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James Cunningham visits Americas best food trucks.

Channel: Cooking Channel
Air Date: Tuesdays's @ 8 pm

Popular Restaurants

Mas Tacos por Favor

Nashville, TN

The Mighty Cone

Austin, TX


New Orleans, LA

Grilled Cheese Grill

Portland, OR

East Side King

Austin, TX

Ed's Lobster Bar

New York, NY

Recent Restaurants

Bernie's Burger Bus

Houston, TX

Aji Mobile

Phoenix, AZ

The Green Meanie

Columbus, OH

Swede Dish

Orlando, FL

Meso Hungry

Los Angeles, CA

Foodie Call

New Orleans, LA

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Monday 12:00 PM

Eat St.

The Spice Is Right - Cooking Channel

The greatest value on wheels in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Frencheeze food truck and finds the price is right and the food is delicious in San Antonio, Texas at the Spice Sea truck.

Featured Restaurants:

Frencheeze Food Truck
New Orleans, LA
Spice Sea Truck
San Antonio, TX
Street Eats Truck
Denver, CO
Crazy Carl's Truck
San Antonio, TX

Monday 12:30 PM

Eat St.

Seoul Food - Cooking Channel

A look at unique food trucks in various cities and the best street food served.

Featured Restaurants:

Sushi and Seoul
Orlando, FL
Steel City Sandwiches
Los Angeles, CA

Monday 01:00 PM

Eat St.

Hot Haute Cuisine - Cooking Channel

First up we?re at The Act truck in Edmonton, Alta., next it?s Jack?s Chowhound in Dallas, Texas, then the Sassy Spoon truck in Minneapolis, Minn. and finally the Gastropod trailer in Miami, Fla.

Featured Restaurants:

The Act Truck
Edmonton, Canada
Jack's Chowhound
Dallas, TX
Sassy Spoon
Minneapolis, MN
Miami, FL

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