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TVF Score: 85.29

Guisados, a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, CA, is known for its flavorful and authentic dishes. It has been featured on TV shows such as Heat Seekers, Food Paradise, Pizza Cuz/Pizza Masters, and Best Thing I Ever Ate. It is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

Seen On TV Shows

Heat Seekers

Episode: Los Angeles on 9/9/2011

On Food Network's Heat Seekers, chefs Roger Mooking and Aaron Sanchez test the heat of the Tinga de Pollo Taco, stuffed with chicken marinated in chipotle and onions, at Guisados in Los Angeles, CA

Food Paradise

Episode: Taco-Lanche on 10/16/2016

Handmade grilled corn tortilla filled with guisado or braised/stewed pork butt

Pizza Cuz / Pizza Masters

Episode: Los Angeles on 12/16/2014

Slow braised meat tacos, homemade corn tortillas.

Best Thing I Ever Ate

Episode: Serious Spice on 1/12/2020

Donal Skehan Chiles Toreados Tacos

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