easy, a few months back. Since then the series has ended but Zane Lamprey, the host, is trying to kick start a new show called Chug. The interesting thing is that he is using crowdfunding site KickStarter to try to raise money for the show. If you have some spare cash and want to help keep Zane drinking and all of us entertained I recommend helping fund the show. It’s not a donation, the more you spend the cooler the item (or experience) you receive.  For $500 you can get to hang out with Zane which I can only imagine would be quite the experience.

Most Popular RestaurantsWhat Are Medals?

When we relaunched TVFoodMaps in March we introduced the concept of TVFoodMaps medals as a way to distinguish the most popular and sought after restaurants seen on TV.  As our database keeps growing it’s helpful for our users to easily identify the cream of the crop.  We aware Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to restaurants that have lots of “likes” and are on many user’s Try Lists.  We also take into account the # of shows they were featured on and a few other things.  We dont give out the exact formula as we don’t want any restaurant trying to skew the results.  Over on the right you can see the top 5 restaurants based on our rankings, you can also click this link to see ALL our Gold, Silver and Bronze restaurants.


I Own a Restaurant and Want a Medal

Well there’s good news and bad news.  There is no “easy” way to get a medal.  However, the more you promote to your fans that you are featured on TVFoodMaps and ask them to add you to their Like or Try lists the quicker you will move up the ranks.  Some easy things you can do:

  • Tweet to your followers “Don’t forget to add us to your TVFoodMaps like list: <your tvfoodmaps link>”
  • Post on your facebook page: ”Don’t forget to add us to your TVFoodMaps like list: <your tvfoodmaps link>”
  • Pin your TVFoodMaps page on Pinterest
  • Put a small sign up in your restaurant.

If you have any trouble finding your TVFoodMaps link please contact us via Twitter (@TVFoodMaps) or contact us on the web.

New Show: Bar Rescue

April 17th, 2013
Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue

Much like Restaurant Impossible does for restaurants Bar Rescue does for bars. We’ve added all 3 seasons of Bar Rescue to our site so you can find yourself a good watering hole as you travel around.  The show is seen on Spike TV and is a favorite of mine on boring Saturdays when they tend to play it marathon style.

TVFoodMaps Medals

March 18th, 2013

As part of our re-launch earlier this month we introduced TVFoodMaps Medals. These medals are meant to help users quickly distinguish the most popular restaurants on the site. Now that we have over 3000 restaurants it can sometimes be hard to find the cream of the crop and we hope our medals help do that. We use a combination of likes, try list adds and show appearances to come up with a score – the exact details will remain a mystery. Then we distribute medals so that approximately the top 10% of restaurants get a gold medal, the next 20% get a silver and anyone in the top 50% get a bronze (the other 50% don’t get anything, sorry).  Each week we re-run our calculation and adjust our medal distribution.  It’s not a perfect system but it should help you identify the most popular spots.


Restaurant Owners:

If you want to earn a medal we recommend you telling your best patrons, twitter followers, etc to come to TVFoodMaps.com and add your restaurant to their “like list” and add a comment.



New Show: Feed the Beast

March 18th, 2013
Feed the Beast

Feed the Beast

We’ve added a new show, Feed the Beast to TVFoodMaps.  This show, on Travel Channel, is hosted by Mikey Roe and focuses on late night eats city by city.  Each night Mikey Roe visits a few late night spots starting at midnight.  By morning time he has to pick his favorite late night spot.  I’ve watched a few episodes and enjoyed it and the food looked pretty amazing as well.

Check out Feed the Beast on TVFoodMaps.


With great pleasure we present to you the new TVFoodMaps.com. This totally redesigned version of our website comes after many months of work with the goal of providing our fans a top quality experience as they try to find the restaurants they see on TV.


The new design will provide an overall better experience for our users by making finding restaurants simpler through new sortable grids and larger maps that feature more content about each restaurant. In addition, TVFoodMaps will now rank restaurants by their popularity using a medals system. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the most popular restaurants on the site.  We’ll have another post on this in the coming days.  In the end the new site looks better, is faster and is easier to use.


This release has been a labor of love and we hope you enjoy it.  If you do please tell some friends or post, tweet or tumble us.


Highlights of the new design:

* More intuitive interface, built from the ground up
* Faster page load times
* Better navigation between pages
* Sortable grids in search results
* Larger maps for easier browsing
* More content about individual restaurants
* More content in search results to make choosing a restaurant easier
* A medal based ranking system to differentiate popular restaurants
* Simpler “one-click” sharing options
* Improved personal list management


Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 4.52.02 PM



You can also see our official press release here.