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Cafe Rolle 

5357 H St Sacramento, CA (916) 455-9140

French Seafood 

  • BRONZE for Cafe Rolle


Dad's Kitchen 

2968 Freeport Boulevard Sacramento, CA (916) 443-3237

Neighborhood joint turning a bacon blue cheeseburger on its head.

  • SILVER for Dad's Kitchen


Gatsby's Diner-CLOSED 

2598 Alta Arden Expy Sacramento, CA (916) 977-0102

Beet sliders. German classics.

  • BRONZE for Gatsby's Diner-CLOSED


Jamie's Grill and Bar 

427 Broadway Sacramento, CA (916) 442-4044


  • BRONZE for Jamie's Grill and Bar


Jim Denny's Hamburger and Chili 

816 12th street Sacramento, CA (916) 443-9655

Adam is at Jim Denny's Hamburgers & Chili for a stack of their legendary pancakes, four 13-inch mouthwatering pancakes, topped with a mound


Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner 

7456 Foothills Blvd Roseville, CA (916) 782-0338

Adam Richman takes on the Knucklehead Challenge: five 10-in. hot dogs shoved into one foot-long bun topped with 3-lbs. of homemade chili, ch

  • BRONZE for Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner


Squeeze Inn 

5301 Power Inn Rd Sacramento, CA (916) 386-8599

Traditional American Hamburgers 
How about a quarter pounder with your quarter pounder? At the Squeeze Inn, each cheeseburger is served with just as much cheese as meat!

  • GOLD for Squeeze Inn


The Golden Bear 

2326 K St Sacramento, CA (916) 441-2242

Pub where the chef's doing a pork sausage pizza his way - hold the cheese, hold the sauce

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