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Travel Channel's Food Paradies showcase the best food in a variety of categories.

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Popular Restaurants

Cafe Du Monde

New Orleans, LA

Katz's Deli

New York, NY

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

Chicago, IL

Primanti Brothers

Pittsburgh, PA

Kuma's Corner

Chicago, IL

Oklahoma Joe's

Kansas City, KS

Recent Restaurants

Pequod Pizza

Chicago, IL

Bo Brooks

Baltimore, MD

Fatso's Last Stand

Chicago, IL

Matthews Pizza

Baltimore, MD

Lou Eddies

Skyforest, CA

Pizza Luce

Minneapolis, MN

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Wednesday 12:00 PM

Food Paradise

Pizza Paradise 2 - Travel Channel

It's the well-rounded treat you just bake and eat. Fold it, stuff it or eat it with a fork, any way you slice it, pizza is the ultimate Italian import.

Featured Restaurants:

Kansas City, MO
Pizza Doctors
La Crosse, WI
San Francisco, CA
Brooklyn, NY
Mulberry Street Pizzeria
Beverly Hill, CA
Beau Jo
Idaho Springs, CO
Des Moines, IA
Chicago, IL

Wednesday 01:00 PM

Food Paradise

Steak Paradise 3 - Travel Channel

See plate after plate of the best beefy steaks, including a titanic two-and-a-half pound porterhouse in Mississippi, a sizzling grilled flat iron steak in Colorado and a premium dry aged rib-eye masterpiece in New York.

Featured Restaurants:

Smith and Wollensky
New York, NY
Vesta Dipping Grill
Denver, Co
Meat and Potatoes
Pittsburgh, PA
Greenville, MS
St. Elmo Steakhouse
Indianapolis, IN
Sparks Steak House
New York, NY
Billings, MT
Five O
Milwaukee, WI

Wednesday 02:00 PM

Food Paradise

Manliest Restaurants - Travel Channel

From Texas, to New York, to Florida to the West Coast we're profiling the nine regional finalists of Men's Health magazine's 2011 Manliest Restaurants competition to find the best places for men to gather and enjoy a hearty feast.

Featured Restaurants:

Oklahoma Joe's
Kansas City, KS
Hankook Taqueria
Atlanta, GA
Burt's Place
Morton Grove, IL
Snake River Brewery
Jackson, WY

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