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Mexican food truck


The Grilled Cheeserie  

Mobile Nashville, TN

Local ingredients.


Smoke et Al 

Nashville, TN

Southern BBQ



Moving Target Nashville, TN

Caribbean food.


Puckett's Trolley 

Moving Target Nashville, TN

Southern-style comfort food. Serving Shrimp and Grits Hush Puppies, Brisket Chimichanga and Catfish Tacos.



Nashville, TN

Cheese stuffed burgers.


Crepe A Diem 

Moving Target Nashville, TN

magnifique creations include a duck confit stuffed apple, flambéd in cognac with toasted pecan


Barbie Burgers 

33 Music Square W. Nashville, TN

Classic Burgers and Shakes.


Capitol Grille 

231 Sixth Ave N Nashville, TN (615) 345-7116

0.21 miles

farm to table roast beef sandwich


Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant 

500 Church St Nashville, TN (615) 770-2772

0.3 miles

Creamy mac n cheese with some amazing pulled pork

  • BRONZE for Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant


Jamaica Way 

900 8th Ave N Nashville, TN (615) 255-5920

0.42 miles

  • SILVER for Jamaica Way


Legend's Corner 

428 Broadway Nashville, TN (615) 248-6334

0.5 miles

  • BRONZE for Legend's Corner


The Stillery 

113 2nd Ave N Nashville, TN (615) 942-8080

0.52 miles

Hot chicken mac and cheese


Merchants Restaurant 

401 Broadway Nashville, TN (615) 254-1892

0.53 miles

Traditional American 
Elegant southern food

  • BRONZE for Merchants Restaurant


Biscuit Love Truck 

Moving Target Nashville, TN

0.6 miles

The Gertie - Peanut butter, chocolate and pretzels on a biscuit.

  • SILVER for Biscuit Love Truck


Acme Feed & Seed 

101 Broadway Nashville, TN (615) 915-0888

0.6 miles

Southern comfort meets latin cuisine


Bang Candy Company 

1300 Clinton St Nashville, TN (615) 953-1065

0.65 miles

Fall into marshmallow heaven at Bang Candy Company where marshmallow confections are created in every gourmet flavor you could imagine.


Rooster's Texas Style BBQ and Steakhouse CLOSED 

123 12th Ave N Nashville, TN (615) 770-2880

0.68 miles

Two country crooners step up for MVF Nation and attempt to defeat the Big Roost Steak Challenge – a mountain of meat with a huge side o


City House 

1222 4th Ave N Nashville, TN (615) 736-5838

0.69 miles

Italian Seafood 
This restaurant and bar located in the middle of Nashville gives off a very rural vibe and offers great food and amazing cocktail

  • BRONZE for City House



1210 Mcgavock St Nashville, TN (615) 988-9700

0.79 miles

Making some of the most authentic burgers


Whiskey Kitchen 

118 12th Ave S Nashville, TN (615) 254-3029

0.8 miles

Sandwiches American 
serves up gourmet pub fare, an extensive spirits menu in a stylish, lively environment.

  • SILVER for Whiskey Kitchen


Butchertown Hall 

1416 4th Ave N Nasville, TN (615) 454-3634

0.97 miles

Texas Brisket sandwich


The Grilled Cheeserie 

Mobile Nashville, TN

1.03 miles

Unique versions of grilled cheese

  • SILVER for The Grilled Cheeserie


Pegleg Porker 

904 Gleaves Street Nashville, TN (615) 829-6023

1.03 miles

Tennessee is famous for its barbeque, and no stop is complete without a visit to Pegleg Porker for its dry-rub baby back ribs.

  • SILVER for Pegleg Porker


Pinewood Social 

33 Peabody St Nashville, TN (615) 751-8111

1.04 miles

Secret chicke and waffles

  • BRONZE for Pinewood Social


Peg Leg Porker 

903 Gleaves St Nashville, TN (615) 780-2792

1.05 miles

Dry Rub Ribs and some amazing BBQ Nachos

  • SILVER for Peg Leg Porker


Arnold's Country Kitchen 

605 Eigth Ave S Nashville, TN (615) 256-4455

1.06 miles

Californian Traditional American 
Visit Arnolds for their iconic southern meat and three, pork chops smothered in gravy, collard greens, squash casserole and/or fried green t

  • GOLD for Arnold's Country Kitchen


The Patterson House 

1711 Division St Nashville, TN (615) 636-7724

1.16 miles

Claire Robinson - Elvis Panini

  • SILVER for The Patterson House


The Catbird Seat 

1711 Division Street Nashville, TN (615) 810-8200

1.21 miles

New American 
Take a front-row seat at this interactive restaurant, and witness an artsy food performance by Chef Erik Anderson. Sample fried chicken skin


Riffs Fine Street Food 

Mobile Nashville, TN (615) 669-8782

1.22 miles

Caribbean and Asian food


Hattie B's Hot Chicken 

112 19th Ave S Nashville, TN (615) 678-4794

1.27 miles

Souther fried spicy chicken, so hot you made need to try a craft beer.

  • GOLD for Hattie B's Hot Chicken


Hattie B's Hot Chicken 

112 19th Ave S Nashville, TN (615) 678-4794

1.29 miles

hot chicken! some of the best fried chicken

  • BRONZE for Hattie B's Hot Chicken


Broadway Brewhouse 

1900 Broadway Nashville, TN (615) 340-0089

1.31 miles

Traditional American 
Diablo Pasta (jalapeno bacon wrapped shrimp)

  • BRONZE for Broadway Brewhouse


Bolton's Spicy Chicken and Fish 

624 Main St Nashville, TN (615) 254-8015

1.33 miles

Seafood Southern 
Husband and wife, Dollye and Bolton, own and run the go-to place for the Nashville trademark hot chicken. This little hole-in-the-wall, whic



2100 West End Ave Nashville, TN (615) 321-1990

1.52 miles

Secret ice cream soda with liquid nitrogen that you need to know the secret password to order.


Taco Mamacita 

1200 Villa Pl Nashville, TN (615) 730-8540

1.72 miles

Peruvian Chicken Chorizo Tacos and Bourbon margaritas.

  • BRONZE for Taco Mamacita


Gabby's Burgers and Fries 

493 Humphreys St Nashville, TN (615) 733-3119

1.83 miles

Unique custom burgers that lets you decide how you make it

  • BRONZE for Gabby's Burgers and Fries



2413 Elliston Pl Nashville, TN (615) 327-9892

1.9 miles

"Grilled Cheese" burger

  • SILVER for Rotier


Pied Piper Creamery 

114 S 11th St Nashville, TN (615) 227-4114

1.96 miles

Vegetarian Ice Cream 
The quirkiest ice cream shop you will ever stumble upon in East Nashville - look for the purple house with the crowds of lines waiting to tr


Delta Bound 

Moving Target Nashville, TN

2.0 miles

Deep fried catfish tacos with creole influences.


Delta Bound 

Moving Target Nashville, TN

2.0 miles

barbecue chicken waffle combo with kale chips


Mas Tacos por Favor 

732 McFerrin Ave Nashville, TN (615) 543-6271

2.03 miles

Mexican Vegetarian 
Mexican tamales and unique quinoa sweet potato tacos

  • GOLD for Mas Tacos por Favor


I Dream of Weenie 

1108 Woodland Ave Nashville, TN (615) 226-2622

2.04 miles

Creative hot dogs like the French Toast Weenie and Southern Mess.

  • BRONZE for I Dream of Weenie


No. 308 

407 gallatin avenue Nashville, TN (615) 650-7344

2.13 miles

Vegetarian American 
they not only use a juicer for their drinks but also add their own carbonation right there at the bar. Try a Whiskey Ginger or anyone of the


Hog Heaven 

115 N 27th Ave Nashville, TN (615) 329-1234

2.15 miles

Claire Robinson - Pulled Turkey Sandwich

  • SILVER for Hog Heaven


Mad Donna's  

1313 Woodland St Nashville, TN (615) 226-1617

2.16 miles

Sandwiches American 
Habanero mac n cheese

  • BRONZE for Mad Donna's


Provence Breads and Cafe 

1705 21st Ave S Nashville, TN (615) 386-0363

2.25 miles

Sandwiches Bakery 


Pancake Pantry 

1796 21st Ave S Nashville, TN (615) 383-9333

2.27 miles

Traditional American 
Pancake Pantry boasts a menu of 23 different types of pancakes, none more unique than the Village Smithy – cornmeal pancakes cooked wit

  • GOLD for Pancake Pantry


Savarino's Cucina 

2121 Belcourt Ave Nashville, TN (615) 460-9878

2.32 miles

Italian place where the chef and his wife compete to roll the thinnest fettuccini, then serve it up with home made vodka sauce.

  • BRONZE for Savarino's Cucina


Bro's Cajun Cuisine 

3214 Charlotte Ave Nashville, TN (615) 329-2626

2.43 miles

Traditional American Southern 
Crawfish Boil.

  • SILVER for Bro's Cajun Cuisine

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