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Thirsty's Roadside Bar 

1002 S Great Southwest Pkwy Grand Prarie, TX

05/04/2014 - Scary Marys
The owner of a dying Texas bar crosses the line with one of Jon's experts. Other issues he must address is a bartender who bends all the rules, a general manager, who happens to be the owner's wife, who has little power, and a makeshift kitchen that'

Taza Nightclub 

1507 Farnam St Omaha, NE

04/27/2014 - I Smell a Rat
Finding a hookah bar plagued by unsanitary smoking equipment, putrid odors, an inexperienced manager, and an owner who lets his staff run wild, Jon wonders if the bar's concept can ever turn a profit.

Pat's Cocktails 

12121 Riverside Dr Valley Village, CA

04/20/2014 - When Life Doesnt Hand you Lemons
Jon recruits the bar's bartenders to get inside help about the bar's problems and must get the manager to stop treating the place like a romantic playground, while convincing the owner to go more hands on with his business.

The Shot Exchange 

26891 Bouquet Canyon Rd Santa Clarita, CA

04/06/2014 - Grow some Meatballs
Jon must mends the relationship between the owners and their father, who's fed up with the staff's unruly behavior, but can't do anything since the owners are too lenient and refuses to fire them. However when one of the employees causes a disaster i

The Wildcatter Saloon 

26913 Katy Freeway Katy, TX

04/06/2014 - Taxed out in Texas
Jon must give a bar a major overhaul, from the staff to the name, when a tax-accountant-turned-owner bought it and the bad reputation and location that it gained a few years back.

Agave Junction Cantina 

11957 Firestone Blvd Norwalk, CA

03/30/2014 - Scoreboard to Death
Jon is joined by celebrity guests Maria Menounos and Adam Carolla as he takes over a failing sports bar, wrangles with an incompetent owner, whose father owns the building as a whole, and undertrained staff.

Sorties Tavern 

2861 Capehart Rd Bellevue, NE

03/09/2014 - Hostile Takeover
When an owner's heavy drinking and loud antics threaten the bar's fortune, Jon must get the owner's brother and his best friend, who together hold a majority stake, to overrule him and act to save the bar.


9100 E 35th St S Independence, MO

12/15/2013 - Twin vs Twin
When a personal feud between twin brothers threatens the future of the bar they own, one brother's son calls Jon in to save the business.

Badlands Country Nightclub 

112 SW Old U.S. 40 Highway Grain Valley, MO

12/08/2013 - Brawlin Babes
Jon must help a sports bar's owner and staff overcome long-held infighting, poor training, and a lack of publicity and promotion in order to succeed against the local competition.

Brew U 

127 SE Broad Street Murfreesboro, TN

11/17/2013 - Hole in None
Surveillance on a golf-themed bar reveals terrible sanitary conditions and incompetence in the kitchen, which is run by the owner's friend, that threaten to ruin the owner's investment, unless Jon can get the borderline-oblivious owner to take contro

Bottles and Cans 

3940 Shelbyville Hwy Murfreesboro, TN

11/10/2013 - Empty Bottles Full Cans
A Tennessee bar without a liquor license has severe sanitation problems in the kitchen and basement, female bartenders who routinely flash their breasts at customers, and an owner who has a reputation for ingenuity yet leaves all the hands-on work to

Bacon Bar 

3520 N Rancho Dr Las Vegas, NV

10/20/2013 - Grandpa Got Run Over by His Grandkids
Jon confronts a bar owner's adult grandchildren, whose lax oversight of inventory and money handling has brought the bar close to failure.

The End 

4821 Spring Mountain Rd, STE G Las Vegas, NV

10/13/2013 - Jon of the Dead
Jon encounters poor food service, tacky decor, and deep distrust between employees and management as he tries to save a Halloween/horror-themed bar run by two former rockers.

Hammer and Ales 

3990 W Russell Rd Las Vegas, NV

09/08/2013 - Beer and Loathing in Las Vegas
Jon helps repair the strained relationship of two classically trained chefs who have a blue collar bar in desperate need of help.

Libad's Seaside Tavern 

578 Brock Ave New Bedform, MA

08/25/2013 - A Bar Full Of Bull
Jon tries to help two siblings who are wasting their father's retirement with a rickety mechanical bull, get a hold of their inexperienced, over-pouring bartenders, and help them recover from a family loss that had the owners closing the kitchen, in

Moonrunners Saloon 

1506 Hwy 70w Garner, NC

08/11/2013 - Characters Assassination
Jon deals with a Yankee family who is having trouble adapting to a more Dixie environment, mostly because the brother is a hot-head who verbally insults his family and staff, and the other members wear ridiculous costumes to support one of the worst

The Comeback 

2845 Mountain Industrial Blvd Tucker, GA

07/28/2013 - Theres no Crying in the Bar Business
Jon must put an end to a feud between two owners, whose bitter resentment towards each other is allowing their staff to get away with theft, drinking on the job, and constant fighting at their failing sports bar. Note: This is the first time a female

Handlebar Cafe 

210 S Broad St Pawcatuck, CT

07/21/2013 - Two Flew Over the Handlebars
Jon tries to get two partying sisters to stop binge drinking in order to save a biker bar.

Bar 702 

3355 Spring Mountain Rd Las Vegas, NV

07/07/2013 - Dont Mess with Taffers Wife
A Las Vegas bar owner tries to pick up Nicole, leaving Jon in a frenzy and tough predicament. He also has to get the owner's partner to become a manager, get a new sound to attract more people and loosen gambling rules in their games.

Stand Up, Scottsdale 

6820 E 5TH AVE Scottsdale, AZ

04/14/2013 - Meat Sauna
Jon journeys to a comedy club, and he must assist the business with achieving more laughter and securing a larger amount of profit from the customers.

Chilleen's on 17 

33150 S Coldwater Rd Black Canyon City, AZ

04/07/2013 - A Horse Walks Into a Bar
Jon heads to the Arizona desert to help a family owned bar whose members drink on the job and allow animals to enter the bar doing questionable acts.


3413 W Olive Ave Burbank, CA

03/31/2013 - Karaoke Katastrophe
When Americas first karaoke bar is facing closure, Jon decides to go hands on to help this historic establishment.

Lona's City Limits Cantina 

1174 E Wardlow Road Long Beach, CA

03/24/2013 - In a Pinch
Jon works with a nice but passive owner whose poor decisions, including putting in a controversial animal crane game, has caused her bar to hit the rocks.

The Kasbah 

15373 E 6th Ave Unit B Aurora, CO

03/17/2013 - Jon T, He Don't Like It
Jon goes to work for a reformed night club that used to cater to an older crowd, forced to accommodate to the younger, more hyper customers. The security poses massive issues of safety while the bartenders

Solids and Stripes 

2046 Larimer St Denver, CO

03/10/2013 - Empty Pockets
Jon gets more than he bargins for when he has a face off with a very prideful and stubborn owner who is desperate to keep his bar alive after a car crash a few years back ruined its success when his old staff failed to control it while he was recover

The Brixton 

1412 E 6TH ST Austin, TX

03/03/2013 - Tears for Beers
Jon has more than just a bar to fix when he helps a couple, where the husband is belligerent insulting customers, and not knowing how to make proper drinks, which threatens to derail everything they worked hard for.

The Annex 

Moving Target New Orleans, LA

02/24/2013 - Bros Got to Geaux
Jon has a lot of work to do when he helps an owner and his frat brother friends who recently purchased a hangout notorious for bartenders who drink on the job and for serving people with fake I.D.s.

Metal and Lace 

720 Red River St Austin, TX

02/17/2013 - Rock N Roaches
Jon tries to save a roach-infested bar and deals with a stubborn owner.

Spirits on Bourbon  

615 Bourbon Street New Orleans, LA

02/10/2013 - Turtle on Its Back
Jon heads to New Orleans to give a recently opened a major overhaul when he notices no identity, lackluster management and questionable food practices.


1535 W Chapman Ave Orange, CA

09/30/2012 - Bikini Bust
When an owners early success gets over his head and causes him to get drunk and let the staff become divided, Jon must get him back to reality before his once successful bar closes down.

Power Plant 

26022 Cape Dr Ste C Laguna Niguel, CA

09/23/2012 - On The Rocks
Jon has some major hurdles to get over to rebuild a once popular bar that fell from grace due to a recent change in laws has caused major decline, but has fierce resistance with regular customers who scare away women.

Weber's Rum Bar and Grill 

19312 Vanowen St Reseda, CA

09/09/2012 - Webers of Lies
a former strip club turned music venue profitable.

The Black Sheep 

3807 N Bend Rd Cheviot, OH

08/26/2012 - Brokeback Black Sheep
Jon has a long list to complete at Cheviot when he helps a bar owner who is too busy with his jobs to keep his Irish-German pub in check and has over $800,000 in loans that his family doesnt know about.

The Olive Pit 

834 E LINCOLN AVE # B Orange, CA

08/19/2012 - Bottomless Pit
When the owners bad drinking and actions to women threatens to shut down a long running dive bar, Jon must get his daughter to step up and take over.

Aura Nightclub  

114 S. Narcissus Ave. West Palm Beach, FL

08/12/2012 - Mystique or Murder?
Jon helps two club promoters who took over a once popular bar whose reputation is badly tarnished by not just a murder that took place a few years back, but also poor management, declining conditions, and a promoter who brings the wrong people.

Piratz Tavern 

8402 Georgia Ave. Silver Spring, MD

07/29/2012 - Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Dumb
sinking Pirate-themed bar in Silver Spring, MD. But mutiny is in the air when Jon forces the pirate staff to cater to the city

The Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar 

4040 Galt Ocean Dr Fort Lauderdale, FL

07/29/2012 - Tiki Curse
Jon has serious work to do in Florida when the owner

The Canyon Inn 

6821 Fairlynn Blvd Yorba Linda, CA

09/18/2011 - Bar Fight
Jon helps a baseball player turned owner update his dive bar but not without some opposition.

Angry Ham's Garage 

2 BEACON ST Framingham, MA

09/18/2011 - Hogtied Hams
Jon heads to Massachusetts to help a failing garage themed bar that includes poor decoration placement, an owner who treat his employees as friends and can

Champs Sports Pub 

4103 W Burbank Blvd Burbank, CA

09/11/2011 - Chumps
Jon helps a once iconic bar that suffering from the owner being neglectful and blaming his inexperienced staff for the problems.

The Bone 

358 Waverly St (Rt 135) Framingham, MA

08/28/2011 - Bad To The Bone
Jon has his work cut out for him when he confronts an owner whose bad decision making, and inability to trust his manager threatens to ruin his bar and finances.

Blue Frog's Local 22 

22 E Hubbard St. Chicago, IL

08/21/2011 - The Blue Frog Sings The Blues
When a mother


10 S. Front St. Philadelphia, PA

08/14/2011 - Swanky Troubles
When a once successful bar suffers from an owner blindsiding his partner by offering free drinks and harassing women, Jon must get his partner to set him straight before the bar shut down.

Breakwall Bar and Grill 

100 Fisherman's Warf Redondo Beach, CA

08/07/2011 - Beach Bummer
Jon tries to to save an Irish pub on the decline, though bar manager Carlos threatens Jon

The Abbey Pub 

3420 W Grace St Chicago, IL

07/31/2011 - Shabby Abbey
When the brothers of a legendary pub feud over how management is running it, Jon must step in and get them on the same page.

Downey's Irish Pub 

526 S Front St Philadelphia, PA

07/24/2011 - Downey
Bar expert Jon Taffer attempts to resuscitate Downey’s, a failing Irish pub in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To do that, he’ll have to inspire Dom, a one-time star chef turned negligent owner, who has let the bar go to ruin.

Angel's Sports Bar 

1650 E 6TH St Corona, CA

07/17/2011 - Fallen Angels
Bar expert Jon Taffer attempts to class up Angels, a failing biker bar in Corona, California. To do that, he’ll have to transform their rowdy clientele, scantily-clad bikini bartenders and strip club persona.

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