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Al's Deli 

172 Brighton Ave Boston, MA (617) 783-8787

Inside Wan's Deli is an amazing shop. Secret hush sandwich.


Alden and Harlow 

40 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA (617) 864-2100

Secret Burger


Alive and Kicking 

269 Putnam Ave Cambridge, MA (617) 876-0451

Secret Item: Lobster on Lobster


All-Star Sandwich Bar 

1245 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA (617) 868-3065

Sandwiches Bakery 
Rahm wraps up this trip in Cambridge, Massachusetts and discovers the Atomic Meatloaf Meltdown Sandwich


Angela's Cafe 

131 Lexington St Boston, MA (617) 567-4972

the family Mexican spot cooking up mom's chilaquiles recipe.


Area Four 

704 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA (617) 441-5444

Traditional American Hamburgers 
Carnivore Pizza


Area Four 

500 Technology Sq Cambridge, MA (617) 758-4444

whole wheat cookie based J-bar, chocolate espresso B cookie and brown sugar studded craquelin all score high marks with MIT and Harvard stud


Ashmont Grill  

555 Talbot Ave Dorchester, MA (617) 825-4300

Traditional American New American 
Sticky Toffee Pudding


Bartley's Burger Cottage 

1246 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA (617) 354-6559

Traditional American Hamburgers 

  • SILVER for Bartley's Burger Cottage


Bell in Hand 

45-55 Union St Boston, MA (617) 227-2098

Italian Sandwiches 
Established in 1795, the Bell in Hand claims to be America's oldest continually operating tavern. Built by Jimmy Wilson, Boston's last Town

  • BRONZE for Bell in Hand


Belle Isle Lobster 

1267 Saratoga St Boston, MA (617) 567-1619

Seafood American 
Fried fish, lobster roll.

  • BRONZE for Belle Isle Lobster


Bistro du Midi  

272 Boylston St Boston, MA (617) 426-7878




59 E Springfield St Boston, MA (617) 247-8100

the funky little sandwich shop pressing panini that satisfy both meat and veggie lovers


Bogies Place 

21 Temple Pl Boston, MA (617) 338-6333

Speakeasy style high end steakhouse.


Bone Daddy 

null Boston, MA

dishing out one-of-a-kind burgers like the fiery and delicious Diablo, with ground bison, habanero hot sauce, and blue cheese


Boston Beer Works 

61 Brookline Ave Boston, MA (617) 536-2337

Traditional American Hamburgers 
Created as Slesar Bros. Brewing Company by brothers Steve and Joe Slesar in 1990, two years later they opened Boston Beer Works, which is no

  • BRONZE for Boston Beer Works


Boston Burger Company 

37 Davis Square Somerville, MA (617) 440-7361

the burger joint putting the crowning touch on a mac and cheese burger.

  • SILVER for Boston Burger Company


Bova's Bakery 

134 Salem St Boston, MA (617) 523-5601

Some of the best pastries in town


Bread and Chocolate 

108 Madison Ave Newton, MA (617) 243-0500

Boston Creme Pie



241 Hanover St Boston, MA (617) 248-6800

Italian Pizza 
Modern take on homemade pastas for a younger generation.


Brick and Mortar 

569 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA (617) 491-0016

Modern day speakeasy with some great cocktails


Bristol Lounge 

200 Boylston St Boston, MA (617) 338-4400

Traditional American 
Every saturday night the lounge turns into the home a huge dessert buffet.


Cafe Polonia 

611 Dorchester Ave Boston, MA (617) 269-0110

Polish & Czech Central European 
Authentic Polish restaurant serving traditional cuisine.


Cakeology CLOSED 

Boston, MA (888) 865-1976



Carol Ann's Bake Shop 

111 Faneuil Hall Sq Boston, MA (617) 742-5502


Casa Razdora 

115 Water St Boston, MA (617) 338-6700

the lunch-only spot serving a full plate of authentic Italian, like porcini cascioni and rosettes



84 Beacon Street Boston, MA (617) 227-0150

Traditional American 
Originally called the Bull & Finch Pub, it was chosen as the exterior for the television series Cheers which ran on NBC from 1982 to 1993

  • GOLD for Cheers


Citizen Public House 

1330 Boylston St Boston, MA (617) 450-9000

Seafood English 


Clear Flour Bread 

178 Thorndike St Brookline, MA (617) 739-0060

Bakery Diner 
This European style bakery churns out fresh baked bread and pastries everyday with a focus on authentic techniques from Italy and France


Clio Restaurant 

370 COMMONWEALTH AVE Boston, MA (617) 536-7200

Andrew meets innovative Chef Ken Oringer at Clio Restaurant, where he collaborates with Harvard University science and cooking class. They c


Clover Food Lab 

20 Carleton St Boston, MA (617) 999-9999

Comfort vegetarian food


Cod Squad 

null Boston, MA

you can catch a one of a kind lemon herbed Swordfish Kebab



253 Shawmut Ave Boston, MA (617) 391-0902

Italian Pizza 
Jamie Bissonnette, Chef and Restaurateur, Toro and Coppa, Boston, MA (winner)


Craigie on Main 

853 Main St Cambridge, MA (617) 497-5511

French Vegetarian 
Alex Guarnaschelli - Whole Roasted Chicken


Cuchi Cuchi 

795 Main St Cambridge, MA (617) 864-2929

Eclectic & International Spanish 
Number 3 on the list. A bistro themed in the roaring 20s. Pair a freshly muddled cocktail with a puff pastry shell filled with a rich, cre



284 Washington Street Brookline, MA (617) 505-1844

Sandwiches American 
the gourmet sandwich shop dishing out roast beef and pork perfection



348 Congress St Boston, MA (617) 695-1806

Voted to the best bar list in 2008 a great place for a night cap with some great craft cocktails


Daddy's Fried Dough Food Cart  

20 Maverick St Boston, MA (978) 846-0860

he goes street-wise with some Boston Cream Fried Dough at one of the most popular food carts of the Boston Common.


Deep Ellum 

477 Cambridge St Allston, MA (617) 787-2337

awesome gastropub serving amazing bar food and great drinks.


Doyle's Cafe 

3484 Washington St Boston, MA (617) 524-2345

Traditional American Irish 
Since 1882 a classic traditional Irish pub


Drinking Fountain 

3520 Washington St Boston, MA (617) 522-7335

Named as one of the 2013 best bars, a great american dive bar


Durgin Park 

340 Faneuil Hall Market Pl Boston, MA (617) 227-2038

Traditional American Seafood 
Bostons best baked beans


Eagle's Deli 

1918 Beacon St Brighton, MA (617) 731-3232

This episode's challenge was to eat a 12-pound Eagle's Challenge Burger, which includes 5 pounds of hamburger, 2 pounds of bacon and cheese,

  • BRONZE for Eagle's Deli


East Coast Grill 

1271 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA (617) 491-6568

Seafood New American 
Seafood and a super spicy feast named Hell Night

  • BRONZE for East Coast Grill


Eastern Standard  

528 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA (617) 532-9100

Seafood New American 
Great bar near the hotel commenwealth


Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market 

243 Faneuil St Boston, MA (617) 787-0484

  • GOLD for Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market



67 Main St Charlestown, MA (617) 242-2229

Italian Pizza 
Boston Bibb and Mache Salad


Fisherman's Net  

1 Faneuil Hall Market Pl Boston, MA (617) 742-2872

a huge clam chowder bread bowl lunch


Flour Bakery & Cafe 

1595 Washington St Boston, MA (617) 267-4300

Sandwiches Bakery 
Bobby Flay - Sticky Buns

  • GOLD for Flour Bakery & Cafe


Franklin Cafe 

278 Shawmut Ave Boston, MA (617) 350-0010

Traditional American New American 
Adam Gertler - Corn Beef and Cabbage


Fugu Truck 

null Boston, MA (646) 309-6821

amazing Asian street foods at the Fugu Truck where fan favourites include a Korean Bulgogi Beef Roll with cucumber and pickled radish


Galley Diner 

11 P St South Boston, MA (617) 464-1024

Tony and Mike have breakfast at the Galley Diner, a Southie institution and a perfect example of what corned beef hash and eggs should taste


Game On 

100 Terminal E Boston, MA (617) 567-3090

a multi-media sports bar that features over 90 high definition televisions, where patrons can catch a Red Sox game during baseball season, a


Giacomo's Restaurant 

355 Hanover St Boston, MA (617) 523-9026


  • BRONZE for Giacomo's Restaurant


Gourmet Dumpling House 

52 Beach St Boston, MA (617) 338-6223

Ming Tsai - Szechuan Fish

  • BRONZE for Gourmet Dumpling House


Greek Corner Restaurant 

2366 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA (617) 661-5655

Spit-Roasted Lamb

  • BRONZE for Greek Corner Restaurant


Grendel's Den 

89 Winthrop St Cambridge, MA (617) 491-1160

New American 


Highland Kitchen 

150 Highland Ave Somerville, MA (617) 625-1131

Great cocktails and comfort food


Hong Kong 

1236 Massachusetts Ave Bostom, MA (617) 864-5311

Known for their Scorpion Bowls


Il Panino Express 

266 Hanover St Boston, MA (617) 720-5720

Italian Pizza 
Andrew stops by his favorite sandwich shop in the North End. He tries a Italian sausage sandwich with spicy broccoli.


Italian Express Pizzeria 

336 Sumner Street Boston, MA (617) 561-0038

Italian Pizza 
the corner joint serving up a seafood feast straight out of Italy



1020 Beacon St Boston, MA (617) 566-7730

Japanese Sushi 
Ming Tsai - Azuki Cream Croissant


KO Pies 

87 A St Boston, MA (617) 269-4500

Australian Meat Pies


Kane's Donuts 

120 Lincoln Ave Saugus, MA (781) 233-8499

Bakery Tea 


Kelly's Diner 

674 Broadway Somerville, MA (617) 623-8102

Traditional American 

  • BRONZE for Kelly's Diner


Kelly's Roast Beef 

410 Revere Beach Blvd Revere, MA (781) 284-9129

Steakhouse Traditional American 

  • BRONZE for Kelly's Roast Beef


Kickass Cupcakes 

378 Highland Ave Somerville, MA (617) 628-2877

Bakery Cafe 


Les Zygomates 

129 South St Boston, MA (617) 542-5108



Lone Star Taco Bar 

477 Cambridge St Allston, MA (617) 782-8226

authentic tex-mex food in beantown


Maria's Pastry Shop 

46 Cross St Boston, MA (617) 523-1196

Italian Bakery 
Andrew visits Boston's North End, an Italian neighborhood, where he several places, including this restaurant. He eats cannoli and sfogiatel



4 Cambridge Ctr Cambridge, MA (617) 714-4372

Great craft beer selection and food.


Mei Mei Truck 

511-587 Atlantic Ave Boston, MA (617) 396-7321

home of the Double Awesome crispy poached egg sandwich


Michael's Deli 

256 Harvard St Brookline, MA (617) 738-3354

Hot Dogs Sandwiches 
Lunch spot, large sandwiches.


Mike's City Diner 

1714 Washington St Roxbury, MA (617) 267-9393

Traditional American 

  • BRONZE for Mike's City Diner


Modern Pastry  

257 Hanover St Boston, MA (617) 523-3783

Italian Bakery 
learns the secrets of a rare Italian dessert, Sfogliatella, at Modern Pastry

  • SILVER for Modern Pastry


Myers and Change 

1145 Washington St Boston, MA (617) 542-5200

Asian Chinese 
he tries the Lemon Ginger Mousse at a hip Asian diner

  • BRONZE for Myers and Change



90 N Washington St Boston, MA (617) 723-6326

Italian Pizza 
Vegetable Lasagna Throwdown


Neptune Oyster 

63 Salem St Boston, MA (617) 742-3474

Seafood New American 
American Classics - Best Lobster Roll.

  • SILVER for Neptune Oyster


No Name 

15 1/2 Fish Pier Boston, MA (617) 423-2705

Traditional American Seafood 
Fried seafood platter

  • BRONZE for No Name


Oishii Boston  

1166 Washington St Boston, MA (617) 482-8868

Asian Japanese 
Ming Tsai - Smoked Hamachi



134 Hampshire St Cambridge, MA (617) 661-0505

Eclectic & International Middle Eastern 
Gabriella Gershenson - Flattened Lemon Chicken


Omni Parker House 

60 School St Boston, MA (617) 227-8601

Beau MacMillan - Boston Cream Pie

  • SILVER for Omni Parker House


Parish Cafe 

493 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA (617) 391-0501

Sandwiches American 
Sean's Meatloaf Club sandwich is made with chipotle meatloaf on country white toast with applewood smoked bacon, romaine lettuce, tomatoes a

  • BRONZE for Parish Cafe


Petsi Pies 

285 Beacon St Somerville, MA (617) 661-7437

the indulgences begin with pie crusts made from ground chocolate cookies. It only gets better from there: the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana


Pizzeria Regina 

800 Boylston St Boston, MA (617) 424-1115

Food Feuds - Boston Pizza (Winner).

  • SILVER for Pizzeria Regina


Rino's Place 

258 Saratoga St East Boston, MA (617) 567-7412

Italian joint doing lobster ravioli with home made pasta and fresh New England lobster.

  • SILVER for Rino's Place


Rondo's Sub Shop 

134 W Broadway Boston, MA (617) 269-0274

Anthony Bourdain, Mike, Peter and Tommy enjoy some of Boston's best subs and grinders at Rondo's.



500 Harvard St Brookline, MA (617) 731-8787

Soups Kosher 
Kosher kitchen with a huge brisket sandwich.


Sal's Ristorante and Pizzeria 

714 COMMONWEALTH AVE Boston, MA (617) 236-4664

a Sicilian rice ball like his grandma used to make


Salumeria Italiana 

151 Richmond St Boston, MA (617) 523-8743

Andrew’s next stop is at this little shop that's been selling imported, handmade Italian meats and cheese for 50 years.


Sam La Grassa's 

44 Province St Boston, MA (617) 357-6861

Blast From the Past

  • GOLD for Sam La Grassa's


Santarpio's Pizza 

113 Chelsea St Boston, MA (617) 567-9871

Italian Pizza 
Andrew stops by this family-owned restaurant and local favorite. He tries pizza and the grilled combo, which includes a grilled lamb skewer,

  • BRONZE for Santarpio's Pizza



33 Union St Boston, MA (215) 595-3675

Traditional American Belgian 
the neighborhood spot spicing up everything from lemongrass chicken to sloppy Joes with some killer specialty sauces


Sel de la Terre 

255 State St Boston, MA (617) 720-1300

French Seafood 
Daniel Bojorquez, Chef de cuisine, Sel de la Terre, Boston, MA (winner)


Silk Road BBQ 

Rogers St. Boston, MA

Asian inspired fare



1 Belmont St Cambridge, MA (617) 661-3161

Middle Eastern Turkish 
refined desserts that highlight exotic ingredients inspired by Turkish, Lebanese, and Greek cuisine.


Soul Fire BBQ 

5 Central St Boston, MA (978) 531-5744

Boston's best baby back ribs.


State Park 

1 Kendall Sq # B3001 Cambridge, MA (617) 848-4355

Memphis BBQ Spaghetti


Stephanie's on Newbury 

190 Newbury St Boston, MA (617) 236-0990

French Californian 
Cory Comeau, Executive Chef, Stephanie's on Newbury, Boston, MA (winner)


Sunset Tap & Grill  

130 Brighton Ave Boston, MA (617) 254-1331

It boasts the largest selection of beer in Boston with 112 different beers on draft and 380 micro-brews and imports


Sweet Cheeks 

1381 Boylston Street Boston, MA

Brand new restaurant from runner - up Tiffani from Season 1.


Tatte Fine Cookies and Cakes 

1003 Beacon St Brookline, MA (617) 232-2200

Bakery Tea 
quaint bakery began as a mere booth selling seasonal baked goods at local farmers



1746 Washington St Boston, MA (617) 266-0003

Marie-Claude Mendy, Executive Chef/Owner, Teranga, Boston, MA (winner)


The Barking Crab 

88 Sleeper St Boston, MA (617) 426-2722

Seafood Chowder 
Four pound crab bake

  • GOLD for The Barking Crab


The Beehive 

541 Tremont St Boston, MA (617) 423-0069

Traditional American Eclectic & International 
Rebecca Newell, Executive Chef, The Beehive, Boston, MA (winner)


The Bleacher Bar 

82 Lansdowne St Ste A Boston, MA (617) 262-2424

Best place to catch the Red Sox , being the bar is located in Fenway

  • BRONZE for The Bleacher Bar


The Colonial Inn 

48 Monument Sq Concord, MA (978) 369-2373

Alex Guarnaschelli - Warm Indian Pudding


The Daily Catch 

323 Hanover St Boston, MA (617) 523-8567

Italian Seafood 
This family-owned, no-thrills restaurant serves whatever came in fresh within the last 24 hours. Andrew eats skate, served with stone clams,


The Langham Hotel 

250 Franklin St Boston, MA (617) 451-1900


The Little Depot Diner 

1 Railroad Ave Peabody, MA (978) 977-7775

Cafe Diner 


The Lobster Shanty 

25 Front St Salem, MA (978) 745-5449

Lobster Martinis

  • SILVER for The Lobster Shanty


The Neighborhood Restaurant 

25 Bow St Somerville, MA (617) 628-2151



The Snack Bar 

697 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA (617) 491-8292

What looks like a standard pizza joint turns out to have authentic Portuguese food. Tony and Mike eat here with the owners, John and Dor


The Tam 

222 Tremont St Boston, MA (617) 482-9182

Great place to grab a drink before or after a show. Nothing has changed in this place for a long time.



1704 Washington St Boston, MA (617) 536-4300

Spanish Tapas / Small Plates 


Trina's Starlight Lounge 

3 Beacon St Somerville, MA (617) 576-0006

Traditional American Southern 
local bartender brunch on mondays.. great place for the hangover cure

  • BRONZE for Trina's Starlight Lounge



1193 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA (617) 868-0004

Traditional American Southern 
Southern style comfort food. Pork belly corn-dog.


Union Oyster House 

41 Union St Boston, MA (617) 227-2750

Traditional American Seafood 
Oldest restaurant in America and well known for its clam chowder

  • GOLD for Union Oyster House


Union Square Donuts 

20 Bow St Boston, MA (617) 616-5110

fluffy, puffy, glorious yeast donuts come in wicked awesome flavors like peanut butter marshmallow cream and brown butter hazelnut crunch


Upstairs On The Square CLOSED 

91 Winthrop St Cambridge, MA (617) 864-1933

Traditional American Seafood 
Sunny Anderson - Eggs Benedict



76 Broadway Somerville, MA (617) 628-1921

An old-school Italian grocery turned eatery, where the Sicilian chef has been cooking up his savory Veal Osso Bucco and other Sicilian-style



9 East St Boston, MA (617) 654-9900

Frank Bruni - Grilled Mushroom Stack - O

  • BRONZE for Ya


Yankee Lobster Company 

300 Northern Ave Boston, MA (617) 542-1922

a second generation lobster shack turning heads with cod cakes and lobster mac and cheese

  • SILVER for Yankee Lobster Company

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