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Skillet Street Food 

900 13th Ave Seattle, WA

06/20/2011 - Meat For Lunch
a mobile eatery located in an Airstream trailer, is grilling up some of the best beefy burgers in the city, and they're topping them with salty and sweet bacon jam

Carver's Country Kitchen 

1118 W Marietta St NW Atlanta, GA

06/20/2011 - Meat For Lunch
indulge in their Southern-style luncheon, including homemade mega fried chicken breasts that are two-pounds per serving!

All-Star Sandwich Bar 

1245 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA

06/20/2011 - Meat For Lunch
Rahm wraps up this trip in Cambridge, Massachusetts and discovers the Atomic Meatloaf Meltdown Sandwich

Zare at Fly Trap 

606 Folsom St San Francisco, CA

06/20/2011 - Meat on a Stick
a Persian restaurant that uses real swords to skewer and grill juicy, one-pound bone-in lamb kebabs


212 12th Ave. S. Seattle, WA

06/20/2011 - Meat on a Stick
learns how to make a spicy, sweet beef sataya Malaysian street food favorite!


76 Broadway Somerville, MA

06/13/2011 - Italian Meats
An old-school Italian grocery turned eatery, where the Sicilian chef has been cooking up his savory Veal Osso Bucco and other Sicilian-style specialties for almost 30 years.

Pane e Vino 

365 Atwells Ave Providence, RI

06/13/2011 - Italian Meats
Ragu Napoletano, a fancy version of spaghetti and meatballs made with Kobe beef and sweet Italian sausage.


1311 Washington Ave Miami, FL

06/13/2011 - Italian Meats
Modern Tuscan twist on classic cuisine, including her signature Wild Boar.


1865 E River Rd Ste 101 Tucson, AZ

06/06/2011 - With Fries
the chef's topping his gourmet burger with fine wine and serving it up with decadently sinful Double-Truffle Fries!


3475 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV

06/06/2011 - With Fries
meaty fries so good they should be a government secret. No doubt about it – everyone's a winner with Chef Kerry Simon's indulgent and fun Short-Rib, Sloppy-Joe Waffle Fry Nachos

  • BRONZE for KGB

La Laiterie - CLOSED 

186 Wayland Ave Providence, RI

06/06/2011 - With Fries
cooking up beer-braised pork belly sandwiches served alongside crispy, handmade, golden Polenta Fries.

  • BRONZE for La Laiterie - CLOSED

Hank's Steakhouse 

2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy Green Valley Ranch, NV

05/30/2011 - Meats on the Bone
45 ounce tomahawk steak.

Soul Fire BBQ 

5 Central St Boston, MA

05/30/2011 - Meats on the Bone
Boston's best baby back ribs.


6927 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL

05/30/2011 - Meats on the Bone
Short Ribs

  • BRONZE for Michy's


10820 W Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV

05/23/2011 - Cheap meats
Lamb taco & a BBQ duck quesadilla for under five bucks.

Dong Phuong 

14207 Chef Menteur Hwy New Orleans, LA

05/23/2011 - Cheap meats
French-Vietnamese bakery where three dollars gets him a delicious, hand-ground, pork sausage po-boy sandwich served on homemade French bread.

Urban Cannibals Bodega and Bites 

477 Flat Shoals Ave SE Atlanta, GA

05/23/2011 - Cheap meats
Gourmet Reuben sandwich made with slow roasted Berkshire pork. It's a meaty score for less than eight bucks.

CeeDee Jamaican Kitchen 

1070 N Swan Rd Tucson, AZ

05/16/2011 - Meat on the Go
Featured eats include oxtail stew

Tat's Delicatessen 

159 Yesler Way Seattle, WA

05/16/2011 - Meat on the Go
pastrami sandwiches with a West Coast spin

Le Truc 

470 Brannan Street San Francisco, CA

05/16/2011 - Meat on the Go
Braised fennel-ginger beef

Columbia Firehouse 

109 S Saint Asaph St Alexandria, VA

04/18/2011 - Comfort Meats
Historic eatery that's dishing up a classic stroganoff made with succulent bison short ribs and buttery, homemade noodles.

  • BRONZE for Columbia Firehouse

Salt Factory Pub 

952 Canton St Roswell, GA

04/18/2011 - Comfort Meats
Using locally raised lamb to create an indulgent Shepherd's Pie.

Zelko Bistro 

705 E 11th St Houston, TX

04/18/2011 - Comfort Meats
Rahm digs into a modern meatloaf served with house made fried pickles.


601 Gallier St New Orleans, LA

04/11/2011 - Breakfast Meats
Big Easy breakfast institution where there's no better way to recover from an all night party, than indulging in local favorites like praline bacon or pork loin smothered with homemade sausage gravy.

Huckleberry Cafe and Bakery 

1014 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA

04/11/2011 - Breakfast Meats
Savory brisket hash and maple bacon biscuits.

  • BRONZE for Huckleberry Cafe and Bakery

Tropical Chinese 

7991 SW 40th St Miami, FL

04/11/2011 - Breakfast Meats
Breakfast Dim Sum.

Lindy's on 4th 

431 N 4th Ave Tucson, AZ

04/04/2011 - Burger Mania
Rock and roll burger that's a duo patty creation served up between double grilled-cheese sandwiches made with thick Texas toast.

  • BRONZE for Lindy's on 4th

Village Whiskey 

118 S 20th St Philadelphia, PA

04/04/2011 - Burger Mania
Iron Chef Jose Garces is creating a royal sensation with his signature Whiskey King Burger.

  • SILVER for Village Whiskey

Roam Artisan Burgers  

1785 Union St San Francisco, CA

04/04/2011 - Burger Mania
They're flipping a juicy Bison Tejano Burger that's an all-natural tasty twist on the American classic.

The Gorbals 

501 S Spring St Los Angeles, CA

03/28/2011 - Pigging Out
Bacon wrapped matzo balls and spicy pork ribs cooked "hillbilly" style.

  • GOLD for The Gorbals


2310 Decatur St Houston, TX

03/28/2011 - Pigging Out
Juicy NC style pulled pork sandwich.

  • SILVER for Beaver's

Liberty Tavern 

3195 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA

03/28/2011 - Pigging Out
Pork trifecta.

  • BRONZE for Liberty Tavern

Little Bitty Burger Barn 

5503 Pinemont Houston, TX

03/21/2011 - Meat with Heat
Hottest burgers in the lone star state - a saucy jalapeño-habanera creation that tips the spice scale with its extreme heat.

  • BRONZE for Little Bitty Burger Barn

Han Dynasty  

108 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA

03/21/2011 - Meat with Heat
One of the most authentic Sichuan spots in the city. Here, our brave host digs into hot pot lamb made with hundreds of sizzling red peppers.

Cochon Butcher 

930 Tchoupitoulas St New Orleans, LA

03/21/2011 - Meat with Heat
Chef is putting a fiery twist on a local Cajun favorite; gumbo.

  • GOLD for Cochon Butcher

Old Original Nick's Roast Beef 

2149 S 20TH St Philadelphia, PA

03/14/2011 - All American Meat
A 70-year old, Philadelphia institution serving up simple, succulent sandwiches that are so good the locals have developed their own language for ordering.

Chili Addiction 

408 N la Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA

03/14/2011 - All American Meat
90 Varieties of chili.

  • BRONZE for Chili Addiction

Founding Farmers 

1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC

03/14/2011 - All American Meat
Eatery owned by 42,000 American family farmers. There, chef Al Nappo is using grass-fed, sustainable beef to create single servings of the Colonial classic, Yankee Pot Roast.

  • GOLD for Founding Farmers

The Gilt Club 

306 NW Broadway Portland, OR

10/29/2010 - Midnight Meat
His last stop at the Gilt Club in Portland, Ore., a swanky late-night supper spot, dishes up its house made pork rinds and Quail in a Jar late into the night.

The Meatball Shop 

84 Stanton St New York, NY

10/29/2010 - Midnight Meat
In New York, he eats the goat Billy Balls at The Meatball Shop which has locals lining up until 4am for their succulent round morsels.

  • GOLD for The Meatball Shop

Pacific Dining Car 

2700 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA

10/29/2010 - Midnight Meat
On the opposite coast, Rahm visits the Pacific Dining Car in Los Angeles for a Maine Lobster Appletini appetizer and a Cowboy Steak with creamed spinach served 24-hours a day.

Pacific Pie Company 

609 SE Ankeny St Portland, OR

10/22/2010 - Affordable Gourmet Meats
beef and stout meat pie.

Papa Cristo's 

2771 W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA

10/22/2010 - Affordable Gourmet Meats
greek feast w/ lamb, potatoes & spanakopita

  • BRONZE for Papa Cristo's

Oaks Gourmet 

1915 N Bronson Ave Los Angeles, CA

10/22/2010 - Affordable Gourmet Meats
oaks gourmet dry aged burger

Cowtown Diner 

305 Main St Fort Worth, TX

10/15/2010 - Supersized Meat
The Full of Bull Chicken Fried Steak

  • BRONZE for Cowtown Diner


2808 State Ave Kansas City, KS

10/15/2010 - Supersized Meat
El Gigante 8-pound burrito

Giant Burger 

3760 Main St Springfield, OR

10/15/2010 - Supersized Meat
5-pound burger.

Prime and Beyond 

501 Main St Fort Lee, NJ

10/08/2010 - Steakhouse Wars
Dry aged lamb chop

Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine 

4259 Bryant Irvin Rd Fort Worth, TX

10/08/2010 - Steakhouse Wars
Mixed grill (wild boar chop, house made andouille sausage patties, buffalo, elk) with a side of spicy cheese grits

The Primehouse 

616 N Rush St Chicago, IL

10/08/2010 - Steakhouse Wars
75 day dry aged steak

  • SILVER for The Primehouse

Danny Edwards BBQ 

2900 Southwest Blvd Kansas City, MO

10/01/2010 - BBQ Madness
Burnt ends sandwich and baked beans

  • BRONZE for Danny Edwards BBQ


401 W 2nd Street Austin, TX

10/01/2010 - BBQ Madness
Pork ribs and frito pie.

Sun Wah 

5041 N Broadway St Chicago, IL

10/01/2010 - BBQ Madness
Whole roasted pig and Beijing duck

Mile End Deli 

97 Hoyt St Brooklyn, NY

09/24/2010 - Between the Buns
Amazing smoked meat sandwich

  • BRONZE for Mile End Deli

Franks n' Dawgs 

1863 N Clybourn Ave Chicago, IL

09/24/2010 - Between the Buns
The Foss Hog, a pork link topped with smoky bacon, a fried egg, and a slathering of maple mayo

  • SILVER for Franks n' Dawgs

Westport Flea Market Bar and Grill 

817 Westport Rd Kansas City, MO

09/24/2010 - Between the Buns
Amazing bargain burgers

  • BRONZE for Westport Flea Market Bar and Grill

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