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Edelweiss Sausage and Delicatessen 

3119 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR (503) 238-4411

the family-run sausage spot cranking out dozens of homemade meats like Italian red wine dry cured salami and roasted garlic and rosemary bol


808 Grinds 

SW 9th Ave & SW Washington St Portland, OR (503) 713-8008

Hawaiian food - Loco Moco, Fried Chicken and Spam Musabi, it's like a vacation for your taste buds.



820 N Russell St Portland, OR (503) 460-0820

Mint, the restaurant, is a Pan American Bistro with influences from the Pacific Northwest, the Mediterranean and Latin America, and 820, the


Alibi Tiki Lounge 

4024 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR (503) 287-5335

tiki themed dive bar


Apizza Scholls 

4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR (503) 233-1286

Variety of pizzas

  • SILVER for Apizza Scholls


Arleta Library Bakery and Cafe 

5513 SE 72nd Ave Portland, OR (503) 774-4470

Sandwiches Bakery 
Biscuits, Bagels and BLT's

  • BRONZE for Arleta Library Bakery and Cafe



3302 SE Division St Portland, OR (503) 781-3040

Great pasta!


Big Ass Sandwich Truck 

304 SE 2nd Ave. Portland, OR

Huge sandwiches


Big Egg 

null Portland, OR

Breakfast cart serving great egg sandwiches


Big-Ass Sandwiches 

300 SW Ash St Portland, OR (503) 803-0619

Vegetarian Vegan 
There are big sandwiches, and then there are Big-Ass Sandwiches. Each sandwich has 2 lbs. of beef, a pound of fries and cheese sauce. Big-As

  • SILVER for Big-Ass Sandwiches


Blue Star Donuts 

1236 SW Washington St Portland, OR (503) 265-8410

Blueberry Crunch Donut


Blueplate Lunch Counter  

308 SW Washington St Portland, OR (503) 295-2583

Old Time Favorites

  • SILVER for Blueplate Lunch Counter


Brunch Box 

315 Southwest 5th Avenue Portland, OR (503) 477-3286

Traditional American Hamburgers 
Serving crazy menu items like the Redonkadonk, a burger with ham, spam and bacon stuffed between grilled cheeses


Bunk Sandwiches 

621 SE Morrison St Portland, OR (503) 477-9515

Vegetarian Sandwiches 
Chris Cosentino - Pork Belly Cubano

  • GOLD for Bunk Sandwiches


Burnside Brewing Co 

701 East Burnside Street Portland, OR (503) 946-8151

Off the menu ultimate burger with lobster and pork belly.


Bush Garden Japanese Restaurant 

900 SW Morrison Portland, OR (503) 226-7181



Byways Cafe 

1212 NW Glisan St Portland, OR (503) 221-0011

Traditional American 

  • SILVER for Byways Cafe


Cackalacks Truck 

Portland, OR (503) 388-1772

Southern style fried chicken.


Carte Blanche 

3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR (971) 258-2895

Coconut Shrimp with an Apricot Bourbon Sauce or a Fried Banana Shrimp Sandwich with Peach Coleslaw


Clyde Common 

1014 SW Stark St Portland, OR (503) 766-2998

One of the best hotel bars in the country featuring some amazing cocktails


Crave Bakeshop 

Aloha, OR (503) 757-5972


Creme de la Creme 

null Portland, OR

a converted school bus serving french cuisine


Dove Vivi 

2727 Ne Glisan St Portland, OR (503) 239-4444

Cornmeal deep dish pizza


Eurotrash Truck 

null Portland, OR

Fine European cuisine like Bacon Foie Gras Waffle



5424 Ne 30th Ave Portland, OR (971) 279-5124

James Beard winner and Top Chef Master cooking up some great food for an awesome bar


Farm Cafe 

10 SE Seventh Ave Portland, OR (503) 736-3276

Traditional American 
Duff Goldman - Farmhouse Veggie Burger


Fire On the Mountain Buffalo Wings 

4225 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR (503) 280-9464

Traditional American 
lethal ring of fire wings

  • BRONZE for Fire On the Mountain Buffalo Wings


Frank's Noodle House 

822 NE Broadway St Portland, OR (503) 288-1007

Asian Chinese 
the noodle house cranking out moms recipes for all kinds of authentic Chinese dishes like won ton soup

  • BRONZE for Frank's Noodle House


Fried Egg I'm In Love truck 

SE MLK & SE Washington St Portland, OR

Music inspired dishes like their Egg Zepplin, Yolk-O Ono and a Back in Black Bean sandwich.


Frying Scotsman 

SW 9th And Alder St Portland, OR (503) 706-3841

Authentic Scottish Fish and Chips


Garden State Cart 

null Portland, OR

Serving east coast Sicilian fare


Gaufre Gourmet 

500-599 SW 9th Ave Portland, OR (503) 505-0232

sweet and savory Belgian waffle delights like the award-winning Spicy Goat


Giant Drive In 

15840 Boones Ferry Rd Portland, OR (503) 636-0255

The giant filler ham, bacon and egg burger.


Grilled Cheese Grill 

1027 Ne Alberta St Portland, OR (503) 206-8959

Here best sellers include a fresh Apple ‘n Brie melt on toasty cinnamon swirl bread.

  • BRONZE for Grilled Cheese Grill


Higgins Restaurant 

1239 SW Broadway Portland, OR (503) 222-9070

Italian French 


Hopworks Urban Brewery 

2944 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR (503) 232-4677

Traditional American 
Founded in 2008 by Christian Ettinger, the self-titled “Eco-Brewpub” emphasizes sustainable practices like using 100 percent renewable p


Horse Brass Pub 

4534 SE Belmont St Portland, OR (503) 232-2202

English Cafe 
Around for over 40 years serving over 50 different beers

  • BRONZE for Horse Brass Pub


Huber's Cafe 

411 SW 3rd Ave Portland, OR (503) 228-5686

Steak Seafood 
The oldest bar in portland serving the best spanish coffee you can find

  • BRONZE for Huber's Cafe



2130 NE Broadway Portland, OR (503) 287-7490

Latin American 
Rob Evans, Chef and Restaurateur, Hugo's, Portland, ME (winner)


Industrial Cafe and Saloon 

2572 NW Vaughn St Portland, OR (503) 227-7002

Traditional American 
good old Americana with dishes like corned beef hash and chipped beef


Kargi Gogo 

950 SW Washington St Portland, OR (503) 489-8432

traditional Georgian cuisine on the streets of Portland, Oregon including savoury meat dumplings known as Khinkali


Kenny and Zukes 

1038 SW Stark Portland, OR (503) 222-3354

Off the menu item called


Koi Fusion Truck 

null Portland, OR (503) 789-0848

Sample their Kalbi Beef Short Rib Taco with Bean Sprouts and Pico De Gallo or Korean Bulgogi Beef Burrito with Spicy Pickled Cabbage and Sal


Kyra's Bakeshop 

599 A Ave Lake Oswego, OR

indulgent cupcakes that also happen to be gluten-free.



1212 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR (503) 234-7786

Bacon and other pork parts all over the menu. Famous for their porchetta.

  • BRONZE for Lardo



1205 SW Washington St Portland, OR (503) 241-2490

Pork focused menu with pork belly and pork meatballs.


Le Pigeon 

738 SE Burnside St Portland, OR (503) 546-8796

French New American 
Fine Dining


Lovely's Fifty-Fifty 

4039 N Mississippi Ave Ste 101 Portland, OR (503) 281-4060

Salted Cod Pizza


MAC, Mac and Cheesery 

3936 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR (503) 200-5787

Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese


Mary's Bar 

129 SW Broadway Portland, OR (503) 227-3023

One of Portland's most famous drinking/strip club. A family owned strip club for over 60 years


McMenamin's Kennedy School  

5736 NE 33rd Ave Portland, OR (503) 249-3983

is housed in a building that has been a fixture of Northeast Portland since 1915. Boasting a restaurant, multiple bars, a movie theater, poo

  • BRONZE for McMenamin's Kennedy School


McMenamins Pubs 

2126 Sw Halsey St Troutdale, OR (503) 492-4686


Mi Mero Mole 

5026 SE Division St Portland, OR (503) 232-8226

Tacos and Guisados like guisados con crema. Also an avocado cocktail.


Multnomah Whiskey Library 

1124 SW Alder St Portland, OR (503) 764-9374

over 1,500 whiskeys to choose from


My Fathers Place 

523 SE Grand Ave Portland, OR (503) 235-5494

Musicians bar where local bands like to drink


Natural Selection 

3033 NE Alberta St Portland, OR (503) 288-5883

Vegetarian European 
Each dish showcases a vegetable.


Ned Ludd 

3925 NE Martin Luther King Blvd Portland, OR (503) 288-6900

Undeground Pizza - Kale and Honey Pizza


Otto's Sausage 

4138 SE Woodstock Blvd Portland, OR (503) 771-6714

Hot Dogs Fast Food 
Pork based hot dog.

  • GOLD for Otto's Sausage



NW Kearney and 23rd Portland, OR (702) 743-0435

Tasty versions include Orange Marmalade and Thai Curry or Goat Cheese with Kalamata Olive bread.


PDX 671 

3221 SE Division St Portland, OR (971) 570-0945

Guamanian food truck serving up righteous shrimp fritters and a unique spin on chicken salad


Pacific Pie Co 

1520 SE 7TH AVE Portland, OR (503) 381-6157

Meat Pies


Pacific Pie Company 

609 SE Ankeny St Portland, OR (503) 381-6157

Vegetarian English 
beef and stout meat pie.


Pepe Le Moko 

407 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR (503) 546-8537

Speakeasy serving high end cocktails


Pie Spot 

521 Northeast 24th Avenue Portland, OR (503) 913-5103

Amazing pies.


Pine State Biscuits 

3640 SE Belmont St Portland, OR (503) 236-3346

Southern Vegetarian 
All Kinds of Classics

  • GOLD for Pine State Biscuits


Podnah's Pit 

1625 NE Killingsworth St Portland, OR (503) 281-3700

Sandwiches Barbecue 
BBQ Sampler

  • GOLD for Podnah's Pit


Pok Pok 

3226 SE Division St Portland, OR (503) 232-1387

Rahm Fama - Asian Chicken Wings

  • SILVER for Pok Pok


Quin Candy 

1022 W Burnside St Portland, OR (971) 300-8395

nostalgic sweets with a sophisticated twist using ingredients like marionberries, smoked sugar and creamed infused with ground popcorn


Roman Candle Baking Company 

3377 SE Division St Portland, OR (971) 302-6605

delectable breakfast treats and artisanal pastries have the same attention to detail and quality that made the coffee such a success


Rum Club 

720 Southeast Sandy Boulevard Portland, OR (503) 467-2469

on the 2014 best bar list


Salt and Straw 

838 NW 23rd Ave Portland, OR (971) 271-8168

unique ice cream flavors, which incorporate honey from the Bee Local hive

  • SILVER for Salt and Straw


Salt and Straw 

NE Alberta St & NE 18th Ave Portland, OR (503) 208-3867

A farm-to-cone ice cream parlor that creates adventurous ice cream flavors by combining sweet and savory.


Salvador Molly's 

1523 SW Sunset Blvd Portland, OR (503) 293-1790

Mexican Vegetarian 
The episode's main challenge was at Salvador Molly's "Great Balls of Fire" challengefive habanero chile cheese fritters covered in habanero

  • BRONZE for Salvador Molly's


Screen Door 

2337 E. Burnside Portland, OR (503) 542-0880

Southern Vegetarian 

  • BRONZE for Screen Door


Shanghai Tunnel 

211 SW Ankeny St Portland, OR (503) 220-4001

Vegetarian Asian 
Legend has it that their underground basement bar was a tunnel where 19th century Portlanders were shanghaied, an illegal maritime practice


Shirley's Tippy Canoe 

28242 Historic Columbia River Hwy Troutdale, OR (503) 492-2220

Traditional American 
riverside tavern making killer sloppy joes


Slappy Cakes 

4246 SE Belmont St Portland, OR (503) 477-4805

Traditional American Comfort Food 
Food Destinations - Best DIY Dining.

  • SILVER for Slappy Cakes


St. Cupcake 

1138 Sw Morrison St Portland, OR (503) 954-3373

Bakery Coffee 
One of the first cupcakeries in Portland is still keeping things interesting by featuring sweets like their smoked chocolate chip cookie.


Stepping Stone Cafe 

2390 NW Quimby St Portland, OR (503) 222-1132

Traditional American 
13 inch pancakes

  • BRONZE for Stepping Stone Cafe


Swamp Shack 

null Portland, OR

Alligator and famous bread pudding


Tasty n Sons 

3808 N Williams Ave Portland, OR (503) 621-1400

Vegetarian Middle Eastern 
Amazing brunch.


The Country Cat 

7937 SE Stark St Portland, OR (503) 408-1414

Traditional American 
Craft-cooking family restaurant with a chef who butchers, cures, preserves and smokes everything in-house, from headcheese to great-grandma'


The Dog House 

3720 SW Moody Ave Portland, OR (503) 241-5905

serving up food out of dog bowls


The Dump Truck 

SW Alder St Portland, OR (503) 877-3867

Chinese dumpling stuffed with tasty American Classics like a Bacon Cheeseburger, Eggplant Lasagna and even good ol fashioned Apple Pie.


The Fried Onion 

SE 3rd & SE Alder Ave Portland, OR (503) 961-2534

The off menu Moussa - buffalo chicken and pastrami.


The Gilt Club CLOSED 

306 NW Broadway Portland, OR (503) 222-4458

Eclectic & International 
His last stop at the Gilt Club in Portland, Ore., a swanky late-night supper spot, dishes up its house made pork rinds and Quail in a Jar la


The Tin Shed Garden Cafe 

1438 NE Alberta St Portland, OR (503) 288-6966

comfort foods like the artichoke sandwich and a curried lentil dish

  • BRONZE for The Tin Shed Garden Cafe


Three Square Grill CLOSED 

6320 SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR (503) 244-4467

Traditional American 
Pat and Gina Neely - Cranberry Preserves


Tortilleria Y Tienda De Leon 

16225 NE Glisan St Portland, OR (503) 255-4356

Traditional Carnitas Taco


Two Tarts 

2309 NW Kearney Portland, OR (503) 312-9522

Bakery Ice Cream 
Great things come in small packages at this Portland based mini cookie bakery.


Uno Mas Taquiza 

1914 W Burnside St Portland, OR (503) 208-2764

Octopus Taco


Verde Cocina 

524 Northwest 14th Avenue Portland, OR (503) 384-2327

Farm fresh Mexican food.


Voodoo Doughnuts 

22 SW Third Ave Portland, OR (503) 241-4704

Vegetarian Bakery 
Great place to end a bar crawl

  • GOLD for Voodoo Doughnuts


Whiskey Soda Lounge 

3131 SE Division St Portland, OR (503) 232-0102

Thai style pub.


Widmer Brothers Brewing Company 

929 N Russell St Portland, OR (503) 281-2437

Traditional American 
Founded in 1984 by brothers Kurt and Rob Widmer, they produce about 15 different brews annually and are most known for their flagship ale, t

  • BRONZE for Widmer Brothers Brewing Company


Wolf and Bears 

SW 10th Ave Portland, OR (503) 555-0101

Middle Eastern; Featuring an Eggplant and Egg Sabich Breakfast wrap and the rich and creamy Olea Wrap with Gorgonzola and Caramelized Walnut


Yakuza Lounge 

5411 Ne 30th Ave Portland, OR (503) 450-0893

Asian style burger


Yur's Bar and Grill 

717 NW 16th Ave Portland, OR (503) 224-0160

Open at 7 am every day and a real local bar


Zenbu Cart 

null Portland, OR

hand crafting the tastiest sushi rolls in town. Signature dishes include the Sellwood Roll with tempura battered shrimp and seared ahi tuna

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