TVFoodMaps NFT

Collect NFT's representing your favorite restaurants as seen on TV

For the past decade, TVFoodMaps has been one of the top websites providing food lovers across the world with a directory of restaurants that have been featured on the top television shows. With the recent surge in the web3 space, we want to bring to the digital world a way for passionate collectors and foodies to get involved.

For a quick overview you can watch our video here.
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How it works

We have over 6,000 restaurants in our database that we will migrate into ERC-721 Tokens. Each token will represent a restaurant with metadata/traits for things like cuisine, show, location, ratings etc.

Mint Details

We will be breaking our mint up into different waves. We have over 6,000 places that we plan to tokenize and will release these in batches. Our current plan is to release an initial quantity based on the size of our community. This first wave will also determine how much we can give back throughout the mint and post launch.
Mint giveways will be determined closer to launch but our first target for wave 1 would include NFT giveaways at 25/50/75% mint milestones plus funding of our prize pool at 100%.
The exact date of the Mint is still being decided, but to stay up to date, please Join our Discord.

*All prizes will be finalized closer to mint date as we announce mint details

After mint...what's next?

A percentage of collected eth during mint plus a percentage of all secondary sales will grow the Prize fund which is used for giveaways/contests.


We will be creating unique leaderboards across different metrics which will be used for giveaways.


Overall Foodie

Top overall holders based on rankings across other leaderboards


Road Tripper

Most unique locations


Fan Favorite

Holders of most popular places


Binge Watchers

Holders of most unique shows


There will also be individual quests that will set a target goal and only those who achieve it will be entered into the giveways


Pizza Quest

You hold 5 tokens with pizza cuisine


Future utility

Holders of our initial release will be granted with premium website access. After launch we will allow holders to connect to our website and will be granted with our premium access.