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Central BBQ  

2249 Central Ave Memphis, TN

07/22/2014 - BBQ Paradise 3
Central BBQ has been ranked No. 1 in the city for the last several years running, likely due to their outstanding smoked hot wings that are marinated in hot sauce overnight, smoked and then fried!

  • SILVER for Central BBQ

Atwater Village Tavern 

3218 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA

07/22/2014 - BBQ Paradise 3
Visit this popular LA watering hole that has teamed up with the Stop, Guac and Roll food truck to provide a Mexican twist on BBQ. Sample their BBQ Burrito that consists of pulled pork, coleslaw, pico de gallo and guac sauce.

Lexington BBQ 

917 Winston Rd Lexington, NC

07/22/2014 - BBQ Paradise 3
Known to locals as the Monk Lexington BBQ has grown from a small cafe to a nationally known BBQ restaurant. Try their pork shoulder and pork shoulder sandwich with red slaw.

Big Bob Gibsons Bar-B-Q 

2520 Danville Rd SW Decatur, AL

07/22/2014 - BBQ Paradise 3
Visit the iconic Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q that’s been an Alabama institution for more than 75 years. Their trademark white barbecue sauce (made from a blend of mayonnaise, vinegar, lemon juice and cayenne pepper) is an Alabama t

Micklethwait Craft meats 

1309 Rosewood Avenue Austin, TX

07/22/2014 - BBQ Paradise 3
Owner Tom Micklethwait rejects conventional wisdom that Texas-style BBQ must be mesquite-smoked and salt-and-pepper rubbed, and prefers to prepare his meats backwoods style.

Rollin Smoke  

3185 S Highland Dr Las Vegas, NV

07/22/2014 - BBQ Paradise 3
Rollin Smoke was opened by 2 Arkansas natives John Holland and Dusty Ardoin. Don’t miss their barbecue meatloaf with a loaded mash potato top with sweet BBQ sauces and fried onion strings.

Wabash BBQ 

646 S Kansas City Ave Excelsior Springs, MO

07/22/2014 - BBQ Paradise 3
Housed in the waiting room of an old train station, Wabash BBQ has become one of Kansas City’s top choices for BBQ.

Church Brew Works 

3525 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, PA

04/17/2013 - Taste Like Chicken Paradise
Inside an old church with rattlesnake pierogis.

  • GOLD for Church Brew Works

Beast and the Hare 

1001 Guerrero St San Francisco, CA

04/17/2013 - Taste Like Chicken Paradise
Rabbit dishes.

Great Turtle Inn 

81219 Overseas Hwy Islamorada, FL

04/17/2013 - Taste Like Chicken Paradise
Big game fish

Bodega Bistro 

607 Larkin St San Francisco, CA

04/17/2013 - Taste Like Chicken Paradise
Squab dishes


5901 W National Ave Milwaukee, WI

04/17/2013 - Taste Like Chicken Paradise
Rabbit stew

Linger Lodge 

7205 Linger Lodge Rd Bradenton, FL

04/17/2013 - Taste Like Chicken Paradise
Bass fishing

Down Under Wines and Bistro 

1422 W WARNER RD # A100 Gilbert, AZ

04/17/2013 - Taste Like Chicken Paradise
Kangaroo and crocodile pot stickers


3480 E. Evangeline Thwy Lafayette, LA

04/17/2013 - Taste Like Chicken Paradise
Cajun food


4199 Main St Fish Creek, WI

04/10/2013 - Seafood Paradise
Whitefish cooked in a fish boil

Crawfish Town USA 

2815 Grand Point Hwy Breaux Bridge, LA

04/10/2013 - Seafood Paradise
Crawfish and alligator

Flora-Bama Lounge 

17401 Perdido Key Dr Pensacola, FL

04/10/2013 - Seafood Paradise
Signature dish is Oysters McClellan (oysters with bacon and cheese)


901 Boston Post Rd Guilford, CT

04/10/2013 - Seafood Paradise
Fire pit cooked clams


1514 Pike Pl Seattle, WA

04/10/2013 - Seafood Paradise
Smoked King Salmon and Cioppino.

Paradise Cove 

28128 Pacific Coast Hwy Malibu, CA

04/10/2013 - Seafood Paradise
Huge Seafood Tower

No Name 

15 1/2 Fish Pier Boston, MA

04/10/2013 - Seafood Paradise
Fried seafood platter

Faidley Seafood 

400 W Lexington St Baltimore, MD

04/10/2013 - Seafood Paradise
Award winning lump crab cakes.

  • GOLD for Faidley Seafood

The Buffet at the Wynn 

3131 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV

04/03/2013 - Buffet Paradise
Massive buffet with 16 carving stations.


801 Red River St Austin, TX

04/03/2013 - Buffet Paradise
Rhythm and blue and brunch each Sunday.

Nordic Lodge 

178 E Pasquisett Trl Charlestown, RI

04/03/2013 - Buffet Paradise

Bristol Lounge 

200 Boylston St Boston, MA

04/03/2013 - Buffet Paradise
Every saturday night the lounge turns into the home a huge dessert buffet.

The Pagoda Floating Restaurant 

1521 Rycroft St. Honolulu, HI

04/03/2013 - Buffet Paradise
Floating buffet with amazing seafood.

Taverna Cretekou 

818 King St Alexandria, VA

04/03/2013 - Buffet Paradise
Greek classics

Wicked Spoon 

3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV

04/03/2013 - Buffet Paradise
In the Cosmopolitan hotel is a buffet serving unusual food in tapas sizes.

Berky's Restaurant 

2516 N Lee Hwy Lexington, VA

03/27/2013 - Truck Stop Paradise
Country food off I-81

Iowa 80 Truck Stop 

515 Sterling Dr Walcott, IA

03/27/2013 - Truck Stop Paradise
Largest truck stop with tons of great food.

Billy Bobs Texas  

2520 Rodeo Plz Fort Worth, TX

03/27/2013 - Truck Stop Paradise
Huge stop with over 30 bar stations and bull riding.


6500 E County Rd 16 Johnstown, CO

03/27/2013 - Truck Stop Paradise
Restaurant and bakery homestyle cooking.


Gilman Falls Ave Bangor, ME

03/27/2013 - Truck Stop Paradise
Home cooked comfort food.

Omars HiWay Chef 

5451 E Benson Hwy Tucson, AZ

03/27/2013 - Truck Stop Paradise

Gramma's Kitchen 

3408 N Plainview Rd Walcott, IA

03/27/2013 - Truck Stop Paradise
Best breaded pork sandwich in Iowa.

R Place Restaurant 

21 Romines Dr Morris, IL

03/27/2013 - Truck Stop Paradise
Famous 4lb ethyl burger.

Smith and Wollensky 

797 3rd Ave New York, NY

03/20/2013 - Steak Paradise 3
Dry aged, Colorado Rib-Eye

  • SILVER for Smith and Wollensky

Meat and Potatoes 

649 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA

03/20/2013 - Steak Paradise 3
Gastropub serving the meat and potatoes dinner for 2 served with a 34 oz ribeye.


502 Nelson St Greenville, MS

03/20/2013 - Steak Paradise 3
Huge Porterhouse

Vesta Dipping Grill 

1822 Blake St Denver, Co

03/20/2013 - Steak Paradise 3
Flat iron steak with Manilla clams. Everything comes with a choice of dipping sauces.

  • BRONZE for Vesta Dipping Grill

St. Elmo Steakhouse 

127 S Illinois St Indianapolis, IN

03/20/2013 - Steak Paradise 3
Tender and flavorful porterhouse as well as other signature cuts.

Sparks Steak House 

210 E 46th St New York, NY

03/20/2013 - Steak Paradise 3
Old school steak house. Only offer 2 cuts, filet and prime sirloin.


2401 MONTANA AVE Billings, MT

03/20/2013 - Steak Paradise 3
Bison Steaks

Five O 

2416 W State St Milwaukee, WI

03/20/2013 - Steak Paradise 3
Charred steaks

Guelaguetza Palms Restaurant 

3337 1/2 W 8th St Los Angeles, CA

03/13/2013 - Mexican Food Paradise
One Mexican specialty that has caught on in recent years is the chocolate-based mole, and at Guelaguetza, mole is a specialty. The Mole Negro con Pollo is a dark mole served with chicken, which they call "the king of all moles."

  • BRONZE for Guelaguetza Palms Restaurant

Bone Garden Cantina 

1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd. NW Atlanta, GA

03/13/2013 - Mexican Food Paradise
Their tacos are a sensation, especially the signature Carne Adobo with grilled steak marinated in guajillo chile, crushed red pepper and garlic, all topped with cilantro and onion.

Casa Bonita 

6715 W Colfax Ave Lakewood, CO

03/13/2013 - Mexican Food Paradise
Guests can chow down on all-you-can-eat enchilada and taco platters while their eyes feast on puppet shows, animal trainers, mariachi bands and even cliff jumpers.

Joe T. Garcia 

2201 N Commerce St Fort Worth, TX

03/13/2013 - Mexican Food Paradise

  • BRONZE for Joe T. Garcia

El Charro Cafe 

311 N Court Ave Tucson, AZ

03/13/2013 - Mexican Food Paradise
El Charro is an Arizona landmark that has been family-run since 1922, serving the traditional Sonoran classics the same way they did 90 years ago, as well as an ever-changing menu of innovative new dishes.

  • BRONZE for El Charro Cafe

Tomasita's Restaurant 

500 S Guadalupe St Santa Fe, NM

03/13/2013 - Mexican Food Paradise
Their motto is to keep it simple, which starts with the Santa Fe atmosphere and a relaxing environment when patrons can enjoy a meal with friends and family.


2056 Hillhurst Ave Los Angeles, CA

03/13/2013 - Mexican Food Paradise

El Indio Mexican Restaurant 

3695 India St San Diego, CA

03/13/2013 - Mexican Food Paradise
Founded in 1940 by Ralph Pesqueira Sr., El Indio started out as a tortilla factory, but became a world-famous restaurant with their delicious Sonora-style Mexican dishes.

  • GOLD for El Indio Mexican Restaurant

Melt Bar & Grilled 

14718 Detroit Ave Lakewood, OH

03/06/2013 - Cheese Paradise
Melt Bar and Grilled in Ohio serves up good old-fashioned grilled cheeses – with a twist. Whether it’s the Big Popper, the Rising Sun Shrimp or the Wet Hot Buffalo Chicken, every sandwich here is elevated to a gut-busting gourme

  • GOLD for Melt Bar & Grilled

Baumgartners Cheese Store 

1023 16th Ave Monroe, WI

03/06/2013 - Cheese Paradise
Baumgartners opened in 1931, making it the oldest cheese store in Wisconsin. It specializes in the finest array of Wisconsin cheese sandwiches and perfectly pairing them with local beers. The tradition lives on!

Melting Pot 

3685 E Thousand Oaks Blvd Thousand Oaks, CA

03/06/2013 - Cheese Paradise
The Melting Pot in Thousand Oaks is keeping the 1970s alive as the last bastion of fondue – a place where everyone gathers around a bowl of bubbling melted cheese to dip in for a communal meal.


400 40th St Oakland, CA

03/06/2013 - Cheese Paradise
Homeroom is not the same mac and cheese you remember from school. This cheerful restaurant has an enormous chalkboard with a map of California showing where the artisanal cheeses are made.

The Parthenon 

314 S. Halsted Chicago, IL

03/06/2013 - Cheese Paradise
The Greek tradition of fried cheese started by pan frying fresh kefalotyri cheese in the kitchen, and then serving it as a “meze” or appetizer to guests in the dining room.


54 Prince St New York, NY

03/06/2013 - Cheese Paradise
Macbar puts a gourmet twist on this childhood comfort food. With 12 different kinds of mac and cheese infused with gourmet culinary creations, your comfort craving will be satisfied on a whole new level.


3526 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX

03/06/2013 - Cheese Paradise
In an attempt to make French fries even tastier, Pat Snuffer decided to smother them in aged cheddar back in 1978. The result took Dallas by storm. The fries, lost in a sea of hot cheese, can be topped with bacon, jalapenos or chives.

  • BRONZE for Snuffer

Squeeze Inn 

5301 Power Inn Rd Sacramento, CA

03/06/2013 - Cheese Paradise
How about a quarter pounder with your quarter pounder? At the Squeeze Inn, each cheeseburger is served with just as much cheese as meat!

  • GOLD for Squeeze Inn

Sumo Grub 

2235 Milvia St Berkeley, CA

02/27/2013 - Deep Fried Paradise 3
Nothing causes more excitement among the college crowd than Sumo Grub’s deep-fried hamburger -- battered in a tempura/panko mix, deep fried to perfection and served on a hamburger bun with tomatoes, grilled onion and romaine lettuce.

  • BRONZE for Sumo Grub

Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies 

Exit 51, I-35 Davis, OK

02/27/2013 - Deep Fried Paradise 3
In 1893, Nancy Fulton™s grandmother made fried pies to feed the ranchers in the fields of Oklahoma’s Arbuckle Mountains. More than 100 years later, Nancy’s shops deliver an array of both meal and dessert pies that are deep frie


155 AUGUSTA ST Greenville, SC

02/27/2013 - Deep Fried Paradise 3
Located across the street from Greenville Stadium, Funnelicious is a popular stopover before a Greenville Drive minor league baseball game, serving heart-warming standards like hot dogs and chicken tenders.

Beer Belly 

532 S WESTERN AVE Los Angeles, CA

02/27/2013 - Deep Fried Paradise 3
At Beer Belly, chef Wes Lieberher fills the deep fryer with beer-battered goodness, putting a unique spin on his childhood favorites.

  • SILVER for Beer Belly

Dos Diablos 

15 W Hubbard St Chicago, IL

02/27/2013 - Deep Fried Paradise 3
Glossy hardwood floors, high tin ceilings and walls of red glass greet patrons at this River North district dining establishment, known for the world’s most formidable chimichanga, the Big Mel.

Ozona Grill & Bar 

4615 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX

02/27/2013 - Deep Fried Paradise 3
One of the most popular local eateries in eastern Texas, Ozona is known for its chile rellenos, award-winning salsa and its “Best in Dallas” chicken fried steak.


485 Lorimer St New York, NY

02/27/2013 - Deep Fried Paradise 3
Forcella has taken the New York pizza scene by storm with a menu that includes fried pizza, fried calzones, fried desserts and a small selection of fried appetizers.

  • BRONZE for Forcella


215 E Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN

02/20/2013 - Deli Paradise
Eastern European comfort food.

  • GOLD for Kramarczuk's

Carnegie Deli 

854 7th Ave New York, NY

02/20/2013 - Deli Paradise
The biggest sandwiches. Famous for their pastrami.

  • BRONZE for Carnegie Deli

Molinari Deli 

373 Columbus Ave San Francisco, CA

02/20/2013 - Deli Paradise
Famous for their salami.


419 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA

02/20/2013 - Deli Paradise
Fairfax a mix of pastrami and cornbeef.

Nate n Al 

414 N Beverly Dr Beverly Hills, CA

02/20/2013 - Deli Paradise
Celebrity deli famous for breakfast.


500 Harvard St Brookline, MA

02/20/2013 - Deli Paradise
Kosher kitchen with a huge brisket sandwich.


3924 Factoria Square Mall SE Seattle, WA

02/20/2013 - Deli Paradise
Enormous Reuben


422 Detroit St Ann Arbor, MI

02/20/2013 - Deli Paradise
97 Sandwich options, the most popular is the Reuben.

  • SILVER for Zingerman's

The Four Way Restaurant 

998 Mississippi Blvd Memphis, TN

02/13/2013 - Soul Food Paradise
The soul food here is legendary. The menu varies by the day, but catfish is the house favorite. Martin Luther King Jr. ordered it every time he came in! Located just down the street from Graceland, this spot has an extra dose of Southern soul.

Fu-Fu Cuisine 

3633 W Camelback Rd Phoenix, AZ

02/13/2013 - Soul Food Paradise
Chef Esther Mbaikambeys Fu-Fu, a traditional Nigerian staple, is award winning. In addition to being known for her wonderful soul food, chef Esther emanates a spirit of calmness and love not found in most kitchens

Mama Dip 

408 W Rosemary St Chapel Hill, NC

02/13/2013 - Soul Food Paradise
Mama Dip first learned to cook watching family members make meals by using the dump cooking"method. Dump cooking means no recipe -- just measure by eye, feel and taste.

Martha Lou 

1068 Morrison Dr Charleston, SC

02/13/2013 - Soul Food Paradise
Down in the heart of Dixie you’ll find this tiny pink-hued restaurant that serves up serious soul food -- best enjoyed with a side of okra.

Mary Mac 

224 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA

02/13/2013 - Soul Food Paradise
Located on the historic Ponce de Leon Avenue, the staff at Mary Mac’s is known for their hospitality. Customers claim that you can taste the extra love baked into everything.

  • BRONZE for Mary Mac


328 Lenox Ave Harlem, NY

02/13/2013 - Soul Food Paradise
Sylvia Woods, known as the 'Queen of Soul Food' opened this restaurant in Harlem in 1962. Since opening as a small luncheonette, the restaurant has flourished into a family-owned enterprise!

This Is It 

2712 Blodgett St Houston, TX

02/13/2013 - Soul Food Paradise
Nobody cooks up ham hocks and oxtails quite like Craig Joseph of This Is It. Craig says the key to good soul food is in the seasoning. Plus, it has to be cooked with love.

K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen 

416 Chartres St New Orleans, LA

02/13/2013 - Soul Food Paradise
Soul food varies from region to region. In Cajun country, gumbo is a soul food staple. Sample the best of the best at K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen.

  • GOLD for K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen

Bon-Ton Mini Mart 

2036 Madison St Henderson, KY

02/06/2013 - Fried Chicken Paradise
Dont be fooled by the humble appearance of this tiny chicken shack in Henderson, KY. Taking your first bite of Bon-Ton fried chicken is often described as a life-changing experience.

Prince's Hot Chicken Shack 

123 Ewing Dr Nashville, TN

02/06/2013 - Fried Chicken Paradise
If you think Cajun fried chicken is hot, wait until you see what Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack in Tennessee has done to this delicious crunchy dish!

  • GOLD for Prince's Hot Chicken Shack

Claudia Sanders Dinner House 

3202 Shelbyville Rd Shelbyville, KY

02/06/2013 - Fried Chicken Paradise
Kentucky is the state that put fried chicken on the map, and at Claudia Sanders we find the very best battered bird with the first family of fried chicken: the Sanders -- as in Colonel Sanders.


6521 S Sepulveda Blvd Los Angeles, CA

02/06/2013 - Fried Chicken Paradise
Its not just the amazing fried chicken that draws in the crowds here -- many come to enjoy the raucous atmosphere and the company of the quirky chef and owner Jacques Leonardi, who's a party all by himself!

American Cupcake 

1919 Union St San Francisco, CA

02/06/2013 - Fried Chicken Paradise
American Cupcake calls itself the world

  • BRONZE for American Cupcake


8324 Oak St New Orleans, LA

02/06/2013 - Fried Chicken Paradise
It’s not just the amazing fried chicken that draws in the crowds here -- many come to enjoy the raucous atmosphere and the company of the quirky chef and owner Jacques Leonardi, who’s a party all by himself!

  • GOLD for Jacques-Imo's

Pine State Biscuits 

3640 SE Belmont St Portland, OR

02/06/2013 - Fried Chicken Paradise
This mix of old-style Southern goodness and modern restaurant professionalism started as a small stand at a Portland farmers’ market and has since exploded into an always-crowded hot spot for the local hipster crowd.

  • GOLD for Pine State Biscuits


417 E 18th St Kansas City, MO

01/30/2013 - Pizza Paradise 2
Crazy pizzas. Chili bomb with tater tots and chili.

  • GOLD for Grinder's


1570 Stockton St San Francisco, CA

01/30/2013 - Pizza Paradise 2
Pizza margarita. Winner pizza champion.

Pizza Doctors 

624 King St La Crosse, WI

01/30/2013 - Pizza Paradise 2
Dessert Pizza

  • BRONZE for Pizza Doctors


1524 Neptune Ave Brooklyn, NY

01/30/2013 - Pizza Paradise 2
Thin crust NY style pizza.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria 

240 S Beverly Dr Beverly Hill, CA

01/30/2013 - Pizza Paradise 2
NY Style pizza in LA.

Beau Jo 

1517 Miner St Idaho Springs, CO

01/30/2013 - Pizza Paradise 2
14 lb pizza


223 4th St Des Moines, IA

01/30/2013 - Pizza Paradise 2
Crab Rangoon Pizza

  • BRONZE for Fong


864 N State St Chicago, IL

01/30/2013 - Pizza Paradise 2
Chicago Deep Dish

Al Johnsons Swedish Restaurant  

10698 N Bay Shore Dr Sister Bay, WI

01/23/2013 - Meatball Paradise
The Italians may be the king of meatballs, but the Swedish have a "purty gute" meatball, too! Al Johnsons Swedish Restaurant Butik has been serving up the beefy, gravy-drenched delights for more than 60 years.


18 Woodbine Ave Northport, NY

01/23/2013 - Meatball Paradise
Maroni’s Cuisine has evolved into an extremely popular, yet very eclectic restaurant that offers a marathon tasting menu of 14 courses -- the most famous of which is the meatball.

Bartolini Restaurant 

14420 Pulaski Rd Midlothian, IL

01/23/2013 - Meatball Paradise
Bartolinis is the kind of place that has Italian food to die for -- and meatballs that might kill you. Between its annual Meatball Eating Championship and its 10-pound meatball sandwich challenge, you could easily overdose on their orbs of beef.


3325 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV

01/23/2013 - Meatball Paradise
LAVO does its meatballs Vegas-style -- big and showy. The 1-pound meatballs are made from Kobe beef and the finest veal available, as well as the chef

Somethin Else Cafe  

620 Conti St New Orleans, LA

01/23/2013 - Meatball Paradise
These aren'™t your traditional meatballs -- they'™re made from boudin, which is a spicy pork rice dressing (much like dirty rice) that is stuffed into pork casings and then simmered, braised or slow grilled.

Marabella Meatball Co 

1211 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA

01/23/2013 - Meatball Paradise
At the Marabella Meatball Co. you can build a sandwich with options like beef, pork and veal meatballs, along with marinara sauce and aged provolone -- and toppings like prosciutto and broccoli rabe for just a dollar more.


11910 LOUETTA RD Houston, TX

01/23/2013 - Meatball Paradise
Some places serve spaghetti and meatballs, some serve meatball sandwiches, and some serve exotic meatballs -- but at this Italian restaurant you can get meatballs pretty much any way you want!

The Meatball Shop 

84 Stanton St New York, NY

01/23/2013 - Meatball Paradise
Meatball restaurants are one of the hot new culinary trends in America, and the 2 guys who started it all are Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, co-owners of The Meatball Shop.

  • GOLD for The Meatball Shop

Puerto Sagua 

700 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL

01/16/2013 - Pork Paradise
Cuban cuisine is known for its pork creations. Whether it's roasted whole, fried, battered, grilled or shredded, the pork dishes at Puerto Sagua in Miami'™s South Beach are known for their porcine perfection.


506 N Jefferson St. Huntington, IN

01/16/2013 - Pork Paradise
Florida has its oranges, Georgia has its peaches, and Indiana has its pork sandwich? Yep, that's right! The pork tenderloin sandwich was actually invented in the Hoosier state more than a century ago at Nick's Kitchen

Smithfield Inn 

Anywhere! Smithfield, VA

01/16/2013 - Pork Paradise
When people think of a large Southern ham gracing their table at a holiday dinner

Ox Yoke Inn 

4420 220th Trail Amana, IA

01/16/2013 - Pork Paradise
Many Iowa locals say that the best pork around is cooked up by the Leichsenring family, which has been serving traditional farm-fresh food at the Ox Yoke Inn since 1940.

Woodshed Smokehouse 

3201 Riverfront Dr Fort Worth, TX

01/16/2013 - Pork Paradise
The Woodshed Smokehouse is chef Tim Love’s homage to all things grilled, roasted and slow-cooked. The restaurant features an ever-rotating selection of beef, chicken, pork, wild game, fish and vegetables, all cooked over a variety of woods

  • BRONZE for Woodshed Smokehouse

Silver Skillet 

200 14th St NW Atlanta, GA

01/16/2013 - Pork Paradise
In the decades since her father opened the restaurant in 1967, owner Teresa Breckenridge has continued to use his unconventional recipes, all still loved by customers.

  • GOLD for Silver Skillet

Cochon Butcher 

930 Tchoupitoulas St New Orleans, LA

01/16/2013 - Pork Paradise
Award-winning chefs Donald Link and Stephen Stryjewski serve up a pork-filled menu with a Cajun twist at their New Orleans Warehouse District restaurant, Cochon

  • GOLD for Cochon Butcher

Gene and Judes 

2720 River Rd Chicago, IL

01/09/2013 - Hotdog Paradise 2
Hot dog with fries ON it

  • SILVER for Gene and Judes

Newest Lunch 

715 Albany St Schenectady, NY

01/09/2013 - Hotdog Paradise 2
East coast version of the Detroit coney island dog.

Whistle Pig 

7001 Packard Rd Niagara Falls, NY

01/09/2013 - Hotdog Paradise 2
Hot dog wrapped in bacon and deep fried.

Doggy Style 

1234 Park St Alameda, CA

01/09/2013 - Hotdog Paradise 2
Asian fusion hot dogs

Hot Diggity 

630 South St Philadelphia, PA

01/09/2013 - Hotdog Paradise 2
Regional specialty hot dogs from around the world.

American Coney Island 

114 W Lafayette Blvd Detroit, MI

01/09/2013 - Hotdog Paradise 2
Original coney island dog (chili cheese dog).

  • GOLD for American Coney Island

La perrada de edgar 

6976 Collins Avel Dr Miami, FL

01/09/2013 - Hotdog Paradise 2
Latin style hot dogs

Hillbilly Hot Dogs 

1501 3rd Ave Lesage, WV

01/09/2013 - Hotdog Paradise 2
The homewrecker hot dog challenge.

  • GOLD for Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Lafayette - Coney Island 

118 W Lafayette Blvd Detroit, MI

01/09/2013 - Hotdog Paradise 2
Coney Island Chili dog

  • GOLD for Lafayette - Coney Island

The Carving Board 

18607 Ventura Blvd Tarzana, CA

01/02/2013 - Sandwich Paradise 2
There are more than 30 sandwiches on the menu, including the Bentley -- a quarter pound of seasoned filet mignon served on ciabatta bread, covered with bacon mayonnaise, blue cheese, grilled onion and fresh spinach.

Juan Mon 

1901 Taft St Houston, TX

01/02/2013 - Sandwich Paradise 2
Each "International Juanwich" is named after owner Juan Montero, a self-proclaimed “world-traveling, all about a good time” guy. Each sandwich folds in the flavors of the street foods he experienced while visiting his favorite c


1126 ERIE BLVD Schenectady, NY

01/02/2013 - Sandwich Paradise 2
Pat's and Geno's in Philly aren't the only places to get a great cheesesteak -- believe it or not, one of the best around can be found in Schenectady, NY!


1045 W Madison St Chicago, IL

01/02/2013 - Sandwich Paradise 2
Jerry's Sandwiches, located in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, offers a lineup of well over 100 sandwiches -- and if you don't see any on the menu that you like, you can custom-order whatever you want!

White House Sub Shop 

2301 Arctic Ave Atlantic City, NJ

01/02/2013 - Sandwich Paradise 2
Part of the Atlantic City boardwalk for 60 years, the White House Sub Shop is not just a sandwich shop -- it's an American landmark. There's a lot of hype surrounding this place, and after one bite, you

  • BRONZE for White House Sub Shop

Cozy Corner 

745 N Pkwy Memphis, TN

01/02/2013 - Sandwich Paradise 2
First-timers are always taken aback by the unexpectedly huge slab of bologna that exceeds the circumference of each bun. It’s recommended you try it "local style"- topped with creamy, crunchy coleslaw.

  • SILVER for Cozy Corner

Jimmy & Drew's 

2855 28th St Boulder, CO

01/02/2013 - Sandwich Paradise 2
Esquire magazine named this deli home to the best sandwich in America. Instead of 2 pieces of traditional rye bread, the deli’s Reuben is held together by 2 huge potato latkes.

  • BRONZE for Jimmy & Drew's

Mother's Restaurant 

401 Poydras St New Orleans, LA

01/02/2013 - Sandwich Paradise 2
The restaurant

  • GOLD for Mother's Restaurant

Cozy Dog Drive-In 

2935 S 6th St Springfield, IL

12/26/2012 - Drive Thru Paradise
original location on historic Route 66 is still satisfying cozy-dog cravings.

  • SILVER for Cozy Dog Drive-In

Company 7 BBQ 

1001 S Main St Englewood, OH

12/26/2012 - Drive Thru Paradise
Each day, ribs, pork shoulder and beef brisket are lovingly prepared and smoked for 12 to 18 hours before they are served to customers on the go.

Original Tommy 

2575 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA

12/26/2012 - Drive Thru Paradise
Ask any regular why they keep coming back and they’ll tell you: their famous chili.

  • BRONZE for Original Tommy


444 Broadway San Diego, CA

12/26/2012 - Drive Thru Paradise

Daiquiri Bay Cafe 

1001 Veterans Memorial Blvd Metairie, LA

12/26/2012 - Drive Thru Paradise
Drive-thru daiquiris.


2191 E Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV

12/26/2012 - Drive Thru Paradise
Called a diamond in the rough by locals and voted “Best Place to Overeat” by Las Vegas Weekly, Sammy’s is a one-of-a-kind drive thru that’s well worth the road trip.


3800 Merle Hay Rd Ste 4000 Des Moines, IA

12/26/2012 - Drive Thru Paradise
One of the first drive thru restaurants. Serve loose-meat sandwiches.

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen 

1305 E Franklin St Chapel Hill, NC

12/26/2012 - Drive Thru Paradise
Biscuit sandwiches including the chicken and cheddar.


247 S 1st St Brooklyn, NY

12/19/2012 - Meatloaf Paradise
Opened in 2009, Rye offers a full menu of steak, seafood and pork belly sliders, but it

  • BRONZE for Rye

The Meatloaf Bakery  

2464 N Clark Street Chicago, IL

12/19/2012 - Meatloaf Paradise
Mini meatloafs.

  • BRONZE for The Meatloaf Bakery

The Barbecue Company Grill and Cafe 

4636 South 36th Street Phoenix, AZ

12/19/2012 - Meatloaf Paradise
Grilled BBQ meatloaf.


1393 U.S. 191 Moab, UT

12/19/2012 - Meatloaf Paradise
Buffalo meatloaf.


2616 S Macdill Ave Tampa, FL

12/19/2012 - Meatloaf Paradise
Datz offers a southern classic in its individually-sized homemade meatloaf stuffed with four-cheese bacon mac ’n’ cheese, served with garlic mashed potatoes and peas.

Neptune Diner 

924 N Prince St Lancaster, PA

12/19/2012 - Meatloaf Paradise
The Neptune Diner is known for their Pennsylvania Dutch favorites, like made-from-scratch apple dumplings and shoofly pie, but it’s their famous meatloaf that brings the locals out in droves.

The Praline Connection 

542 Frenchmen St New Orleans, LA

12/19/2012 - Meatloaf Paradise


525 Laguna St San Francisco, CA

12/19/2012 - Meatloaf Paradise
Suppenkuche Falscher Hase is a sumptuous bacon-wrapped Bavarian meatloaf, with a surprise hard-boiled egg in the middle. Served with onion sauce and mashed potatoes, this old-world meatloaf is sure to have you shouting Wunderbar!

Burt's Place 

8541 N Ferris Ave Morton Grove, IL

11/21/2012 - Manliest Restaurants
Create your own deep dish pizza

  • SILVER for Burt's Place

Incanto Restaurant and Wine Bar - CLOSED 

1550 Church St San Francisco, CA

11/21/2012 - Manliest Restaurants
Adventurous eats (duck testicles, goats eyeballs and lamb's head smothered in onions & mint,) odds and ends (chalkboard specials of bone marrow, tuna spine, pig skin spagetti and beef tongue)

  • GOLD for Incanto Restaurant and Wine Bar - CLOSED

Oklahoma Joe's 

3002 W 47th Ave Kansas City, KS

11/21/2012 - Manliest Restaurants
Winner of Manliest Restaurant in America. Burnt Ends (19-hour smoked beef brisket ends) Z-Man Sandwich (Slow-smoked brisket and provolone cheese topped with 2 crispy onion rings on a Kaiser roll) hog-O-Maniac (pulled pork, smoked pork ribs and pork s

  • GOLD for Oklahoma Joe's

Cattleman's Steakhouse 

3450 S Fabens Carlsbad Rd Fabens, TX

11/21/2012 - Manliest Restaurants
4-pound T-bone steak and porterhouse steaks served with baked potato, baked beans, pineapple cole slaw, corn-on-the-cob and house-baked bread

Snake River Brewery 

265 S Millward St Jackson, WY

11/21/2012 - Manliest Restaurants
The Roper (cayenne pepper & mustard powder spice rub brisket braised in apple cider & beer mixture, bacon, and horseradish stacked in between two homemade buttered buns. Elk burgers and river trout.

Butcher and The Burger 

1021 W ARMITAGE AVE Chicago, IL

11/21/2012 - Manliest Restaurants
Build your own unique burger

Mabel's Lobster Claw Restaurant 

124 Ocean Ave Kennebunkport, ME

11/21/2012 - Manliest Restaurants
4.5 pound lobsters, famous lobster rolls

Hankook Taqueria 

1341 Collier Rd NW Atlanta, GA

11/21/2012 - Manliest Restaurants
Taqueria infused with korean bbq

  • SILVER for Hankook Taqueria

The Shed 

113 1/2 E Palace Ave Santa Fe, NM

11/14/2012 - Chili Paradise
Green Chili's with green peppers

  • BRONZE for The Shed

Camp Washington Chili Parlor 

3005 Colerain Ave Cincinnati, OH

11/14/2012 - Chili Paradise
chili covered spaghetti done many different ways

  • BRONZE for Camp Washington Chili Parlor

Texas Chili Parlor 

1409 Lavaca St Austin, TX

11/14/2012 - Chili Paradise
Frito Pie and Bowl of Red Chili

  • SILVER for Texas Chili Parlor

Phoenix Saloon 

193 W SAN ANTONIO ST New Braunfels, TX

11/14/2012 - Chili Paradise
extremely hot , uses ghost chili's in many of the dishes like the killer

  • BRONZE for Phoenix Saloon

White Knight Diner 

1801 Olive St St. Louis, MO

11/14/2012 - Chili Paradise
Super slinger which has hashbrowns, eggs, hamburger meat and covered in chili

Slim's Last Chance 

5606 1st Ave S Seattle, WA

11/14/2012 - Chili Paradise
Turkey and Brisket bean chilis

  • GOLD for Slim's Last Chance

Chili Addiction 

408 N la Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA

11/14/2012 - Chili Paradise
Unique twists of chili with jerk and carne asada

  • BRONZE for Chili Addiction

Joe Roger's Chili Parlor 

820 S 9th St Springfield, IL

11/14/2012 - Chili Paradise
Firebrand Chili

  • BRONZE for Joe Roger's Chili Parlor

Traveling Fare 

10 Mill St NE Marietta, GA

11/07/2012 - Pot Pie Paradise
11 unique pot pie creations including chicken curry pot pie.

Centerville Pie Company 

1671 Falmouth Rd Centerville, MA

11/07/2012 - Pot Pie Paradise
24 Pies including chicken pot pie.

Australian Bakery Cafe 

48 S Park Sq NE Marietta, GA

11/07/2012 - Pot Pie Paradise
Australian Meat Pies.

Pleasant House 

964 W 31ST ST Chicago, IL

11/07/2012 - Pot Pie Paradise
Royal Pies - an English version of Pot Pie.

The Kennebunk Inn 

45 Main St Kennebunk, ME

11/07/2012 - Pot Pie Paradise
Lobster Pot Pie.

  • BRONZE for The Kennebunk Inn


6891 A ST Lincoln, NE

11/07/2012 - Pot Pie Paradise
15 variety of rounds - including the reuben round.

Pot Pie Paradise and Deli 

1768 Acacia Way Hayward, CA

11/07/2012 - Pot Pie Paradise
Lots of pot pies - the most famous is the butternut squash pot pie.

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co.  

2121 N Clark St Chicago, IL

11/07/2012 - Pot Pie Paradise
Pot Pie Pizza

  • GOLD for Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co.

Hominy Grill 

207 Rutledge Ave Charleston, SC

10/24/2012 - Sausage Paradise
The big nasty - fried chicken with sausage gravy.

  • GOLD for Hominy Grill

Genes Sausage Shop 

5330 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL

10/24/2012 - Sausage Paradise
Homemade sausage made onsite with a rooftop beer garden.


1235 W Randolph St Chicago, IL

10/24/2012 - Sausage Paradise
Best breakfast in Chicago including the best breakfast sausage.

Southside Market 

1212 Hwy 290 E Elgin, TX

10/24/2012 - Sausage Paradise
All beef sausage.


800 E 3RD ST Venice, CA

10/24/2012 - Sausage Paradise
Exotic sausages.

Old German Beer Hall 

1009 N Old World Third St Milwaukee, WI

10/24/2012 - Sausage Paradise
Classic German beers and brats.

Horse Brass Pub 

4534 SE Belmont St Portland, OR

10/24/2012 - Sausage Paradise
English Pub with Bangers and Mash.


151 Union St Brooklyn, NY

10/24/2012 - Sausage Paradise
Old world Italian sausage.

  • BRONZE for Ferdinando's

JMueller BBQ 

1502 South First Austin, TX

10/17/2012 - BBQ Paradise 2

  • BRONZE for JMueller BBQ

Germantown Commissary 

2290 S Germantown Rd Memphis, TN

10/17/2012 - BBQ Paradise 2
Dry Rub Pork Ribs

  • BRONZE for Germantown Commissary

Skylight Inn BBQ 

4617 Lee St Ayden, NC

10/17/2012 - BBQ Paradise 2
Pulled pork and pan fried cornbread.

Sweatmans BBQ 

1313 Gemini Dr Holly Hill, SC

10/17/2012 - BBQ Paradise 2
Whole Hog BBQ

  • BRONZE for Sweatmans BBQ

Moonlite Bar-B-Q 

2840 W Parrish Ave Owensboro, KY

10/17/2012 - BBQ Paradise 2
Mutton BBQ

Franklin BBQ 

900 E 11th St Austin, TX

10/17/2012 - BBQ Paradise 2
Texas Brisket

  • SILVER for Franklin BBQ

LC's Bar-B-Q 

5800 Blue Pkwy Kansas City, MO

10/17/2012 - BBQ Paradise 2
Pork Ribs and BBQ Sauce

  • BRONZE for LC's Bar-B-Q


900 West 10th Street Austin, TX

10/04/2012 - Bacon Paradise 2
Best bacon in Texas.


915 W Idaho Boise, ID

10/04/2012 - Bacon Paradise 2
Bacon everything, including bacon lasagna.


3535 Guerneville Rd Santa Rosa, CA

10/04/2012 - Bacon Paradise 2
Bacon donuts and waffles.


911 N Seward St Los Angeles, CA

10/04/2012 - Bacon Paradise 2
Crack Bacon

The Berkshire 

7352 E 29th Ave Denver, CO

10/04/2012 - Bacon Paradise 2
The king sandwich


18 W 18th St New York, NY

10/04/2012 - Bacon Paradise 2
Bacon Desserts

Paddy Long's 

1028 W Diversey Pkwy Chicago, IL

10/04/2012 - Bacon Paradise 2
Bacon Bomb, Bacon and Beer pairings.

  • SILVER for Paddy Long's

Eyre Brothers 

70 Leonard St. London, England

07/18/2012 - London
Mozambique-born Brothers David and Robert Eyre helm this sought-after dining locale where you can sample their rustic Iberian dishes paired with the best Iberian wines, Basque cheeses, and a full tapas menu.


11 Exmouth Market London, England

07/18/2012 - London
Chef Miles Kirby brings global fusion to the Modern British movement in this hip East End cafe and coffee roastery.

Well Kneaded Wagon 

Battersea High Street London, England

07/18/2012 - London
Well Kneaded Wagon is a new take on pizza. College pals Bryony and Brigette cook up their fire breads, chewy sourdough bases loaded with toppings -- in a clay oven inside a red and cream van

Real Food Market at Southbank Center 

Belvedere Road London, England

07/18/2012 - London
The Real Food Market brings everything from burritos, crepes, macarons, local cheeses, and even glasses of wine and champagne to one place on weekends along the Thames River.

Duke's Brew and Que 

33 Downham Rd. London, England

07/18/2012 - London
Owned by Brit Logan Plant and American Byron Knight, this hot spot offers a distinct menu of house-smoked BBQ, burgers, sliders and T-bones, expertly paired with their own home brew made right next door at Beavertown Brewery.

The Bull and Last 

168 Highgate Road London, England

07/18/2012 - London
The Bull and Last in Northwest London is a historic pub house that welcomes all to 2 floors offering not just a wide array of local craft beer but also a full menu of gourmet British fare.


38 Muswell Hill Broadway London, England

07/18/2012 - London
An award winning fish and chips shop taken on by Greek brothers George and Costas Georgiou in 1968, this local haunt serves up the classic fish and chips.

Roti Chai 

3 Portman Mews S. London, England

07/18/2012 - London
Rohit Chugh opened Roti Chai (bread and tea), which takes on modern Indian in a dual-level space tucked behind Selfridges in Oxford. The street kitchen level is brightly lit and informal, while a more elegant dining room resides below

Beas of Bloomsbury 

44 Theobalds Road London, England

07/18/2012 - London
Bea Vo brings her American roots to this charming and highly regarded Camden Town bakery, where you can find everything from bespoke cakes to homemade marshmallows, 20 varieties of cupcakes to a full afternoon high tea service by reservation only.

Mallie's Sports Grill & Bar 

19400 Northline Rd Detroit, MI

12/21/2011 - Big Beef Paradise
Each year Americans eat more than 13 billion beef patties. Mallie's offers 3-, 5- and 10-lbs. burgers. In 2008, Mallie's started to offer a 319-pounder challenge, which took the Guinness World Records' title for the largest burger.

  • SILVER for Mallie's Sports Grill & Bar

Kelsey's Steakhouse 

2300 Morthland Dr Valparaiso, IN

12/21/2011 - Big Beef Paradise
Midwesterners love their beef, and at Kelsey’s Steakhouse they serve up one of the largest cuts around: a 96-oz. steak. If you manage to finish one of these monstrous slabs of meat in an hour, you get a free steak and a T-shirt.

Incanto - CLOSED 

1550 Church St San Francisco, CA

12/21/2011 - Big Beef Paradise
At Incanto they eat every part of the cow. Their specialty is a whole beef shank, otherwise known as "leg of beast." The only thing missing inside is a huge bonfire, but the chefs have that covered in the back.

Riscky's BBQ 

300 Main St Fort Worth, TX

12/21/2011 - Big Beef Paradise
Riscky's BBQ has been feeding the people of Texas since 1927. The family-run business serves up 2,000-lbs. of ribs a day and a secret sauce that will knock your 10-gallon hat off.

  • BRONZE for Riscky's BBQ

Ward's House of Prime 

540 E Mason St Milwaukee, WI

12/21/2011 - Big Beef Paradise
For those who can't get enough prime rib, Ward's offers an 8-oz. to 124-oz. cut of beef! Every time someone finishes a bigger cut than the last, they get their prime rib named after them.

Tweeds Restaurant and Buffalo Bar 

17 E Main St Riverhead, NY

12/21/2011 - Big Beef Paradise
Just a short drive from the Big Apple is Tweeds, where they serve buffalo, an animal that weighs about 2,000 lbs. This makes for some big slabs of meat. Tweeds serves up at least 10 different cuts of buffalo to local fans.

Big-Ass Sandwiches 

300 SW Ash St Portland, OR

12/21/2011 - Big Beef Paradise
There are big sandwiches, and then there are Big-Ass Sandwiches. Each sandwich has 2 lbs. of beef, a pound of fries and cheese sauce. Big-Ass Sandwiches will guarantee you won't leave hungry.

  • SILVER for Big-Ass Sandwiches

Salvador Molly's 

1523 SW Sunset Blvd Portland, OR

12/14/2011 - Spicy Paradise
Great balls of fire challenge, habenero fritters.

  • SILVER for Salvador Molly's

Crosstown Pub & Grill 

909 E Ogden Ave Naperville, IL

12/14/2011 - Spicy Paradise
Devils Wings

  • BRONZE for Crosstown Pub & Grill

Lil Dizzys Cafe 

1500 Esplanade Ave New Orleans, LA

12/14/2011 - Spicy Paradise
Spicy Gumbo and Spicy Gumbo Omelette.

Tolbert's Restaurant 

423 S Main St Grapevine, TX

12/14/2011 - Spicy Paradise
Spicy Texas Chili

  • BRONZE for Tolbert's Restaurant

Jitlada Thai 

5233 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA

12/14/2011 - Spicy Paradise
Spicy Thai, Dynamite Challenge

Brick Lane Curry House 

306 E 6th St New York, NY

12/14/2011 - Spicy Paradise
Phaal Curry. Spiciest Curry in the world.

  • GOLD for Brick Lane Curry House

Jake Melnick's Corner Tap 

41 E Superior St Chicago, IL

12/14/2011 - Spicy Paradise
Spicy Wings

  • BRONZE for Jake Melnick's Corner Tap

Keens Steakhouse 

72 W 36th St New York, NY

11/30/2011 - Manliest Restaurants
Steak, Mutton Chops

  • GOLD for Keens Steakhouse

Jethro's BBQ 

3102 Forest Ave Des Moines, IA

11/30/2011 - Manliest Restaurants

  • SILVER for Jethro's BBQ

The Salt Lick BBQ 

18300 FM 1826 Driftwood, TX

11/30/2011 - Manliest Restaurants
Open Pit BBQ

  • GOLD for The Salt Lick BBQ

Alabama Jacks 

58000 Card Sound Rd Key Largo, FL

11/30/2011 - Manliest Restaurants
Harley Bar, Conch Fritters

  • BRONZE for Alabama Jacks

Original Joes 

301 S 1ST St San Jose, CA

11/30/2011 - Manliest Restaurants
Italian Food



11/30/2011 - Manliest Restaurants
Smoked Buffalo

Salts Cure 

7494 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA

11/30/2011 - Manliest Restaurants


310 S Front St Memphis, TN

11/30/2011 - Manliest Restaurants
Spicy Fried Chicken

  • GOLD for Gus's

Kermit's Key West Lime Shop 

200 Elizabeth Street Key West, FL

12/22/2010 - Pie Paradise
key lime pie

  • SILVER for Kermit's Key West Lime Shop

Mom's Pie House 

2119 Main St Julian, CA

12/22/2010 - Pie Paradise
Apple pie.

Blue Owl 

6116 2nd St Kimmswick, mo

12/22/2010 - Pie Paradise
levee apple pie

Dooky Chase 

2301 Orleans Ave New Orleans, la

12/22/2010 - Pie Paradise

  • GOLD for Dooky Chase

Tuck Shop 

115 St. Mark's Pl New York, ny

12/22/2010 - Pie Paradise
Australian meat pie.

House of Pies 

1869 N Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA

12/22/2010 - Pie Paradise
Iconic hollywood pie shop.

  • BRONZE for House of Pies

Dangerously Delicious Pies 

2400 Fleet St Baltimore, MD

12/22/2010 - Pie Paradise
Amazing pies.

  • GOLD for Dangerously Delicious Pies


2287 1st Ave New York, NY

12/15/2010 - Pasta Paradise
Family owned Italian restaurant. A favorite of Frank Sinatra.

  • BRONZE for Patsy's


1063 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC

12/15/2010 - Pasta Paradise
Washington Institution, Pasta mommas (watch them make pasta through the front window), Free zambuca or amaretto at the end of the meal.

  • BRONZE for Filomena


241 Hanover St Boston, MA

12/15/2010 - Pasta Paradise
Modern take on homemade pastas for a younger generation.

Fior d'Italia 

2237 Mason St San Francisco, CA

12/15/2010 - Pasta Paradise
Northern Italian cuisine.


345 E 12th St New York, NY

12/15/2010 - Pasta Paradise
Macoroni and Cheese Only Restaurant. 12 different mac and cheese - from all american, buffalo chicken, mediterean and they even have a sampler platter.

  • SILVER for S'Mac

Marino Ristorante 

6001 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA

12/15/2010 - Pasta Paradise
Family owned and operated. Spaghetti and Clams is their signature dish.

La Dolce Vita 

9785 Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, CA

12/15/2010 - Pasta Paradise
Table side pasta preparation.

  • BRONZE for La Dolce Vita

Lasagna Ristorante 

196 8th Ave New York, NY

12/15/2010 - Pasta Paradise
17 different types of lasagna.

Acme Oyster House 

724 Iberville St New Orleans, LA

12/08/2010 - Deep Fried Paradise 2
Boo Fries (cheese fries with gravy)

  • GOLD for Acme Oyster House

Ye Old King's Head 

116 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica, CA

12/08/2010 - Deep Fried Paradise 2
Fish and Chips, English Pub

Montgomery Inn 

109 Illinois Ave Cincinnati, OH

12/08/2010 - Deep Fried Paradise 2
Saratoga Chips - Fresh Potato Chips

  • SILVER for Montgomery Inn

Fletcher's Corny Dog 

49 Fair Park Dallas, TX

12/08/2010 - Deep Fried Paradise 2
Corny Dog

  • SILVER for Fletcher's Corny Dog

Clark's Outpst 

101 N Hwy 377 Tioga, TX

12/08/2010 - Deep Fried Paradise 2
Deep-Fried Corn on the cob

No Name Pub 

N Watson Blvd Big Pine Key, FL

12/08/2010 - Deep Fried Paradise 2
Conch Fritters

  • BRONZE for No Name Pub


2143 W 182nd St Torrance, CA

12/08/2010 - Deep Fried Paradise 2
Kushiage - fried on a stick Japanese

Cafe Coyote 

2461 San Diego Ave San Diego, CA

12/08/2010 - Deep Fried Paradise 2
Tequila, margarita, deep fried ice cream

  • SILVER for Cafe Coyote

All Good Cafe 

2934 Main St Dallas, TX

11/24/2010 - Bacon Paradise
Bacon Paradise - Thick Peppered Bacon

  • BRONZE for All Good Cafe

Slaters 50/50 

6362 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd Anaheim, CA

11/24/2010 - Bacon Paradise
Bacon Paradise - 50/50 burger (half burger half bacon). Bacon chocolate cake. Bacon milkshake.

  • GOLD for Slaters 50/50


1525 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA

11/24/2010 - Bacon Paradise
Bacon Paradise - All bacon menu.

  • BRONZE for 3 - CLOSED

The Lido Deck 

3420 Via Oporto Newport Beach, CA

11/24/2010 - Bacon Paradise
Bacon Paradise - Wild Boar Bacon

Bad Decisions 

1928 Fleet St Baltimore, MD

11/24/2010 - Bacon Paradise
Bacon Paradise - Bacon happy hour.

  • SILVER for Bad Decisions

Hash House A Go Go 

3628 5th Ave San Diego, CA

11/24/2010 - Bacon Paradise
Bacon Paradise - Bacon Waffle.

  • GOLD for Hash House A Go Go

Marini's Candy 

1308 Pacific Ave Santa Cruz, CA

11/24/2010 - Bacon Paradise
Bacon Paradise - Chocolate Covered Bacon

The Nook 

492 Hamline Ave S St Paul, MN

10/10/0012 - Hamburge Paradise 2
Juicy Lucy

  • GOLD for The Nook

Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger 

551 S Division St Ann Arbor, MI

10/10/0012 - Hamburge Paradise 2
Layered thin burger patties.

  • GOLD for Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger

The Apple Pan 

10801 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA

10/10/0012 - Hamburge Paradise 2
Classic burger joint from 1947.

  • BRONZE for The Apple Pan

My Brothers Bar 

2376 15th St Denver, CO

10/10/0012 - Hamburge Paradise 2
Jalepeno Cream Cheese Burger.

Wild Bubba's Wild Game Grill 

13912 FM 812 Elroy, TX

10/10/0012 - Hamburge Paradise 2
Wild Game Burgers

Heart Attack Grill 

450 Fremont St Las Vegas, NV

10/10/0012 - Hamburge Paradise 2
Hospital themed restaurant.

  • BRONZE for Heart Attack Grill

Shooting Star Saloon 

7350 E 200 S Huntsville, UT

10/10/0012 - Hamburge Paradise 2
Best burger found in a dive bar.

  • BRONZE for Shooting Star Saloon

Kuma's Corner 

2900 W Belmont Chicago, IL

10/10/0012 - Hamburge Paradise 2
Wild burger toppings.

  • GOLD for Kuma's Corner

Pink's Hot Dogs  

709 N La Brea Ave Hollywood, CA

Hot Dog Paradise

  • GOLD for Pink's Hot Dogs

Buffalo Wing Festival 

Buffalo, NY

Bar Food Paradise
Largest wing festival.

The Barbecue Festival 

15 Sapona Business Park Lexington, NC

BBQ Paradise

Cowboy Flavor 

Santa Maria, CA

BBQ Paradise
Open fire BBQ Grills.

Berkey Creamery 

119 Food Science Bldg University Park, PA

Ice Cream Paradise
Ice Cream

  • BRONZE for Berkey Creamery

The Buffet at Bellagio 

3600 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV

All You can Eat Paradise

  • GOLD for The Buffet at Bellagio

Peter Luger 

178 Broadway Brooklyn, NY

Steak Paradise

  • GOLD for Peter Luger

All American 

4286 Merrick Rd Massapequa, NY

Hamburger Paradise

  • SILVER for All American

Chip Shop 

129 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY

Deep Fried Paradise

  • SILVER for Chip Shop

Barney's Beanery 

8447 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA

Bar Food Paradise

Arthur Bryant's Barbeque 

1727 Brooklyn Ave Kansas City, MO

BBQ Paradise

  • GOLD for Arthur Bryant's Barbeque

Hot Doug's 

3324 North California Chicago, IL

Hot Dog Paradise

  • GOLD for Hot Doug's

Berns Steak House 

1208 S Howard Ave Tampa, FL

Steak Paradise: Part II

  • GOLD for Berns Steak House

Lawry's the Prime Rib 

100 N La Cienega Blvd Beverly Hills, CA

Steak Paradise: Part II

  • BRONZE for Lawry's the Prime Rib

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria 

439 N Wells St Chicago, IL

Pizza Paradise

  • GOLD for Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

Pizzeria Uno 

29 E Ohio St Chicago, IL

Pizza Paradise

  • GOLD for Pizzeria Uno

Modern Diner 

364 East Ave Pawtucket, RI

Diner Paradise

Papermoon Diner 

227 W 29TH St Baltimore, MD

Diner Paradise

  • BRONZE for Papermoon Diner

Fog City Diner 

1300 Battery St San Francisco, CA

Diner Paradise

  • SILVER for Fog City Diner


32 Spring St New York, NY

Pizza Paradise

  • GOLD for Lombardi's

Smitty's Market 

208 S Commerce St Lockhart, TX

BBQ Paradise

  • GOLD for Smitty's Market

Loveless Cafe 

8407 Old Harding Rd Nashville, TN

Breakfast Paradise

  • GOLD for Loveless Cafe

Pancake Pantry 

1796 21st Ave S Nashville, TN

Breakfast Paradise

  • GOLD for Pancake Pantry

Jive Turkey 

441 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn, NY

Deep Fried Paradise

Caioti Pizza Cafe 

4346 Tujunga Ave Studio City, CA

Pizza Paradise

Rutt's Hut 

417 River Rd Clifton, NJ

Deep Fried Paradise

  • SILVER for Rutt's Hut

Jimmy Buff's 

60 Washington St. West Orange, NJ

Hot Dog Paradise
Fried Hot Dogs

  • SILVER for Jimmy Buff's

Giordano's Pizzeria 

20 E Jackson Blvd Chicago, IL

Pizza Paradise

  • GOLD for Giordano's Pizzeria

Empire Diner 

210 10th Ave New York, NY

Diner Paradise


62 Thomas St New York, NY

Steak Paradise

Stage Deli & Restaurant Incorporated 

834 7TH Ave New York, NY

Sandwich Paradise

  • BRONZE for Stage Deli & Restaurant Incorporated

Anchor Bar 

1047 Main St Buffalo, NY

Bar Food Paradise

  • GOLD for Anchor Bar

Pats King Of Steaks 

1237 E Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA

Steak Paradise

  • GOLD for Pats King Of Steaks

Goodsons Cafe 

27931 State Hwy 249 Tomball, TX

Deep Fried Paradise

  • BRONZE for Goodsons Cafe


802 Broadway Santa Monica, CA

Breakfast Paradise

Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fntn 

1526 Mission St South Pasadena, CA

Ice Cream Paradise

  • BRONZE for Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fntn

THe Machine Shed 

11151 Hickman Rd Urbandale, IA

Breakfast Paradise

  • BRONZE for THe Machine Shed

Petite Abeille 

466 Hudson St New York, NY

Breakfast Paradise

Murray's Bagels 

500 Avenue Of The Americas New York, NY

Breakfast Paradise

Union Oyster House 

41 Union St Boston, MA

Bar Food Paradise

  • SILVER for Union Oyster House

Jimmie Kramer's Peanut Bar 

332 Penn St Reading, PA

Bar Food Paradise

Finn McCool's 

2700 Main St Santa Monica, CA

Bar Food Paradise

Gene & Georgetti 

500 N Franklin St Chicago, IL

Steak Paradise: Part II

  • BRONZE for Gene & Georgetti