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Best Thing I Ever Ate

On Food Network
Episode: Regional Favorites

Marc Summers - Cheesesteak

Food Feuds

On Food Network
Original Aired On 11/18/2010
Episode: Pork Feuds

Roast Pork Sandwich Feud. WINNER.

Food Wars

On Travel Channel
Original Aired On 09/22/2010
Episode: Philly Cheesesteak War

Camille journeys to Tony Luke's what many people consider Philadelphia Home of Cheese Steaks. This restaurant has won multiple awards and is considered a landmark in Philly as the original world-famous steak shop.

Guilty Pleasures

On Food Network
Original Aired On 06/03/2015
Episode: Decadent and Delicious

Rachel Ray recommends the Italian Pork Sandwiches.

Man vs Food

On Travel Channel
Original Aired On 09/23/2009
Episode: Philadelphia

Tony Luke's Ultimate Cheesesteak Challenge: a 5-pound cheesesteak made with 3 pounds of beef, 1 pound of American cheese (which Richman chose over the traditional Cheez Whiz), and stuffed inside a 20-inch roll topped with a half pound of fried onions.

Throwdown with Bobby Flay

On Food Network
Episode: Cheesesteak

Cheesesteak throwdown. Winner: Tony Luke



26 E Oregon Ave
Philadelphia, PA

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  • Local Favorite
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch Spot

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It's Not Even Noon Somewhere wrote :

Marc Summers's chosen Best Thing I Ever Ate REGIONAL FAVORITES dish, the cheesesteak ... Read More

Steve's Been There wrote :

The roast pork sandwich is every bit as good as I expected from the TV shows. And you can also get Philly cheesesteaks. Read my full review. ... Read More


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