M T Bottle Restaurant & Lounge

3940 Shelbyville Highway Murfreesboro, TN • 
TVF Score: 57.42

M T Bottle Restaurant & Lounge in Murfreesboro, TN has been featured on tv shows such as Bar Rescue. It is a great spot for locals and visitors to enjoy delicious meals, drinks, and entertainment.

Seen On TV Shows

Bar Rescue

Episode: Empty Bottles Full Cans on 11/10/2013

A Tennessee bar without a liquor license has severe sanitation problems in the kitchen and basement, female bartenders who routinely flash their breasts at customers, and an owner who has a reputation for ingenuity yet leaves all the hands-on work to his wife.

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M T Bottle Restaurant & Lounge
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(615) 962-9872
Google Rating: 4.00
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