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Pappy's Smokehouse 

3106 Olive St St Louis, MO (314) 535-4340

Ribs Food Feud.

  • GOLD for Pappy's Smokehouse


Ted Drewes 

6726 Chippewa St Saint Louis, MO (314) 481-2652

Vegetarian Cafe 
Best upside-down frozen treat.

  • GOLD for Ted Drewes


Crown Candy Kitchen 

1401 Saint Louis Ave St Louis, MO (314) 621-9650

Traditional American Hot Dogs 
Adam had to drink five 24-ounce malt milkshakes in 30 minutes, a challenge offered by the restaurant since 1913.

  • GOLD for Crown Candy Kitchen


Iron Barley 

5510 Virginia Ave St Louis, MO (314) 351-4500

Monte Cristo hot dog

  • GOLD for Iron Barley


Sweetie Pie's 

4270 Manchester Ave St Louis, MO (314) 371-0304

  • GOLD for Sweetie Pie's


The Shaved Duck 

2900 Virginia Ave St. Louis, MO (314) 776-1407

the neighborhood joint putting the smoke on cheese fries and delicious duck

  • SILVER for The Shaved Duck


Donut Drive In 

6525 Chippewa St St. Louis, MO (314) 645-7714

This little donut shop sells donuts, cinnamon rolls, coffee, milk and soda. They were voted "Best Hand-cut Donuts in St. Louis on Route 66."

  • SILVER for Donut Drive In


The Schlafly Tap Room 

2100 Locust St St. Louis, MO (314) 241-2337

Traditional American 
Producing more than 30 styles of handcrafted micro-brewed beers annually, their brewery was founded in 1991 by Tom Schlafly and Dan Kopman a

  • SILVER for The Schlafly Tap Room


Anthonino's Taverna 

2225 Macklind Ave St. Louis, MO (314) 773-4455

the Italian-Greek joint run by two brothers, serving up a town staple in fried ravioli and mom's recipe for dolmathes.

  • SILVER for Anthonino's Taverna


Blueberry Hill 

6504 Delmar Blvd St. Louis, MO (314) 727-4444

Opened in 1972 this landmark restaurant and music club includes monthly performances by legendary Rock and Roll musician Chuck Berry. Locate

  • SILVER for Blueberry Hill


Highway 61 Roadhouse 

34 S Old Orchard Ave St. Louis, MO (314) 968-0061

Cajun & Creole 
the nawlins roadhouse serving up rice and beans, cajun potstickers and a pulled pork pasta

  • SILVER for Highway 61 Roadhouse


Park Ave. Coffee 

1919 Park Ave St. Louis, MO (314) 621-4020

St. Louis is the birthplace of gooey butter cake, and Park Avenue Coffee has created more than 70 varieties of the sweet treat.

  • BRONZE for Park Ave. Coffee



419 N Euclid Ave St. Louis, MO (314) 361-1060

English Irish 
classic British pub cooking up gourmet grilled cheese and a porchetta masterpiece

  • BRONZE for Dressel's


Bogart's Smokehouse 

1627 S 9th St St. Louis, MO (314) 621-3107

Some of the best barbecue in St. Louis is at Bogart's. On the menu: smoky beef brisket, turkey, pulled pork and apricot-bruleed ribs.

  • BRONZE for Bogart's Smokehouse


Bailey's Chocolate Bar  

1915 Park Ave St. Louis, MO (314) 241-8100

located in Lafayette Square. This dessert lounge features a full bar with over two dozen Chocolate Martinis, 90 beers as well as spirits, wi

  • BRONZE for Bailey's Chocolate Bar


Mama Toscano's  

2201 Macklind Ave St. Louis, MO (314) 776-2926

Alex Guarnaschelli - Fried Raviolis

  • BRONZE for Mama Toscano's


Gooey Louie's 

6483 Chippewa St St. Louis, MO (314) 352-2253

Gooey butter cake feud.

  • BRONZE for Gooey Louie's


Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill 

5226 Shaw Ave St Louis, MO (314) 772-8898

Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill still uses the original 1940s recipe to make its toasted ravioli, producing about 10,000 deliciously deep-frie

  • BRONZE for Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill


Sub Zero Vodka Bar 

308 N Euclid Ave St. Louis, MO (314) 367-1200

boasts a bar made of ice and over 380 vodkas from 26 different countries.

  • BRONZE for Sub Zero Vodka Bar


White Knight Diner 

1801 Olive St St. Louis, MO (314) 621-5949

Super slinger which has hashbrowns, eggs, hamburger meat and covered in chili


Salt and Smoke 

6525 Delmar Blvd St Louis, MO (314) 727-0200

Toasted ravioli stuffed with burnt ends


Eclipse at the Moonrise Hotel 

6177 Delmar Blvd St. Louis, MO (314) 721-1111

Specializing in classic pre-prohibition era style cocktails, they also serve new, creative and innovative cocktails and have an extensive wi


The Famous Bar  

5213 Chippewa St St. Louis, MO (314) 832-2211

it also holds a mahogany walk-in refrigerator that legend has it was built by the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and is one of the few left in St. L



6691 Delmar Blvd St Louis, MO (314) 862-0009

Italian Pizza 
Cicero’s in St. Louis strives to make the best version of the city’s unique pizza. The cracker-thin crust has to stand up to the sweet s



1934 Macklind Ave St. Louis, MO (314) 776-9410

In the neighborhood known as the Hill, Gioia's makes its own salami from the ground parts of a pigs head, including the nose, ears and cheek



3257 Ivanhoe Ave St. Louis, MO

At Farmhaus, chef Kevin Willmann is changing the face of dining in St. Louis by offering dishes with boundary-pushing ingredients and techni


Grbic's Restaurant 

4071 Keokuk St St. Louis, MO (314) 772-3100

Eastern European 
The Bosnian open-hearth style of cooking is on full display at this restaurant with its traditional dishes, including sace -- lamb, vegetabl


Smoki O's 

1545 N Broadway St. Louis, MO (314) 621-8180

Smoki O's as the best snoots in St. Louis. What are snoots? Pig snouts cured overnight, seasoned with cayenne pepper, garlic and salt, then


C and K Barbecue 

4390 Jennings Station Rd St Louis, MO (314) 385-8100

C&K Barbecue draws crowds of people who can’t get enough of its St. Louis-style ribs, which are covered in a special vinegar-based barbecu


Russell's on Macklind 

5400 Murdoch Ave St Louis, MO (314) 553-9994

Try the Gooey Butter Cake


Schottzies Bar and Grill 

11428 Concord Village Ave St. Louis, MO (314) 842-1728

One of St. Louis' most iconic foods is still served at Schottzie's -- the brain sandwich. But most go for its famous St. Louis-style pizza,


Frank & Helen's 

8111 Olive Blvd St Louis, MO (314) 997-0666

Italian Pizza 
Famous St Louis style pizza and toasted raviolis


Ms Piggies 

10612 Page Ave St Louis, MO (314) 428-7776

St. Louis is known for its barbecue, and at Ms. Piggies’ Smokehouse, that means pork steaks that are smoked low and slow and then served u


Cheese Ology 

6602 Delmar Blvd St. Louis, MO (314) 863-6365

Pizza style mac and cheese.



7637 Ivory Ave St Louis, MO (314) 544-4900

Big fat greek burger



9200 Olive Blvd St Louis, MO (314) 997-2301

Super sized meat sandwich


Caseyville Cafe CLOSED CLOSED 

421 S MAIN ST Caseyville, IL (618) 343-0911



12490 Saint Charles Rock Rd Bridgeton, MO (314) 344-1010

Robert finds an Italian restaurant stuck in the past with a laundry list of problems. They claim to cook old family recipes, but Robert disc


Tiffany's Diner 

7402 Manchester Rd St Louis, MO (314) 644-0929

Traditional American 
try the st louis breakfast tradition slingers



2201 Edwards St St Louis, MO (314) 771-5707

The daddy - meatballs and sausage sandwich

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