3 Brother Bakery 

4036 S. Braeswood Blvd. Houston, TX (713) 666-2551

Bakery Ice Cream 
Pies inside cakes.

  • BRONZE for 3 Brother Bakery



86 E 7th St New York, NY (212) 388-9731

Bakery American 
It may be tiny in size, but this coffee shop has pastries that are packed with unexpected flavor combinations that balance sweet with rich a


Angel Food 

86 S 9th St Minneapolis, MN (612) 238-1435

Angel Food bakery and coffee bar is constantly in action, watch them work on your way to work as you grab a baked good and flavor your coffe

  • BRONZE for Angel Food


Angel Food - CLOSED 

1636 W Montrose Ave Chicago, IL (773) 728-1512

Bakery American 
Satisfy your craving for those retro American sweet treats at this bright and funky bakery.


Aretha Frankensteins 

518 Tremont St Chattanooga, TN (423) 265-7685

Sandwiches American 

  • BRONZE for Aretha Frankensteins


Arleta Library Bakery and Cafe 

5513 SE 72nd Ave Portland, OR (503) 774-4470

Sandwiches Bakery 
Biscuits, Bagels and BLT's

  • BRONZE for Arleta Library Bakery and Cafe


Aunt Mary's Cafe 

4307 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA (510) 601-9227

Californian American 
A neighborhood joint putting a southern spin on an English breakfast tradition called Bubble and Squeak

  • BRONZE for Aunt Mary's Cafe



1025 N Fillmore St, Apt G Arlington, VA (571) 970-6460

Bakery American 
Offering patrons the real tastes of home, Bakeshop is the place to go for all the treats you craved as a child.


Barking Dog Cafe CLOSED 

115 E 49th St Indianapolis, IN (317) 924-2233

American Tea 
dog-friendly neighborhood joint doing their Barking Lard BLT with homemade bacon

  • BRONZE for Barking Dog Cafe CLOSED


Bathtub Gin 

132 9th Ave. New York, NY (646) 559-1671

Speakeasy behind a coffee shop with high end cocktails.


Bayou Bakery 

1515 N Courthouse Rd Arlington, VA (703) 243-2410

Southern Bakery 
This bakery is bringing a Lousiana flare to the DC area, from classic beignets and pralines to the irresistable pork corn.

  • BRONZE for Bayou Bakery


Ben & Jerry's 

1401 Waterbury-stowe Rd Waterbury, VT (802) 244-1411

American Ice Cream 

  • BRONZE for Ben & Jerry's


Best Chocolate Cake in the World 

55a Spring St New York, NY (212) 343-2253

Bakery Tea 
this bakery is devoted to perfection. Try their indulgent chocolate cake in both traditonal and bittersweet varities.


Beth's Cafe 

7311 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA (206) 782-5588

American Cafe 
12 egg omelette with unlimited hash browns.

  • SILVER for Beth's Cafe


Bien Cuit 

120 Smith St Brooklyn, NY (718) 852-0200

Sandwiches Bakery 
A bakery that executes French pastry beautifully and consciously, cutting no corners to create the finest sweets.


Big Man Bakes 

413 S Main St Los Angeles, CA (213) 617-9100

Bakery Tea 
Mini Cupcake Throwdown


Biscuit Bitch 

1909 1st Ave Seattle, WA (206) 441-7999

At 10pm the coffee shop turns into the Biscuit bitch selling huge biscuits covered in comfort food.

  • BRONZE for Biscuit Bitch


Blue Bottle Cafe 

66 Mint St San Francisco, CA (415) 495-3394

Californian Tea 
Handcrafted artisanal produced coffee and small breakfast options.


Blue Bottle Coffee 

315 Linden St San Francisco, CA (415) 252-7535

Tea Cafe 
Chris Cosentino - Mondrian Cake

  • BRONZE for Blue Bottle Coffee


Blue Bottle Coffee 

160 Berry St Brooklyn, NY (718) 534-5488

Tea Cafe 
slow drip brews and tasty housemade pastries


Bold Bean Coffee Shop 

2210 Corporate Square Blvd Jacksonville, FL (904) 855-1181


Book Trader Cafe 

1140 Chapel St New Haven, CT (203) 787-6147

Sandwiches Bakery 
Opened in 1998, the Book Trader Cafe is in the heart of the Yale University Campus. Adam heads their for the favorite: a Tale of Two Turkeys


Bouchon Bakery 

10 Columbus Cir New York, NY (212) 823-9366

French Bakery 
Donatella Arpaia - Quiche Lorraine

  • BRONZE for Bouchon Bakery


Bubba's Diner 

566 San Anselmo Ave San Anselmo, CA (415) 459-6862

American Cafe 
Biscuits, Bagel's and BLT's


Buena Vista 

2765 Hyde St San Francisco, CA (415) 474-5044

Tyler Florence - Irish Coffee

  • SILVER for Buena Vista


Cafe Glechik 

1655 Sheepshead Bay Rd Brooklyn, NY (347) 492-6957

Eastern European Russian 
Tony, along with friends Gary and Helena, enjoys a traditional Russian meal at this Coney Island institution consisting of green borscht, ra


Cafe Rakka 

71 New Shackle Island Rd # A Hendersonville, TN (615) 824-6264

Vegetarian Middle Eastern 
a Mediterranean place serving lamb with a traditional Syrian spiced tomato sauce.

  • BRONZE for Cafe Rakka


Cafe Soho 

468 W Cheltenham Ave Philadelphia, PA (215) 224-6800

Japanese Korean 
Located in Cheltenham, Café Soho is the place to go for Korean fried chicken


Caffe Ladro 

501 2ND Ave W Seattle, WA (206) 938-2271

Bakery Tea 



11 Exmouth Market London, England 020 7833 8115

Chef Miles Kirby brings global fusion to the Modern British movement in this hip East End cafe and coffee roastery.


Chaps Coffee 

11724 S Sherman Rd Spokane, WA (509) 220-4704

Tea Cafe 
tuffed pork chops with goat cheese, pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes.


Charlies Coffee Shop 

6333 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA (323) 933-0616

Burger made with local meat from the farmers market.


Chef Ken's 

7135 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA (215) 242-2495

Southern Soul Food 
Philadelphia native and former reality TV personality, Shawn Moreland takes Tony for a soul-food lunch at Chef Ken's


Cobra Club 

6 Wyckoff Avenue Brooklyn, NY (917) 719-1138

One stop show for coffee, booze and yoga


Coffee's Boilin' Pot 

305 Covington St Madisonville, LA (985) 845-2348

Seafood Cajun & Creole 
When Chef Robert Irvine comes to Coffee's Boilin' Pot in Madisonville, Louisiana the odds are stacked against him. Not only have the owners,


Comet Cafe 

1947 N Farwell Ave Milwaukee, WI (414) 273-7677

Vegetarian American 
A small venue whose bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich and bacon cheddar apple pie have patrons begging for more.

  • GOLD for Comet Cafe


Cookie Road 

94 Franklin St Brooklyn, NY (718) 383-8094

Bakery American 
cookie joint that began as an artistic and creative baking experiment offering a variety of hand-crafted cookies as well as sandwiches, cake



321 7th Ave Brooklyn, NY (718) 768-7600

French Tea 
An Italian creperie that serves up authentic crespellas and espresso.



284 Washington Street Brookline, MA (617) 505-1844

Sandwiches American 
the gourmet sandwich shop dishing out roast beef and pork perfection


Darbys Cafe 

211 5TH Ave SE Olympia, WA (360) 357-6229

Vegetarian Vegan 
the homestyle spot cranking out creole oyster benedict, a colorful winter squash and apple hash and a unique blueberry crunch roller.


Darling Coffee 

4961 Broadway New York, NY (212) 304-0181

Get your morning cup of coffee along with the deliciously hand crafted sweets that


Dessert Truck  

8th St and University Pl New York, NY

Vegetarian Bakery 
Chocolate bread pudding throwdown. Winner: Jerome Chang and Chris Chen


Dish Cafe & Catering 

855 Mill St Reno, NV (775) 348-8264

Kosher American 


Dominique Ansel 

189 Spring St New York, NY (212) 219-2773

Sandwiches Bakery 
Dominique Ansel is a master manipulator, he is able to take the most traditional of French pastries and bake them into the 21st century.


Donut Drive In 

6525 Chippewa St St. Louis, MO (314) 645-7714

This little donut shop sells donuts, cinnamon rolls, coffee, milk and soda. They were voted "Best Hand-cut Donuts in St. Louis on Route 66."

  • GOLD for Donut Drive In


Dottie's True Blue Cafe 

28 6th St San Francisco, CA (415) 885-2767

American Cafe 
Comfort Cookin'

  • GOLD for Dottie's True Blue Cafe


Dynamo Donut & Coffee 

2760 24th St San Francisco, CA (415) 920-1978

Bakery Tea 
Chris Cosentino - Bacon Apple Maple Donuts

  • SILVER for Dynamo Donut & Coffee


Dynamo Donut and Coffee 

2760 24th St San Francisco, CA (415) 920-1978

eclectic donut shop that combines a natural approach with unusual flavor combinations to create their unique round treats



75 Ninth Ave New York, NY (888) 435-3647

Bakery American 
Sandra Lee - Cupcakes Manhattan 12 pack


Ferrara Bakery 

195 Grand St New York, NY (212) 226-6150

Italian Bakery 
Alex Guarnaschelli - Pastries

  • GOLD for Ferrara Bakery

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