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Melt Bar & Grilled 

14718 Detroit Ave Lakewood, OH (216) 226-3699

Traditional American Vegetarian 
Anne Thornton - The Godfather

  • GOLD for Melt Bar & Grilled


Lucky's Cafe 

777 Starkweather Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 622-7773

Vegetarian Sandwiches 
Michael Symon - Biscuits and Gravy

  • GOLD for Lucky's Cafe


Westside Market 

1995 W 25TH St Cleveland, OH (216) 579-6800

Anne Burrel - Steve's Gyro

  • GOLD for Westside Market



1201 University Rd Cleveland, OH (216) 771-9236

German Eastern European 
Michael Symon - Pierogies

  • GOLD for Sokolowski's



1835 Fulton Rd Cleveland, OH (216) 694-2122

Mexican Eclectic & International 
Known for their taquitos, 12 different types on their menu

  • GOLD for Momocho


The Greenhouse Tavern 

2038 E 4th St Cleveland, OH (216) 443-0511

New American 
Michael Symon - Gravy Frites

  • SILVER for The Greenhouse Tavern



2058 E 4th St Tremont, OH (216) 621-5652

French Eclectic & International 
Michael Symon -

  • SILVER for Lola


Hot Sauce Williams 

7815 Carnegie Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 391-2230

Adam goes to this legendary barbecue joint on Cleveland's east side for the deliciously messy Polish Boy, a kielbasa sausage buried by fries

  • SILVER for Hot Sauce Williams


Geraci's Restaurant 

2266 Warrensville Ctr Rd Cleveland, OH (216) 371-5643

Italian Pizza 

  • SILVER for Geraci's Restaurant



820 W Superior Ave Ste 920 Cleveland, OH (216) 771-5652

Vegetarian Mediterranean 
Aaron Sanchez - Fried Brussel Sprouts

  • SILVER for Lolita


Czuchraj Meats 

1979 W 25th St Cleveland, OH (216) 696-7083

Food Destinations - Best Market

  • SILVER for Czuchraj Meats


Steves Gyro 

1979 W. 25th St. Cleveland, OH (216) 566-9825

Adam visits Steve's Gyro Stand for their biggest, baddest gyro. It's a huge pita stuffed with lamb and beef, and doused with homemade tzatzi

  • SILVER for Steves Gyro


Slyman's Restaurant 

3106 Saint Clair Ave NE Cleveland, OH (216) 621-3760

Vegetarian Sandwiches 

  • BRONZE for Slyman's Restaurant


Parkview Niteclub 

1261 W 58TH St Cleveland, OH (216) 961-1341

  • BRONZE for Parkview Niteclub


Happy Dog 

5801 Detroit Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 651-9474

Vegetarian Hot Dogs 
Michael Symon - Hot Dog

  • BRONZE for Happy Dog


Velvet Tango Room 

2095 Columbus Rd Cleveland, OH (216) 241-8869

Michael Symon - Lime Fizz

  • BRONZE for Velvet Tango Room


Sterle's Slovenian Country House 

1401 E 55TH St Cleveland, OH (216) 881-4181

Californian Eastern European 

  • BRONZE for Sterle's Slovenian Country House


Skyline Chili Restaurant 

5706 Mayfield Rd Lyndhurst, OH (440) 646-1011

Traditional American Mexican 
Upon Tony's arrival in Cleveland, he and Michael Ruhlman enjoy a meal at Skyline. Tony tries the classic Three Way Chili, made with chili (s

  • BRONZE for Skyline Chili Restaurant


Big Al's Diner 

12600 Larchmere Blvd Cleveland, OH (216) 791-8550

Vegetarian Sandwiches 
Michael Symon - Corned Beef Hash

  • BRONZE for Big Al's Diner


Westside Market  

9815 Madison Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 631-6404

  • BRONZE for Westside Market


The West Side Market 

2012 W 25th St Cleveland, OH (216) 241-7482

Andrew visited : Noodle Cat and Dohar Meat and Frank's Bratwurst

  • BRONZE for The West Side Market


Seti's Truck 

17319 Talford Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 240-0745

Michael Symon - Polish Boy

  • BRONZE for Seti's Truck


Trattoria Roman Gardens 

12207 Mayfield Rd Cleveland, OH (216) 421-2700



Lopez Southwestern Kitchen 

2196 Lee Rd Cleveland, OH (216) 932-9000

Michael Symon - Sage and Bleu Cheese Guacamole


Buccis CLOSED 

1 Berea Commons Ste 1 Berea, OH (440) 826-4500

Italian Steakhouse 



1824 Coventry Road Cleveland Heights, OH (216) 459-1893


Sausage Shoppe 

4501 Memphis Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 351-5213

Tony visits this old-school sausage shoppe and gets a firsthand look at the art of making sausage and cured meats. Tony samples sausages, ha


Great Lakes Brewing Co. 

2516 Market Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 771-4404

bratwurst and pierogi with refreshing house-made brews


Czuchraj Meats 

1979 W 25th St Cleveland, OH (216) 696-7083

Czuchraj Meats is popular for its beef jerky, which has been recommended by chefs and TV personalities, Andrew Zimmern and Michael Symon.


Danny's Deli 

1658 Saint Clair Ave NE Cleveland, OH (216) 696-1761


ABC the Tavern 

1872 W 25th St Cleveland, OH (216) 861-3857


Fire Food & Drink  

13220 Shaker Square Cleveland, OH (216) 921-3473

Traditional American 
Fresh made bread in tandoori oven, with an herb oil.


The Flying Fig 

2523 Market Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 241-4243

Traditional American 
Brunch burger with cheddar cheese, housemade ketchup and an runny egg.


Mad Cactus CLOSED 

9175 Pearl Rd Strongsville, OH (440) 234-7427

he comes face-to-face with the Mad Cactus restaurant and he immediately sees why the cactus is so mad. This dark, dirty and disgusting Tex-M


Palookaville Chili 

3900 Lorain Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 961-4810


Butcher and the Brewer 

2043 E 4th St Cleveland, OH (216) 331-0805

Pub food and house made beers


Dim and Dem Sum 

Cleveland, OH

Comfort food asian style.


Katz Club Diner 

1975 Lee Road Cleveland Heights, OH (216) 932-3333

Sample some of the city™s best sausage, including the Katz Club Classic, a deep-fried hot dog with the works and french fries.


Heck's Cafe 

2927 Bridge Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 861-5464

Traditional American Hamburgers 
One of a kind dessert burger



1979 W 25th St # A8 Cleveland, OH (440) 227-6073

Chicken Saucy Bagel


Ray's Sausage 

3146 E 123rd St Cleveland, OH (216) 921-8782

Ray™s is a family-owned business that takes pride in making their souse extra special. Souse is a spotted meat product made with ground pig


Wasington Place Bistro Inn  

2203 CORNELL RD Cleveland, OH (216) 791-6500

Known for their mac and cheese with chorizo


Nosh Box 

Cleveland, OH (216) 244-2169

Grilled Mac and Cheese and a Portobello Mushroom Burger


Ritos Bakery and Deli 

10551 W Pleasant Valley Rd Brunswick, OH (440) 845-9414

Giant cannoli


Catanese Classic Seafood 

1600 Merwin Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 696-0080

Catanese Classic Seafood brings in 5-10,000 pounds of fresh fish every week, mainly yellow perch.

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