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Bizarre Foods America is an American television series, and a spin-off of Bizarre Foods, this time focusing on the United States rather than international travel. Andrew Zimmern travels to various cities throughout the country and samples local cuisines and ways of life

Channel: Travel Channel
Air Date: Mondays @ 9pm

Popular Restaurants

Buckhorn Exchange

Denver, CO

Holeman & Finch Public House

Atlanta, GA

The Blue Door Pub

St. Paul, MN

Willie Mae's Scotch House

New Orleans, LA

Arnold's Country Kitchen

Nashville, TN

Dooky Chase

New Orleans, la

Recent Restaurants


Key Largo, FL

Sandy's Cafe

Key West, FL

Holeman & Finch Public House

Atlanta, GA

Octopus Bar

Atlanta, GA

Heirloom Market BBQ

Atlanta , GA

Highland Bakery

Atlanta, GA

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Monday 12:00 PM

Bizarre Foods America

Toronto/ Horse Heart/ Flipper P - Travel Channel

Andrew finds that Toronto is a melting pot of edgy eats.

Monday 01:00 PM

Bizarre Foods America

St. Croix/ Bull's Feet in Parad - Travel Channel

Andrew visits St. Croix, one of the lesser know Virgin Islands.

Monday 02:00 PM

Bizarre Foods America

Minnesota State Fair: Curds, Co - Travel Channel

Andrew hits the Minnesota State Fair where some of the country's most kitschy and bizarre food is a main attraction and Andrew explores what it takes to feed over a million hungry fair goers each summer.

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