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522 Caribbean Blvd Key Largo, FL

05/26/2014 - Florida Keys
For an authentic taste of the local cuisine head over to Sharkey's for lionfish ceviche and smoked lionfish.

Sandy's Cafe 

1026 White St Key West, FL

05/26/2014 - Florida Keys
Stop by the iconic window-service restaurant Sandy’s for their signature buchi coffee. Buchi is made with equal parts espresso and sugar.

Holeman & Finch Public House 

2277 Peachtree Rd NE Atlanta, GA

05/19/2014 - Atlanta
For a great but simple meal, check out Holeman and Finch Public House, located off Atlanta’s popular Peachtree Road. Sample the poached egg, duck liver with bacon and Johnny cakes with sorghum syrup.

  • GOLD for Holeman & Finch Public House

Octopus Bar 

560 Gresham Ave SE Atlanta, GA

05/19/2014 - Atlanta
Try some new Southern cooking offered on the menu at Octopus bar -- a gastro-pub that caters to the late-night crowd. Sample sautéed rabbit liver and kidneys on toast.

Heirloom Market BBQ 

2243 Akers Mill Rd SE Atlanta , GA

05/19/2014 - Atlanta
At Heirloom Market BBQ, get a taste of Korean barbecue’s influence on traditional Southern food -- a product of the marriage between Texan Cody Taylor and his wife Jiyeon Lee, a former Korean pop star.

  • BRONZE for Heirloom Market BBQ

Highland Bakery 

655 Highland Ave NE Atlanta, GA

05/19/2014 - Atlanta
For breakfast, check out Highland Bakery for their Bran flake crusted peanut butter French toast dripping with caramelized bananas!

Restaurant Eugene 

2277 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA

05/19/2014 - Atlanta
Try some exciting new dishes at Restaurant Eugene like butternut squash dressed in mustard greens, roasted beets tossed in kumquat marmalade and more!


1788 Clairmont Rd Decatur, GA

05/19/2014 - Atlanta
Explore more of the Korean influence on Southern standard dishes at Sobban with their chips and dip made with pork rinds and seaweed puree, or the Nori corndog.

Woodshed Smokehouse 

3201 Riverfront Dr Fort Worth, TX

04/14/2014 - Dallas
If game meat is your way of life, then check out Woodshed Smokehouse for some venison backstrap served with grilled and roasted hen of the woods mushrooms, resting on a bed of braised lamb belly, shallot, and roasted garlic pureed in a bone broth.

  • BRONZE for Woodshed Smokehouse

Chicken Scratch 

2303 Pittman St Dallas, TX

04/14/2014 - Dallas
Not-to-miss, traditional South Texas barbacoa: cow cheek, cow tongue, beef short ribs and grilled sweetbreads.

Revolver Taco Lounge 

2822 W 7th St Fort Worth, TX

04/14/2014 - Dallas
At The Revolver Taco Lounge, authentic Michoacan food is homemade. Try their beef kidneys braised in chilies, Michoacan salsa and Moronga -- blood pudding with intestines, stomach lining, heart and goat blood served in a fresh tortilla.

Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ 

301 Stockyards Blvd. Fort Worth, TX

04/14/2014 - Dallas
Coopers specializes in the hot and fast Hill Country Style barbecue. Try their beef brisket, pork ribs and Big Chop -- a 2-inch thick pork chop dunked in a thin vinegar dip made with the meat drippings.

The Russian Banya 

2515 E Rosemeade Pkwy Ste 401 Carrollton, TX

04/14/2014 - Dallas
Visit this Russian spa and restaurant, and sample their Russian pickles, cabbage and cured salmon roe with buttered bread and sour cream.

Lockhart Smokehouse 

400 West Davis Dallas, TX

04/14/2014 - Dallas
At Lockhart Smokehouse, their Central Texas-style barbecue is smoked over post oak, giving it a beautiful black bark. Try their oak-smoked brisket, beef shoulder clod and smoked head cheese.

Prince's Hot Chicken Shack 

123 Ewing Dr Nashville, TN

04/07/2014 - Nashville
This James Beard Award-winning restaurant has become an American classic for its hot chicken.

  • GOLD for Prince's Hot Chicken Shack

Pat Martin's BBQ 

7215 Nolensville Rd. Nolensville, TN

04/07/2014 - Nashville
Visit barbecue legend Pat Martin to see how he roasts his whole pigs low and slow over hardwood for 24 hours. Enjoy barbecued pork belly, cheek and roasted pork with vinegar sauce.

The Catbird Seat 

1711 Division Street Nashville, TN

04/07/2014 - Nashville
Take a front-row seat at this interactive restaurant, and witness an artsy food performance by Chef Erik Anderson. Sample fried chicken skin doused with seasoned oil and chili and served on white bread.

Pegleg Porker 

904 Gleaves Street Nashville, TN

04/07/2014 - Nashville
Tennessee is famous for its barbeque, and no stop is complete without a visit to Pegleg Porker for its dry-rub baby back ribs.

Hattie B's Hot Chicken 

112 19th Ave S Nashville, TN

04/07/2014 - Nashville
Check out one of Nashville's oldest and most famous establishments -- Hattie Bs –- for their hot and spicy chicken!

Arnold's Country Kitchen 

605 Eigth Ave S Nashville, TN

04/07/2014 - Nashville
Visit Arnolds for their iconic southern meat and three, pork chops smothered in gravy, collard greens, squash casserole and/or fried green tomatoes.

  • GOLD for Arnold's Country Kitchen

Go Fish 

1505 W 1st Ave Granville Island, Canada

03/31/2014 - Vancouver
Visit Go Fish to sample soup loaded with fresh fish such as the Thai-style Coconut Fish Soup loaded with salmon, halibut and fresh local vegetables.

Hawksworth Restaurant 

801 West Georgia Street Vancouver, Canada

03/31/2014 - Vancouver
Sample freshly harvested sea vegetables at Chef David Hawksworth’s restaurant where he dishes out contemporary Canadian cuisine.

Tojo's Restaurant 

1133 W Broadway Vancouver, Canada

03/31/2014 - Vancouver
Andrew Zimmern met up with Japanese Chef Hidekazu Tojo to round up fresh seafood for Tojo’s Restaurant. When you visit, sample box crab, California rolls, Dungeness crab and more.

To Hyang 

3815 Geary Blvd San Francisco, CA

12/23/2013 - San Francisco Bay
Enjoy some traditional fermented foods at To Hyang, a Korean-American restaurant. Sample items such as fermented bean paste soup, fermented sea urchin, and soy sauce that’s been fermented for 5 years.

Don Bugito 

Moving Target San Francisco, CA

12/23/2013 - San Francisco Bay
Don Bugito is a street cart run by Monica Martinez, a visionary who started out ranching bugs in her kitchen and now runs her own business selling insects as food. A must-try: toffee-flavored meal worms.


25 W San Fernando San Jose, CA

12/23/2013 - San Francisco Bay
Dine at Mezcal, a restaurant that specializes in Oaxacan regional cuisine, with family recipes that are not usually found on menus in the US. Try the chapulines, fried grasshoppers seasoned with lime and salt.

De Afghanan 

37405 Fremont Blvd Fremont, CA

12/23/2013 - San Francisco Bay
unleavened bread stuffed with leeks, potatoes and chickpeas, then fried on a griddle, and served with yogurt and cilantro chutney.

Bun Bo Hue An Nam 

2060 Tully Rd San Jose, CA

12/23/2013 - San Francisco Bay
Stop by Bun Bo Hue An Nam, known as one of the country’s best Vietnamese soup restaurants. Their bun bo hue (ox penis soup) is pretty tasty.


5152 Moorpark Ave, Ste 40 San Jose, CA

12/23/2013 - San Francisco Bay
Come to a traditional Japanese izakaya. The specialty at this charcoal grill is the skewered meat.


113 Lexington Ave New York, NY

12/09/2013 - NYC Overnight
Late night spot to get authentic indian food

Zaragoza Mexican Deli 

215 Ave A New York, NY

12/09/2013 - NYC Overnight
Small grocery store with authentic mexican food


9 W 32nd St New York, NY

12/09/2013 - NYC Overnight
Authentic Korean Soups


23 W. 32nd Street New York, NY

12/09/2013 - NYC Overnight
Authentic korean bbq

The Greenhouse Tavern 

2038 E 4th St Cleveland, OH

12/02/2013 - Clevland
experiments with foods that are uniquely Cleveland, like pig head served whole after being cured, cooked and re-cooked, and oysters, the cluster of muscles behind the pig’s eye.

  • SILVER for The Greenhouse Tavern

Catanese Classic Seafood 

1600 Merwin Ave Cleveland, OH

12/02/2013 - Clevland
Catanese Classic Seafood brings in 5-10,000 pounds of fresh fish every week, mainly yellow perch.

Katz Club Diner 

1975 Lee Road Cleveland Heights, OH

12/02/2013 - Clevland
Sample some of the citys best sausage, including the Katz Club Classic, a deep-fried hot dog with the works and french fries.

Czuchraj Meats 

1979 W 25th St Cleveland, OH

12/02/2013 - Clevland
Czuchraj Meats is popular for its beef jerky, which has been recommended by chefs and TV personalities, Andrew Zimmern and Michael Symon.

The West Side Market 

2012 W 25th St Cleveland, OH

12/02/2013 - Clevland
Andrew visited : Noodle Cat and Dohar Meat and Frank's Bratwurst

Ray's Sausage 

3146 E 123rd St Cleveland, OH

12/02/2013 - Clevland
Rays is a family-owned business that takes pride in making their souse extra special. Souse is a spotted meat product made with ground pig snouts, ears and tongues.

Seti's Truck 

17319 Talford Ave Cleveland, OH

12/02/2013 - Clevland
the Polish boy, a kielbasa that has been grilled, fried and topped with coleslaw, french fries and barbecue sauce.

  • BRONZE for Seti's Truck

At the Conch and Bucket Restauran 

13 E Queens Way Hampton, VA

11/18/2013 - Virginia
cownose rays are served up several different ways! Try them pan seared.

Peter Chang China Cafe 

11424 W. Broad St. Glen Allen, VA

11/18/2013 - Virginia
Have a seat at Peter Changs table, and experience Chinese cooking like none other. Sample a series of delicious, authentic Szechuan dishes like scallion bubble pancake, dry fried eggplant, crispy pork belly and more!

Pasture Restaurant 

416 E Grace St Richmond, VA

11/18/2013 - Virginia
Southern cuisine, served family-style with large portions to share.


5336 Butler St Pittsburgh, PA

11/11/2013 - Pittsburgh
Andrew Zimmern spends the day with chef, charcuterie master and Cure owner Justin Severino. Justin specializes in cured meats at his aptly named restaurant, and prepares several goat dishes for Andrew, using various fresh and cured cuts of goat.

Primanti Brothers 

46 18th St Pittsburgh, PA

11/11/2013 - Pittsburgh
Located in the Strip District, Primanti Brothers is a legendary fast-food joint known for its sandwiches, always topped with freshly made french fries.

  • BRONZE for Primanti Brothers

Pierogies Plus 

342 Island Ave McKees Rocks, PA

11/11/2013 - Pittsburgh
Pierogies Plus turns out thousands of handcrafted pierogies each day! Sample cabbage and kielbasa pierogi, spinach and ricotta pierogi, and lekvar pierogi, made with a sweet prune filling.

Legal Beans 

2 Division St Jersey City, NJ

11/04/2013 - New Jersey
Legal Beans is a whole hog rotisserie pit house devoted to barbecue-style lechon from the Philippine island of Cebu.

Thirty Acres 

500 Jersey Ave Jersey City, NJ

11/04/2013 - New Jersey
See how chef Kevin Pemoulie serves up fresh fluke (an Atlantic Ocean fish) and other local ingredients, like grilled duck hearts with celery leaf, ramps, and strawberry-mustard jam.

Phil Am Food 

685 Newark Ave Ste 1 Jersey City, NJ

11/04/2013 - New Jersey
Located in Jersey Citys Little Manila, Phil Am Food is the largest Filipino-owned grocery on the East Coast and has been family-owned for more than 40 years.

Wonder Bagels 

433 Sip Ave Jersey City, NJ

11/04/2013 - New Jersey
a Taylor Pork Roll and egg sandwich! The sandwich is made with 10 slices of fried Taylor ham (a pork roll made from pig parts) and American cheese.

Crawfish and Noodles 

11360 Bellaire Boulevard Ste 990 Houston, TX

09/02/2013 - Houston
This restaurant combines the unique flavors and cultures of Texas and Vietnam to create new distinctive dishes like stir-fried blue crab and its famous Viet-Cajun crawfish.

Raja Sweets 

5667 Hillcroft St Houston, TX

09/02/2013 - Houston
Houston's first Indian bakery is known for its homemade desserts, but it also serves delicious Indian comfort foods. After the goat with curry and vegetables, have gulab jamun -- a cheese ball fried until deep brown and then soaked in sugar syrup.


222 9TH St San Leon, TX

09/02/2013 - Houston
Some call Gilhooleys the most notorious oyster bar on the Gulf of Mexico, where the gritty ambience and the oysters make it the ultimate seafood dive bar. The oysters are served over a wood fire and topped with parmesan and garlic butter.


1100 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX

09/02/2013 - Houston
The story of Houston's food unfolds at Underbelly, where chef Chris Shepherd celebrates the city's ethnic diversity and unique ingredients in dishes like wagyu skirt steak with Korean-inspired sweet potato noodles, dashi broth and a cold-boiled egg.

Bogart's Smokehouse 

1627 S 9th St St. Louis, MO

08/26/2013 - St Louis
Some of the best barbecue in St. Louis is at Bogart's. On the menu: smoky beef brisket, turkey, pulled pork and apricot-bruleed ribs.

Grbic's Restaurant 

4071 Keokuk St St. Louis, MO

08/26/2013 - St Louis
The Bosnian open-hearth style of cooking is on full display at this restaurant with its traditional dishes, including sace -- lamb, vegetables and garlic cooked for 3 hours -- and cevapi -- spiced, minced beef links.


3257 Ivanhoe Ave St. Louis, MO

08/26/2013 - St Louis
At Farmhaus, chef Kevin Willmann is changing the face of dining in St. Louis by offering dishes with boundary-pushing ingredients and technique, like pig-ear terrine and Rueben sandwich, featuring house-made, pig-heart pastrami.

Schottzies Bar and Grill 

11428 Concord Village Ave St. Louis, MO

08/26/2013 - St Louis
One of St. Louis' most iconic foods is still served at Schottzie's -- the brain sandwich. But most go for its famous St. Louis-style pizza, too.


1934 Macklind Ave St. Louis, MO

08/26/2013 - St Louis
In the neighborhood known as the Hill, Gioia's makes its own salami from the ground parts of a pigs head, including the nose, ears and cheeks. You'll find it on their sandwich known as the Hot Salami.

Smoki O's 

1545 N Broadway St. Louis, MO

08/26/2013 - St Louis
Smoki O's as the best snoots in St. Louis. What are snoots? Pig snouts cured overnight, seasoned with cayenne pepper, garlic and salt, then grilled and served with barbecue sauce.

Wagner's Pharmacy 

3113 S 4th St Louisville, KY

08/12/2013 - Louisville
Quintessential Louisville dishes like fried bologna sandwiches and spaghetti chili have been served at this pharmacy since 1922.

610 Magnolia 

610 W Magnolia Ave Louisville, KY

08/12/2013 - Louisville
The 6-course, prix-fixe menu conceived by chef Edward Lee changes seasonally with ingredients sourced from the Kentucky/Indiana region.

Old Hickory 

338 Washington Ave Owensboro, KY

08/12/2013 - Louisville
Since 1918, 6 generations of one family have been serving smoked chopped mutton with white bread and sweet tea.

Garage Bar 

700 E Market St Louisville, KY

08/12/2013 - Louisville
The menu at Garage Bar is built around classic Kentucky foods like hominy grits with steamed and fried corn and Kentucky ham with carrot marmalade. There are hand-crafted pizzas, too.

Proof on Main 

702 W Main St Louisville, KY

08/12/2013 - Louisville
Chef Levon Wallace honors lost Kentucky food traditions by using traditional foods to create a new wave of local cuisine. Case in point: pork brains with fried shallots, capers, paprika, mayo and fresh brioche.

Farmstead - CLOSED 

186 Wayland Ave Providence, RI

08/05/2013 - Rhode Island
Chef Matt Jennings celebrates New England food at Farmstead by understanding its history and preparing dishes like grilled mackerel in a miso paste sauce with fresh greens -- all from local ingredients.

Olneyville New York System 

18 Plainfield St Providence, RI

08/05/2013 - Rhode Island
For an introduction to Providence, RI, food culture, stop at this hot dog hot spot for the hot dog all the way, topped with ground beef, mustard, onions and celery salt and prepared on your server's arm!

Scialo Brothers Bakery 

257 Atwells Ave Providence, RI

08/05/2013 - Rhode Island
The Scialo sisters, daughters of the brothers, make tasty breads and sweets in a brick oven that radiates heat even when turned off and can cook for hours. Fig bars, biscotti and other Italian goodies are baked daily in their hot oven.

Iggy's Doughboys and Chowder House 

889 Oakland Beach Ave Warwick, RI

08/05/2013 - Rhode Island
Rhode Island is famous for its clams, especially the hard shell variety known as quahogs. In fact, they happen to be Iggy's specialty, whether in the shell or stuffed, otherwise known as stuffies.

Zooma Trattoria 

245 Atwells Ave Providence, RI

08/05/2013 - Rhode Island
In Providences Federal Hill neighborhood, Zooma Trattoria serves authentic Neapolitan cuisine made from fresh, high-quality ingredients that are locally sourced.

Matunuck Oyster Bar 

629 Succotash Rd South Kingstown, RI

08/05/2013 - Rhode Island
The oysters and clams come from chef Perry Raso's aquafarm, or from pond to plate, as they say. Stuffed clams, are prepared with mixed herbs, onions, bread and peppers, and the little neck clams are served with white beans and Portuguese sausage.

Miss Myra's Pit Bar-B-Q 

3278 Pumphouse Cahaba Rd Vestavia Hills, AL

07/29/2013 - Birmingham
Ever had white sauce on your barbecue? Try it at Miss Myras. This barbecue restaurant is home to a condiment made of mayo, vinegar, salt and pepper that adds tang to hickory-smoked chicken. The banana pudding is a must here, too.

Jim and Nicks BBQ 

2831 Greystone Commercial Blvd Birmingham, AL

07/29/2013 - Birmingham
The pork sandwich here is the best according to Southern Living magazine. This father-and-son-owned spot steeps its pork shoulder in hickory smoke for 14 hours.

Hot and Hot Fish Club 

2180 11TH Ct S Birmingham, AL

07/29/2013 - Birmingham
Chef Chris Hastings cooks up globally influenced cuisine with local ingredients in creative dishes like a Chinese noodle bowl with noodles made from pig skin, starring blue crab and bullfrog legs.

The Fish Market 

612 22nd St N Birmingham, AL

07/29/2013 - Birmingham
Classic Greek dishes like gida vrasti -- goat and yogurt soup -- and Southern classics with a Greek twist, like shrimp and grits with olives, tomatoes and feta, are on the menu at this casual eatery.

Red Pearl Restaurant at the Super Oriental Market 

243 W Valley Ave Homewood, AL

07/29/2013 - Birmingham
Shop for a wide selection of unusual Asian groceries, and then have an authentic Chinese lunch of Szechuan-style pig intestine hot pot with blood cake and pickled vegetables.

Eagle's Restaurant 

2610 16th St N Birmingham, AL

07/29/2013 - Birmingham
Get a taste of Alabamas quintessential soul food at Eagles Restaurant, with a menu that changes daily, serving pig feet and ears on Mondays and oxtails and pig neck bones on Tuesdays.

Niki's West 

233 Finley Ave W Birmingham, AL

07/29/2013 - Birmingham
Some say Nikis West is the gold standard when it comes to meat and three, with a cafeteria-style selection of meat like fried chicken livers and 3 sides like collards or turnip greens.

Rokhat Kosher Bakery 

65-43 Austin St Queens, NY

07/22/2013 - Queens, NY
Bread is the backbone of Bukharian cuisine, brought by Bukharian Jews from Central Asia. This bakery makes authentic chop chop bread, soft inside and crispy outside, and Bukhara, similar to challah and marked with the Star of David.

Muncan Food Corp 

676 Seneca Ave Queens, NY

07/22/2013 - Queens, NY
Andrew goes to try all types of meat!


106-47 Guy Brewer Blvd. Jamaica, NY

07/22/2013 - Queens, NY
Get a taste of Liberia at Maimas, where the cooking feels like home for the West African immigrant community. Try the torborgee -- a dish made with chicken, turkey and cow foot, bound together by pureed eggplant and baking soda.


3765 74th St Jackson Heights, NY

07/22/2013 - Queens, NY
Phayul brings the taste of the Himalayas to Queens, with Tibetan foods like chele khatsa, a pungent, spicy soup made with yak meat and dried cheese made from yak milk.

Tawa Food 

3738 72nd St Jackson Heights, NY

07/22/2013 - Queens, NY
This place sums up everything that makes Queens the United Nations of food. Started by a family from Nepal, this restaurant serves sukuti, dried beef with radish and pickle, and butan, grilled goat stomach, liver and heart.

M. Wells Dinette 

22-25 Jackson Ave Long Island City, NY

07/22/2013 - Queens, NY
At M. Wells Dinette, French-Canadian chef Hugue DuFour creates dishes that are sometimes controversial, like a bone marrow torte, a chicken blood pancake and buffalo chicken feet.

Xi'an Famous Foods 

4128 Main St Flushing, NY

07/22/2013 - Queens, NY
An unassuming storefront in the basement of the Golden Mall, Xi'an Famous Foods serves dishes that could have been found along the Silk Road, including lamb face and longevity noodles.

Fu Run Restaurant 

4009 Prince St Flushing, NY

07/22/2013 - Queens, NY
For a taste of northern Chinas Manchuria, head to Fu Run Restaurant in Queens. The Muslim lamb chop is a lamb breast encrusted with cumin, chilies and black and white sesame seeds.


4110 Main St Flushing, NY

07/22/2013 - Queens, NY
Biang is the sit-down restaurant from the creators of Xian Famous Foods, with a modern twist on traditional Chinese fare like pork intestines, chicken hearts and beef tendons on skewers.

Beautiful Memory 

136-20 Roosevelt Ave, food court #21 Flushing, NY

07/22/2013 - Queens, NY
You may be left with beautiful memories after these Asian desserts. Snow white sago is a sweet soup made with sago (a starch extracted from the pith of a tropical plant), crystals of iced milk, basil seeds, slices of mango, pineapple and banana.

La Provence Restaurant 

25020 Hwy 190 Lacombe, LA

07/15/2013 - Third Coast
Just outside New Orleans, La Provence is known for its French cuisine, but chef John Besh also elevates country and Cajun cooking to haute cuisine here. Taste the farm-raised, slow-roasted duck, gumbo and, for the brave, pan-fried duck testicles.

Alicia's Market 

267 Mokauea St Honolulu, HI

07/08/2013 - Undiscovered Hawaii
Try the raw crab poke and poke made with seasoned flying fish roe, tuna, imitation wasabi powder and seaweed.

Shimazu Store 

330 N School St Honolulu, HI

07/08/2013 - Undiscovered Hawaii
Shimazu Shave Ice is reputed to have the best shave ice in Honolulu because of the large variety of flavors and jumbo-sized servings. The powdery ice treat literally comes in a rainbow of flavors like lemon, lime, lychee and mandarin orange.

Char Siu House 

1134 Maunakea St Honolulu, HI

07/08/2013 - Undiscovered Hawaii
The Chinese barbeque at Char Siu House in Chinatown includes pig foot with a barbecue glaze.

Tersty Treats 

41-1540 Kalanianaole Hwy Waimanalo, HI

07/08/2013 - Undiscovered Hawaii
In the Waimanalo community of Honolulu, Tersty Treats is known for its more traditional take on poke. Among its treats: palu, a poke made from the bloodline scrapings and eyeballs of the aku tuna, and dried octopus bile sacs.

Happy Garden 

1113 Maunakea St Honolulu, HI

07/08/2013 - Undiscovered Hawaii
The dim sum at Happy Garden in Honolulus Chinatown is served just the way it is in China. On the tray: shrimp and dumplings, bean curd with rice filling, bean curd with seafood and baby corn, and fried pork intestines.

Crack Seed Store 

1156 Koko Head Ave Honolulu, HI

07/08/2013 - Undiscovered Hawaii
Unique take on the candy store sells a unique treat -- crack seed, salty and sweet dried fruit. The Crack Seed Store may be one of the last in a dying snack food tradition. Take your pick of dried plums, cherries and strawberries.

Maunakea Marketplace 

1120 Maunakea St Honolulu, HI

07/08/2013 - Undiscovered Hawaii
Many locally grown fruits and vegetables can be found at Maunakea Marketplace like rambutan, a red spikey fruit closely related to the lychee. The Chinatown market is also home to mahjongg players and tea shops.

Oahu Market 

145 N King St Honolulu, HI

07/08/2013 - Undiscovered Hawaii
Some of the best places to eat in Honolulus Chinatown are at the Oahu Market. What to try: prawns and raw yellowtail with scallions, soy and seaweed.

Yung Ho City Restaurant 

1045 E. Valley Blvd. #A105 San Gabriel, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
Taiwanese breakfast of hot rice porridge with thousand year egg -- whole eggs brined for weeks until they're almost black

Happy Garden 

1277 E Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
The Hakka are China's nomads who have settled around the world. Ask for the jiangsi chao dachang -- pig intestine blanched in water and seasoned with vinegar.

Hunan Mao Restaurant 

8728 Valley Blvd Rosemead, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
The hot over spicy is a stir-fry made with pork, leeks and over a dozen other hot ingredients. But the carp head cooked with chilies and chili is a must.

Sam Woo BBQ 

937 E Las Tunas Dr Alhambra, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
The Southern-style Chinese food is familiar to most Americans, especially whole roasted duck. For something different, try siu mei cuttlefish -- roasted cuttlefish with a crispy orange glaze.

101 Hot Pot Cafe 

140 W Valley Blvd, #108 San Gabriel, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
Andrew tries the stinky tofu

Vege Paradise 

140 W Valley Blvd, #222 San Gabriel, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
At Vege Paradise, they specialize in transforming vegetables into meals that look, smell and taste like meat. The orange chicken is made entirely of soy, while the smoked mackerel is made from vegetable protein and seaweed skin.

Hawkins House of Burgers 

11603 Slater St Los Angeles, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
Hawkins House of Burgers serves the Whipper Burger, a behemoth of a burger with 2 patties, topped with hotlinks and loads of pastrami.

Watts Coffee House 

1827 E 103rd St Los Angeles, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
At the Watts Coffee House, fill up on soul food and neighborhood history with owner Desiree Edwards. On the menu: chicken and waffles.

Phnom Penh Noodle Restaurant 

1644 Cherry Ave Long Beach, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
This family-owned restaurant specializes in Cambodian cuisine like the house noodles with offal and a side of pork bone soup; and rice porridge, made with pork liver, pancreas, intestine and bite-sized chunks of blood cake.

Red Medicine 

8400 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
Chef Jordan Kahn is inspired by locally found grasses and flowers. He uses them in dishes at his modern restaurant, Red Medicine. What to taste: wild wood sorrel, mustard greens and snap peas with tofu custard and coconut water mint vinaigrette.


24 Windward Ave Venice, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
gastropub a stone's throw from Venice Beach. Try the smoked ox tongue terrine with pickled carrots and sweet and sour chili relish. They may even serve up deep-fried whole grunion

Shaanxi Gourmet 

8518 Valley Boulevard Ste 102 Rosemead, CA

07/01/2013 - Los Angeles
Shaanxi Gourmet is known for its handmade noodles. Order a bowl of the chewy noodles or the Yangro paomo, also known as Chinese gnocci--lamb and noodles with unleavened bread.

Salt and Straw 

838 NW 23rd Ave Portland, OR

04/22/2013 - Portland
unique ice cream flavors, which incorporate honey from the Bee Local hive

  • BRONZE for Salt and Straw

Nojo Restaurant 

231 FRANKLIN ST San Francisco, CA

04/15/2013 - Northen California
Serving pub food and Japanese-style skewers, Nojo is where Andrew gets a taste of fried monkeyfaced eel served in a kakejiru sauce

Oenotri Restaurant 

1425 1st St Napa, CA

04/15/2013 - Northen California
This downtown Napa restaurant prides itself on its sustainable practices, as well as its fresh Italian cuisine, made from local, seasonal ingredients.

Woodberry Kitchen 

2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126 Baltimore, MD

03/25/2013 - Baltimore and Chesapeake Bay
where chef Spike Gjerde and his staff strive to provide a menu with a unique Baltimore taste

  • SILVER for Woodberry Kitchen

Angi's Soul Food 

400 W LEXINGTON ST Baltimore, MD

03/25/2013 - Baltimore and Chesapeake Bay
Find Southern-style soul food represented at Lexington Market -- with a Korean twist

Shin Chon Restaurant 

8801 Baltimore National Pike Ellicott, MD

03/25/2013 - Baltimore and Chesapeake Bay
Stop by Shin Chon Restaurant for some traditional Korean barbecue, which is cooked at the table

Mary Mervis Deli 

400 W Lexington St Baltimore, MD

03/25/2013 - Baltimore and Chesapeake Bay
Among the delis must-try items is its famous beef tongue sandwich


955 W Fulton Market Chicago, IL

03/18/2013 - Chicago
chef Dave Beran uses ingredients to come up with unique dishes. The menu changes every 3 months. Try their salted, fried and dried ayu fish, or the duck served with a sauce made from black peppercorns, red wine and roasted duck jus.

El Ideas 

2419 W 14th St Chicago, IL

03/18/2013 - Chicago
experimental restaurant that offers a unique dining experience with imaginative new foods

  • BRONZE for El Ideas


1 S Pinckney St Madison, WI

03/11/2013 - Wisconsin


1 South Pinckney Street Madison, WI

03/11/2013 - Wisconsin

Larkspur Caffe 

2 Lincoln St Sitka, AK

03/04/2013 - Alaska
Music and local cuisine lovers, don

Ludvig's Bistro 

256 Katlian St Sitka, AK

03/04/2013 - Alaska
A popular Mediterranean restaurant in Sitka, offering local cuisine.

B and B Grocery 

2001 SE 6th St Des Moines, IA

02/25/2013 - Iowa
Visit this family-owned business that’s famous throughout the Midwest for its pork tenderloin sandwich. And don’t miss their pepper cheese balls.

  • BRONZE for B and B Grocery

Lincoln Cafe 

117 1st St NW Mount Vernon, IA

02/25/2013 - Iowa
Owner and executive chef Matt Steigerwald has turned his clientele into adventurous eaters. The menu includes such items as roasted heritage pork brains, spring onion kimchi and Nduja sausage on toasted house bread

Bruces Bar 

123 1ST St Severance, CO

02/18/2013 - Denver
You'll find a different twist on Rocky Mountain oysters at Euclid Hall, a gastro pub that serves young beef testicles that are seasoned and sautéed with a jerk-seasoned banana chutney.

El Taco De Mexico 

714 Santa Fe Dr Denver, CO

02/18/2013 - Denver
A popular restaurant in Denver serving authentic Mexican food, much like you would find in Mexico City. Try the restaurants tacos with cheek meat, and tongue alongside red chili sauce, and the marinated pork.

The Original Chubbys 

106 Federal Blvd Denver, CO

02/18/2013 - Denver
This iconic spot in the Mile High City is known for its green chili sauce. Also make sure to try the Mexican hamburger smothered in green chili sauce (made with chili peppers, pork, flour, lard and tomatoes).

  • BRONZE for The Original Chubbys

Parallel Seventeen 

1600 E 17th Ave Denver, CO

02/18/2013 - Denver
Denvers premier restaurant for adventurous eaters that serves ant larvae beignets, jellyfish salad, Coq au vin with silkie black chicken, and Tum Yum Taley with pig uterus.

Buckhorn Exchange 

1000 Osage St Denver, CO

02/18/2013 - Denver
Dine at Denvers oldest restaurant, a place that specializes in game meat such as yak, buffalo and elk.

  • GOLD for Buckhorn Exchange


480 7TH St NW Washington, DC

02/11/2013 - Washington DC
Chef Jose Andres shows Andrew some of the classics he offers on the menu at two of his restaurants. Jaleo is known for its tapas menu. They have paella, sea urchin, cones of marmalade, and goat cheese and more.

  • GOLD for Jaleo

Florida Avenue Grill 

1100 Florida Ave NW Washington, DC

02/11/2013 - Washington DC
Andrew meets up with culinary historian Michael Twitty. Andrew tries chitterlings, stewed pork intestine, and scrapple, pig organs and scraps mixed with cornmeal, pressed and chilled into a loaf, and then sliced and fried.

La Chiquita 

4819 Annapolis Rd Bladensburg, MD

02/11/2013 - Washington DC
Andrew visits La Chiquita, known to have the best pupusas in DC. Andrew has yuca frita, made with cassava root; curtido, a mix of pickled cabbage, onion and carrots; fried baby sardines; and pupusas stuffed with meat and sometimes cheese.

The Source 

575 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC

02/11/2013 - Washington DC
Snakehead fish is a new item on the menu at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant The Source. Andrew samples oolong tea-smoked snakehead, and snakehead marinated in chilies, then batter-fried and served with Thai curry sauce.

El Parasol 

1833 Cerrillos Rd Santa Fe, NM

07/30/2012 - New Mexico
Features a menu first created for a street taco stand 50 years ago.

Bobcat Bite 

420 Old Las Vegas Hwy Santa Fe, NM

07/30/2012 - New Mexico
Cheeseburgers covered in green chili.

  • BRONZE for Bobcat Bite

Tia Sophia's 

210 W San Francisco St Santa Fe, NM

07/30/2012 - New Mexico

Michael's Genuine 

130 NE 40th St Miami, FL

07/23/2012 - Miami
Serves local, sustainable food made with improvisational cooking techniques.

  • SILVER for Michael's Genuine

Joe's Stone Crab 

11 Washington Ave Miami, FL

07/23/2012 - Miami
Iconic stone crabs.

  • GOLD for Joe's Stone Crab

Azul Restaurant 


07/23/2012 - Miami
Underground dinner.

El Palacio de los Jugos 

5721 W Flagler St Miami, FL

07/23/2012 - Miami

  • BRONZE for El Palacio de los Jugos

Tortas Ahogadas el Gallito 

1008 Industrial Blvd Chula Vista, CA

07/16/2012 - San Diego
Andrew has torta ahogadas: a spicy hot sandwich made with slow roasted carnitas, refried beans, hot chili sauce and pickled onions.

Aqui es Texcoco 

1043 Broadway Suite:108 Chula Vista, CA

07/16/2012 - San Diego
BBQ joint that specializes in an Aztec-inspired way to serve lamb. Andrew has Texcoco-style BBQ lamb -- slow-roasted whole lamb that’s served as a platter with all the parts, including ribs, loin, leg, brain and tongue.

Seafood City 

1420 E Plaza Blvd Ste E National City, CA

07/16/2012 - San Diego
Balut: fertilized duck egg with an embryo inside.

Tita's Kitchenette 

2720 E Plaza Blvd Ste E National City, CA

07/16/2012 - San Diego
Sabo (pork broth soup), dinuguan (pork stewed in pig blood), sisig (chopped pork belly that’s been crisped and tossed with vinegar, chilies and onions).

Clary's Cafe 

4430 Habersham St Savannah, GA

03/12/2012 - Savannah
Andrew and The Lady Chablis have breakfast at this café. Andrew tries the pecan flapjacks and hoppel poppel, egg scrambled with peppers, onions, potatoes and kosher salami.

Elizabeth's on 37th 

105 East 37th St Savannah, GA

03/12/2012 - Savannah
Andrew and The Lady Chablis have a meal at a mansion restaurant, which includes flounder on spicy quail hash, berkshire pork chop and black-eyed pea patty.


530 Martin Luther King Blv. Jr Savannah, GA

03/12/2012 - Savannah
Savannah food writer Tim Rutherfood takes Andrew off the beaten path to some of the city’s best places to eat, starting with Marandy’s. Andrew eats oxtail and red velvet cake with sour cream frosting.

Charlie Teeple's Seafood- Closed 

3209 E Victory Dr Thunderbolt, GA

03/12/2012 - Savannah
Andrew and Tim Rutherford take a trip outside of Savannah to taste some of the area’s best seafood, including scuppernongs, seafood boil and steamed crab.

McCrady's Restaurant 

2 Unity Alley Charleston, SC

03/05/2012 - Charleston
Chef Sean Brock brings Andrew to his restaurant, McCrady's, where they cook and eat an Ossabaw pig. Andrew samples, fried pig's ears, Ossabaw terrine,Charleston gold rice and Ossabow jowl.

Buckshot's Carry Out 

10030 N Hwy 17 McClellanville, SC

03/05/2012 - Charleston
Andrew visits one of the best soul food cafes run by the Green family. He's lucky enough to get an invitation to eat dinner at their home. Andrew samples the macaroni and cheese, boiled pig's feet, poorman's stew, baked quail and chicken feet.

Bowen's Island Restraurant 

1870 Bowens Island Rd Charleston, SC

03/05/2012 - Charleston
Andrew heads father down the coast to this restaurant for an oyster roast. Andrew eats steamed oysters.

Robert's Stehling's Hominy Grill 

207 Rutledge Ave Charleston, SC

03/05/2012 - Charleston
The Lee brothers take Andrew to a restaurant known for serving a traditional southern comfort food --boiled green peanuts.

Martha Lou's Kitchen 

1068 Morrison Dr Charleston, SC

03/05/2012 - Charleston
Andrew joins Sean Brock, one of Charleston's most celebrated chefs, for a meal at his favorite place, this soul food restaurant. Andrew eats chitterlings and lima beans cooked with neck bones, pig tails, onions and sugar.

Motor City Soul Food 

12700 W 7 Mile Rd Detroit, MI

02/20/2012 - Detroit
Andrew and Detroit News columnist Chuck Bennett stop here, where Martha Clay's cooking draws crowds. she brought her cooking and hospitality along with her when she moved to the Motor City from Mississippi. Andrew eats oxtails, chitlins and okra.

Cafe d'Mongo's Speakeasy 

1439 Griswold St Detroit, MI

02/20/2012 - Detroit
Andrew and Chuck Bennett for an upscale version of Detroit soul food.

My Sisters and Me 

17410 E Warren Ave Detroit, MI

02/20/2012 - Detroit
Andrew gets some home-style soul food when he samples several desserts at this restaurant run by 5 sisters who cook with their own family recipes. Andrew samples the peach cobbler, banana pudding and caramel cake.

Masri Sweets 

6235 Schaefer Rd Detroit, MI

02/20/2012 - Detroit
Andrew and Rana stop by a bakery where they get some fresh sweets, including one straight out of the oven!

Sheeba Restaurant 

8752 Joseph Campau St Hamtramck, MI

02/20/2012 - Detroit
Andrew stops by this Yemeni restaurant and eats lamb kidney cut into small pieces and combined with onions, scallions, garlic and spices, served on a toasted sub roll.


14633 W Warren Ave Dearborn, MI

02/20/2012 - Detroit
Andrew is invited to a home of a local family for Ramadan, but first he stops by a local restaurant that serves Lebanese favorites, including a lamb brain sandwich.

Amar's Pizza 

11608 Conant St Detroit, MI

02/20/2012 - Detroit
After the Polish and Yemeni, the third largest ethnic population in Hamtramck is from South Asia, especially Bangladesh. Andrew and his guide, Mayor Karen Majewski, sample the pizza with a taste of Bangladesh.

Srodek's Deli 

11936 Conant St Hamtramck, MI

02/20/2012 - Detroit
Andrew visits Hamtramck, the most internationally diverse town in Michigan. Forty-one percent of the population is foreign born, He stops at this Polish deli to taste spicy headcheese and jellied pig's feet.

Supino Pizzeria 

2457 Russell St Detroit, MI

02/20/2012 - Detroit
Detroit is known for its authentic Italian pizza. Andrew samples the Pizza Bismark, a pizza with prosciutto and fresh duck egg.

  • SILVER for Supino Pizzeria


9 East St Boston, MA

02/13/2012 - Boston
Andrew dines at O Ya, one of his favorite restaurants. Chef Tim Cushman’s goal is to create single bites of food that pack in the flavor of an entire meal. Andrew samples Arctic char, and wagyu meat.

  • BRONZE for Ya

Maria's Pastry Shop 

46 Cross St Boston, MA

02/13/2012 - Boston
Andrew visits Boston's North End, an Italian neighborhood, where he several places, including this restaurant. He eats cannoli and sfogiatelle.

Salumeria Italiana 

151 Richmond St Boston, MA

02/13/2012 - Boston
Andrew’s next stop is at this little shop that's been selling imported, handmade Italian meats and cheese for 50 years.

Il Panino Express 

266 Hanover St Boston, MA

02/13/2012 - Boston
Andrew stops by his favorite sandwich shop in the North End. He tries a Italian sausage sandwich with spicy broccoli.

The Daily Catch 

323 Hanover St Boston, MA

02/13/2012 - Boston
This family-owned, no-thrills restaurant serves whatever came in fresh within the last 24 hours. Andrew eats skate, served with stone clams, on the half shell, and pasta made with flour and squid ink.

Simply Khmer 

26 Lincoln St Lowell, MA

02/13/2012 - Boston
Andrew visits Lowell, MA, the second largest Cambodian population in the US. He eats a Cambodian meal, which includes rice porridge, crispy intestines and prohak.

Clio Restaurant 


02/13/2012 - Boston
Andrew meets innovative Chef Ken Oringer at Clio Restaurant, where he collaborates with Harvard University science and cooking class. They create new food experiences, such as olive oil gelatin and New England Summer Salad, using compressed fruit.

Santarpio's Pizza 

113 Chelsea St Boston, MA

02/13/2012 - Boston
Andrew stops by this family-owned restaurant and local favorite. He tries pizza and the grilled combo, which includes a grilled lamb skewer, grilled sausage skewer, bread and peppers.

  • BRONZE for Santarpio's Pizza


700 Virginia Street Seattle, WA

02/06/2012 - Seattle
Andrew takes the role of guest chef here. It's a training facility and restaurant that gives recovering addicts, ex-cons and others a second chance by teaching them culinary skills. Grilled ox heart and poached lamb tongue are on the menu.

La Boucherie 

17599 100th Ave SW Vashon, WA

02/06/2012 - Seattle
Andrew visits Seabreeze Farm, located on Vashon Island. Their philosophy is not to let anything go to waste. Andrew tastes some fresh products, including cow placenta, strawberry soda, raw duck blood and cow colostrum.

Marination Mobile 

1412 Harvard Ave Seattle, WA

02/06/2012 - Seattle
Seattle has a large population of Asians and Pacific Islanders, and the food culture in the city reflects this influence. This mobile eatery offers some favorites on its menu.

  • BRONZE for Marination Mobile

Vaughan 's Lounge 

800 Lesseps St New Orleans, LA

01/30/2012 - New Orleans
Andrew meets up with jazz musician Kermit Ruffins for some Creole cooking. Kermit shows Andrew how he makes some classic New Orleans-style food in the same place his band, The Barbeque Swingers play every Thursday night.

Bubba Frey's Restaurant & Mowata General Store 

429 Decatur St New Orleans, LA

01/30/2012 - New Orleans
Chef and restauranteur Donald Link takes Andrew back to his to his hometown to get some authentic Cajun cooking. Andrew eats boudin and hog ponce, pig stomach stuffed with homemade sausage.

Dooky Chase 

2301 Orleans Ave New Orleans, la

01/30/2012 - New Orleans
Andrew makes a stop at this legendary eatery, where he samples Creole cooking tips from the Queen of Creole cooking, Leah Chase.

  • GOLD for Dooky Chase

Willie Mae's Scotch House 

2401 Saint Ann St New Orleans, LA

01/30/2012 - New Orleans
Andrew visits the Treme neighborhood where residents are still rebuilding after the damage left by hurricane Katrina. This special place is now back up and running serving their famous fried chicken.

  • GOLD for Willie Mae's Scotch House

Haute Dish 

119 Washington Ave N Minneapolis, MN

01/23/2012 - Twin Cities
Andrew visits this restaurant to come up with his own take on traditional Midwestern hotdish.

Hola Arepa 

Downtown Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN

01/23/2012 - Twin Cities
Andrew visits a few of his favorite food spots along with this food truck that serves guinea pig.


4154 W Broadway Ave Robbinsdale, MN

01/23/2012 - Twin Cities
Andrew gets a unique take on farm fresh food at one of the most innovative restaurants in the Twin Cities and in the US.

The Blue Door Pub 

1811 Selby Ave St. Paul, MN

01/23/2012 - Twin Cities
Andrew makes a stop here, where they’ve taken the classic, local Juicy Lucy hamburger in a new direction.

  • GOLD for The Blue Door Pub

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